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Tycho, Brahe

"There are two bits of historical trivia that people like to cite about the 16th century Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe."
—There are?! Go on...

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Without reading the article, I'm going to guess: He lost his nose in a fencing duel and wore a prosthetic; and that he was poisoned by Kepler.

Now, to check!


@Emby Mostly correct!

Lily Rowan

@Emby All I had (without reading, as well) was the wooden nose!

...or metal, OK. I think I was distracted by George Washington's wooden teeth?

Daisy Razor

@Lily Rowan I knew the nose!


@Emby I was going to go with the nose & the pet moose ):


@Emby My guesses without reading are fake nose (I thought it was silver?) and that he lived on a freaky desolate island all alone.


@OhMarie Oh man, freaky island doesn't even make the list!! I had to go to the Wikipedia page to find that.


@MollyculeTheory Me too! How could pet moose not make the cut?


You are so funny, make more plz!!@n


And now my life has come full circle. My Epistemology teacher in France would disagree. We think Kepler done it! Can't tell you how happy it makes me to see Tycho Brahe on The Hairpin, though! Love!


@carolita well Kepler DID have a witch sister


Also, since someone asked in the Friday Open Thread for pics from the masquerade ball I went to, and this thread is as good as any:


There are so many amazing tidbits in this I can't quite get over it. The drunk moose! Deadly wallpaper! "l’element fatale"!


@TheBelleWitch The moose/elk drunk and falling down the stairs story is just one pearl in the string of weirdness that was Brahe's life. I also like that the duel? in which he lost the nose? WAS OVER SOME UNANSWERABLE MATHEMATICAL THEOREM. Like, OF COURSE it was.


@TheBelleWitch Oh! and he married the daughter of a Lutheran minister, which was apparently a HUGE to do, seeing as she was a commoner and he was responsible for something like 1% of the total wealth of Denmark? Fascinating dude all around.

fuck fuck fuck

i didn't click the link BUT my german teacher in high school used to constantly remind us about Tycho Brahes goldene Nase. i have no idea if it was actually gold--that teacher was a known liar.


@fuck fuck fuck: I think it's gold in Cosmos, for what it's worth.

Cosmos is still streaming on Netflix, btw. The Kepler/Brahe episode is hilarious and sad, golden schnozzle and all. I don't think it quite does Kepler justice. Mostly he's just all pious (relative to Brahe) and disappointed about his perfect solids.


@laurel I remember that series! Classic. I don't remember Kepler being all that pious, though - at least he was under suspicion of witchcraft due to his invention of science fiction.


He also had a little person in his employment who he believed was psychic. His name was Jepp (I think?) and Brahe always made him spend dinners underneath the table. One of my mathematics professors always found this hilarious, but I found it more than a little disturbing. Brahe cray.

de Pizan

@AnnaYesMaam There is a young adult historical fiction that just came out on Jepp, by Katherine Marsh. Apparently Jepp had previously been in the Spanish Infanta's court (being subjected to even more humiliations) before ending up at Brahe's.

the roughest toughest frail

@abetterfate Motive!


@abetterfate Beat me to it!


I have that comic taped up in my cube at work. It never fails to make me laugh.


I am very disappointed that Scientific American apparently thinks moose and elk are interchangeable. SCANDAL.


@gobblegirl smdh

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