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The Shiny-Haired Chosen One Disagrees

...but American girls may have to settle for being a Supreme Court Justice.

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While I think that you could make an argument that being royalty is a career that people train their whole lives for, good on Sesame Street for encouraging girls to have dreams beyond princesshood. (Plus, you know, the princess job market's not what it used to be)


Being a self-rescuing princess isn't a career, but it is a lifestyle! ;)@a


This makes me hate Abby Cadabby SLIGHTLY less.

baked bean

@Ophelia Dear god, yes. Why does the only main female puppet have to be a princess? They need to make a new character.


@baked bean The amount of pandering to the Disney Princess Juggernaut just makes me angry--both AT Sesame Street, and on their behalf.


@Ophelia I never really liked her name because whenever I see Cadabby, my mind turns it into cadaver. It's a terrible name for a puppet.


Did Justice Sotomayor seem really, really sad to anyone else? Or am I just projecting my own career anxiety onto the "you can train for a long, long, time to be..." part?


"...even a scientist..."

Anyone else feel a little twitchy-eyed at that phrase? As in, "Wow, it's this new thing .... lady scientists!!!"

I appreciate the general premise of the clip, though.


@Barracuda Yeah, I had that same moment. But she did list doctor and engineer before she got to that, and I think medicine and engineering count as STEM fields.


@Blushingflwr I don't see medicine as STEM - where I am from, the majority of med students are women. Of course, the better paid specialties tend to attract men. Does some have data? (because as we learned from the billfold the plural of anecdote is not data)


@theotherginger Yeah, I was thinking about that. I mean, obviously medicine is a science, and I see my friends who are hoping to go to med school going back to do pre-reqs and the classes they're taking are physics and chemistry and math. But I think there's also an emphasis on the caring/healing element of medicine (which there should be, patients are people, not just problems to be solved), and I think you see that especially when you see people encouraging girls to be doctors.

runner in the garden



@runner in the garden D:


@runner in the garden

Elmo's thousand-yard stare in that top picture says it all.


Ya burnt, Kate Middleton.

baked bean

Guys I LOVE SESAME STREET. I haven't seen the new stuff, so I don't know if it's good, but I watch the old clips on youtube all the time.

Elmo though, he's annoying. And this is my first exposure to Abby. And I don't think I like her.

Bert and Ernie were always my fave.

Can we make some adorable female puppets that aren't pink and princessy plz?


@baked bean I LOVED Oscar as a kid. He was always my favorite. And snuffleupagus.

Now that I think about it, I liked that most of the puppets weren't "human" - so as a little kid, I didn't really consider their genders - I think it's really a shame that Abby is so "girly" (in the worst possible connotation of that word). It sets her apart from the other puppets, and makes her something different.

baked bean

@Ophelia Exactly, if they needed more female characters, they should have just made the same kind of characters they had but made them girls. Like they could still be green and blue and red or whatever. They made her pink and put her in a tutu :( that's more damaging, I think, than not having many female characters like before.

baked bean

@baked bean Was Miss Piggy the only female character? I'm trying to think of others. There was one other female puppet, but I don't remember her name. Tons of the humans on the show were female, it was pretty equal, and they always had different races and stuff.


@baked bean Prairie Dawn! Betty Lou!


@baked bean Nope, she was only in the Muppets, I think. Snuffy's little sister, Alice, was a female muppet; I'm not sure about others. Elmo was always portrayed as the "baby" of the group (and I'm pretty sure I thought he was genderless as a kid).

...and of course Wikipedia has a list of all the SS muppets!


baked bean

@Ophelia Yeah I liked Elmo better when he was a baby.


Abby's a fairy but not a princess. Zoe is the baby of Sesame Street (younger than Elmo), she's greenish blue. Curly Bear is also a young female character, a brown bear. Rosita is slightly older, she's blue. Abby is pink, but by no means does she model a lot of "girly-girl" stereotypes. Alice hasn't been used in forever but Prairie Dawn in still around. Elmo is a boy monster.

Greta M.

Read: "Girly Girl Joins the 'Sesame' Boys"

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