Thursday, November 8, 2012


They Always Get Their Man [or Woman]

I know, everyone has one of these now, but THE MOUNTIES, you guys! In case you're horribly confused and can't follow, "Grade Three" is "Third Grade." There you go. Cansplaining.

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OH MY GOD the one with the dark hair and the sideswept baaaaaangs




@melis MELIS. I really just was waiting for a post to say that I liked your Gawker story quite much.

As you were.


@melis I noticed her too--heeeeyyyyyy Sergeant Joanne!


@Emby Thanks, chum! It was really fun, actually - apparently the key to most Gawker commenters' hearts is Yuuzhan Vong references and Gargoyles shoutouts. BUT YOU GUYS the traffic investigator! She is flirting with me, right? That SMILE.


@Emby Yes, this!

Also, the medium long haired lady. And the stocky guy from St. Johns, and the murder investigator, or sideswept.

Yikes, the Mounties are a foxy bunch. Fooooooxy.


@melis Also, the SFPD one that links from the RCMP one?

Ragged But Right

@melis the best word I can think of to describe her is a dish. She is DISHY.


@Emby One of my Twitter friends linked to it and I read it and in my head I yelled "MELIS!!" when I saw th byline.

Also, yes, the fine folks of the RCMP can mount me anytime. (yeah, I went there)

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@melis I stopped paying attention to everyone else after the traffic investigator because I just wanted to see her again.


@melis Oh man, the smile when she says, "traffic invessstigator" is just, oh my goodness.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@melis And because dear god, if she smiles that way when she's merely describing her job, imagine IMAGINE how she smiles when she's flirting.


Those are Dani Campbell levels of charm. Such women are dangerous.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@melis THAT'S who she reminded me of. God bless Tila Tequila for bringing Dani into my life, and for that only.



Not only do they have the best healthcare, LGBT laws, and best overall friendly demeanor, but they have the best gays. Srsly, y'all. Srsly. Austin gays (I include myself) hold nary a candle to these dishy ladies.


@wee_ramekin Woah, twinkly blue eyes of the last lady in the video. Man, you, the traffic investigator, and Sgt. Jolene Percival can arrest me any time *waggles eyebrows*.....*feels ashamed about objectifying attractive lesbian Mounties when they are just trying to do A Good Thing*.....*doesn't necessarily feel that bad*....*retreats to bunk*

The Lady of Shalott

This is awesome and I love it! But also I want to share the time I went to a Halloween party and there was a girl there dressed as a "Sexy Mountie." She wore a red leotard and black tights with the yellow stripe down the side and homemade jodhpurs on her thighs, and a Mountie hat. It was impressively awful.


I saw this the day it was released. I'm happy to say it's getting a lot of media play in Canada, so hopefully a million people will see it!
Sometimes I'm pretty stoked to be Canadian, you guys. Did you know that the RCMP and most police forces regularly march in Pride Parades, and have done so for several years now? Where I live, so do politicians and school board representatives.


@gobblegirl also something about how our military doesn't have DADT? (I don't actually pay much attention to our military because reasons but I'm TOLD that they don't have such a thing)


@redheaded&crazie Sorry, I meant to mention that the military have marched in Vancouver, Toronto, and some other parades. So: no DADT. :)


@gobblegirl If anyone wants a further definition of Cansplaining, please see above. See also: smugsplaining.


@gobblegirl althouuugh I still think, from what I have heard, that the military can still be a difficult place for LGBT BUT I mean, what is this, utopia? We don't even have legalized pot. (yet).

The Lady of Shalott

@redheaded&crazie The military in practice can still be kind of tricky, but officially they are totally okays with the gays, and have been okay with openly gay folks serving for like 20 years this year! And pretty much everyone in the CF by now has met or worked with someone who's openly gay. They have even had gay military weddings on base. So officially, they are good with it!

In practice, there are dirtbags everywhere who are mean to other people, and the CF is no exception.


I love the variety of accents. Yay language variation!


@PistolPackinMama "came ote"!


@plonk "came oot oover the phoone" was my favorite


What, no Due South jokes yet?


@Lucienne For reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, we don't have one of these from the Chicago PD?


@Lucienne *falls in snow*


@lora.bee It gets better when you ride off into the . . . frozen wastes with your, uh, partner.




@noReally Seriously. My eyes are raining so hard.


I will cansplain the shit outta everyone.


Cansplaining is my new favourite thing. Except not at all new, because I do it All. The. Time. But now I have a word for it!


This was lovely and touching, and the intersection of the "Canadian"-"Homo" venn diagram is one of my favourite places, but I just had a weird moment watching it - which could have occurred while watching any of the IGB videos - where I thought about how these videos will be looked upon in the future. It was like I whooshed into the future and was suddenly aghast that we once felt the need to make these types of videos. But, anyway, yes, this was great, and heyyyyy traffic investigator.


I was doing a lot of Cansplaining on election night. But I think having a catchy term makes it so much less unbearable! Right guys? Right?


*door slams shut*

*dust settles*

*redheaded&crazy left alone in an empty room*


@redheaded&crazie You were my numero uno source for American news, Ms NYT.


@redheaded&crazie @Decca I got distracted yesterday because I did nothing on election night, but I am still pretty sold on creating an eternal Hairpin chatroom where we can cansplain FOREVER.


@Linette I would like to subscribe to this newsletter. I mean actually. I wonder what the best way of making that happen would be.

Okay I was thinking about this actually and I had a THOUGHT that it could start off with posts in the hairpin pinups google group - like ... gchat pinup happening this day! Add x person to your contacts on this day if you want to join. And then slowly make them more regular until we do nothing but gchat all day long. (god this will be so dangerous for me)


@redheaded&crazie I think the gchat works so brilliantly but then we are kind of stuck with the problem of not being able to identify people because most of us seem to use gmail for our normal lives? So I'm trying to figure out if there's one that a) functions and b) lets us create our own usernames and c) is operated by password so no one has to moderate it.


@redheaded&crazie I FIGURED ONE OUT!

It's called Chatzy and it does ALL THE THINGS I JUST SAID.

Will you come test it out with me? (Not just RH&C, guys, everyone)


That's the link. The password is melisghostticketforpresident. And it should let you create your own alias when you get in there. See if it works? Tell me if there are any problems? And if it seems to work, we'll throw it up on the Pinboards.


I never got the whole "Grade Three/Third Grade" thing. Americans, why are we so different?!

Dirty Hands

@cosmia I use both interchangeably. Am I secretly Canadian?


@cosmia Do you live close to a border/ did you watch a lot of CBC import shows on HBO when you were younger? I've always used both, and didn't know you I was doing it "the Canadian way" half of the time.


Also what I didn't expect about this, and what I like, is that it's all ... official and shit? Knawm saying? I like that.

I mean, the mounties need all the good press they can get, what with their terrible record on sexual harassment SOOOOOOO *weighs pros and cons* I guess I'll give it to them. I GUESS.


The tears, the TEARS.

Can you imagine any part of the US law enforcement doing this?

I'd like to, but...

Man, Canada. You really are our better selves.

If only you were tropical.

Roxanne Rholes

@Hammitt aaaaactually....http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6RMunYfzlGs <3 <3 <3



You are so much better than all the places.



For those who have not seen it, follow that there SFPD link Roxanne Rholes shared. More of the tears. That was wonderful!


Has anyone else been to the Mountie Museum in Regina?


Whoa, the irony. The RCMP needs an "It gets better video" for people IN the RCMP. It's not just coping with the rape of female officers by a male officer and heaps of sexual harassment carefully suppressed Boy-scout style on top of that, but mitfulls of current scandals, and a history of brutality stretching back to the beginning. What they don't mention is the RCMP persecuted gays for decades, like every other police force in North America. Part of the reason these people suffered in youth is because their parents were told by the authorities that gays were mentally ill communist criminals and nobody went out of their way to correct that.

Given the widespread sexual harassment, and that these people are from the biggest concentration of Mounties in Canada, odds are that at least some of them have been harassed at work, but have taken it on the chin. If they are in future, odds are there won't be a damn thing they can do about it. Once you become a target in the RCMP for dissent about anything, it's a lot worse than high school. I met a civillian member who testified that missing women reports she took were ignored in the pickton case. She was vilified on tv, on radio, in the papers and in an op-ed. And that was a pretty small matter. A lot of individual members are good people, but if you embarass the organization it will fuck you up.

If you're going to like this, like the individuals, or the effort to reach out to young people, but DO NOT go away feeling like the mounties are a basket of cuddly justice bunnies and that Canada is inherently nice because it just isn't so.


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