Friday, November 2, 2012


'Tomorrow' Arrives

If you haven't yet checked out Tomorrow, the new magazine from Ann "Pie Chart" Friedman and her seven excellent coeditors, you should!

Hairpin pals Bobby Finger and Blanca Méndez are contributors ("You Better Twerk" and "Ruido Awakening"), and the design is really appealing if all you can do this Friday morning is slide your eyes over nice shifts in color.

There was also a Kickstarter to get it going, which features a very cute video if you need further incentive. Plus they've got tote bags and a Tumblr, and Twitter, and everything good.

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Aaah! I was involved with this mag, and I'm so happy to see it featured on the Hairpin! Aaah!

Please buy a print copy too so we can all make some nice money, ok, thank you, you are the most awesome of all the awesomes.


@special_boots Can I find it in a store or just online?


@smidge Just online, I'm afraid.

It is a beautiful loveable behemoth of a magazine that will last you a lifetime, though. Honest.


Still, pretty good@t

fondue with cheddar

I'm in love with it already and I haven't even read any of the articles.


I bought the magazine & the tote combo without really knowing why. Hairpin, you got my Friday morning online impulse buy!


Welp. I am babysitting FOUR times this weekend, so I know what I will be doing when the kids go to sleep. It looks awesome, and I am very much looking forward to reading it.


Yaaaayyyyyy I just bought the magazine and I'm SO excited to get it. I hope you guys make barrels of money.

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