Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The Look of Flimsy Stained Glass

Memories of this wax paper and melted crayon project may or may not be intertwined with homemade flubber or goop experiments involving Spray Starch and... other things? Once you've decided what colors you'd like to incorporate, the hardest part is sitting there for an hour at the pencil sharpener while you create enough shavings for the mobile of your dreams. "Is this a proper use for a food processor?" one wonders. Probably? A good rule of thumb: if you haven't touched the food processor in over a year, it is okay to start using it for the pulverization of non-food items, as long as they are the consistency of a cheese. Any cheese.

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I'm confused as to why she skipped incorporating actual leaves in favor of making a replica leaf with crayons and a stencil. Seems harder than putting a leaf in wax paper. Does she live in palm springs? Is it prettier?


@E I always hate it when people give step by step instructions complete with lovely photos and have the nerve to do it differently than I would do it! I mean, why did she deviate from the way I did this in second grade? Is she from Mars or something?


@iffie Bwhahaha! Fair enough. Just curious.


@E Okay, I was trying to be more funny than snarky. Glad we can all laugh.


like this very much@n


I'm all about the seasonal bunting so I made these last year and they turned out just like the picture. We only have a boring willow oak tree and sometimes you just want maple leaves. Also, melting crayons is fun.


Cheese is the only thing I use my food processor for. I hate grating my knuckles.

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