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The 'Girls' Season Two Trailer

Life is boys and then you die. 'Girls' returns to HBO on January 13, 2013.


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WHAT are we supposed to think about Adam!??!?!?!?!?!

Good? No?
This question has actually been plaguing me.


@mollpants He's like most guys-- not all good or bad, not all crazy or sane. I went from not really seeing him as an attractive love interest to really having a minor thing for him (like in the last episode of the season when he says to Lena, "Well you look very beautiful." (swooncity))

He looks a little crazy in the new season, but maybe he really loves her? and i think it's very clear that she is not totally on-kilter, so.


@mollpants After watching the whole first season in one day at my parents' house, I think he's hilarious as a character, and he's honestly the only character I like on the show. (I haaaaaate Lena Dunham's character. Haaaa-aaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaate.)

Sea Ermine

@mollpants I kind of love him as a character but I think if I knew him in real life I'd be kind of grossed out or annoyed by him as a person.

I'm way more conflicted about what to think of the entire show though. Because before it came out I heard it described as either a comedy or comedy/drama and so when I watched it I watched it as a comedy and assumed we were supposed to be laughing at them, even if we were also trying to empathize with the characters(like when lena's character asks her parents for $1000 a month so she doesn't have to get a paying job). And I liked it because it was a good show with interesting characters where we got to watch them make a ton of stupid mistakes and say stupid things but it wasn't being mean to the characters. But then I went on the internet afterwards and read all these articles about how you're supposed to identify with them all and it's the voice of a generation and now I have no idea what to think because I don't know if I missed the point of the show or not.


@Sea Ermine I think if you like the show, then you like the show. Not everyone is going to relate to the characters, I know some people enjoy it as either a reflection of themselves when they were younger or just watch it like a train wreck.


@Sea Ermine I enjoy it in the same way. For me, it's like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, with the horrible/annoying people that you occasionally empathize or identify with, and then are horrified that you have anything in common with any of them.

Beatrix Kiddo

@werewolfbarmitzvah I haven't watched the show, but this is probably what I would do, especially since the only character I liked in Tiny Furniture was the douchebag chef. Lena Dunham's autobiographical characters are the worst.


@Sea Ermine I like to think Lena Dunham is laughing at all the articles that say the show is the "voice of a generation"... as much as she's laughing at herself and the whole premise of Girls. Lena knows the characters she's writing are simultaneously relatable and horrifying (maybe 30-70, maybe 20-80, I don't know)... She's poking fun at a generation; whether or not that makes her "A voice of A generation" is beyond me. I do know that for me, watching the show is like this: "Oh god... oh. OH! HAHAHAHAH. haha. Oh man." I feel like I'm in on a joke.


@beeline96 The other thing to point out is how Hannah was high on opium when she said that line in the show.


@mollpants I think he was the most well-sketched character on the show in the first season, he was the only one who had lived outside the bubble that all the other characters are trapped in, but it looks like in S2 he's going to go from "human" to "too human" (not that it's unrealistic, just that it's excruciating even in the trailer). It seemed like his character had the least potential for codependency but maybe that was evidence enough that he was the most.


i was thinking the exact same thing... interesting @y

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

Oh no that accidentally made me want to watch this series. Ooops.


Waaait... I loved season one. What is THIS? I don't want to watch them be in a Noxema commercial.


@klpencil The first season trailer looked like a Noxzema commercial too - have faith!


Oh god I am excited about this. For me, Girls is all about catharsis. I expend so much energy watching this shows being mortified and horrified and ashamed and annoyed at these characters, thinking they are terrible, flawed, largely horrid people who I still somehow want to love. I have a near physical reaction to it, much like watching Angela waiting for Jordan to pick her up for their date in My So-Caleld Life - oh, so hard to stop myself from physically curling into a ball as I feel those emotions so strongly! Oh, the bad choices we all make, and how they are crucial to who we are and who we become!

I think it is fantastic. I love it. I understand the criticism and why others can be neutral or against it. But I love it.

Beatrix Kiddo

@swirrlygrrl I can't even watch that episode of MSCL when she's dressed up for him to come over and meet her family. So much second-hand embarrassment.


@Beatrix Kiddo Exactly! I have literally curled into a ball behind a piece of furniture, and hidden under blankets, during that episode because that scene is just so real and painful to me. All of my fears! Even in my thirties!


Charlie has a beard and Marnie is wearing formal shorts. This season can only be better than the last.


This actually looks like it's going to be a lot better than the last season. I mean, I didn't HATE the last season, but it looks like this one is going to be a lot more focused, like Dunham really knows what she wants out of this season, which is not something I felt last season.
Also, people have said I remind them of Lena Dunham a bit :s


Alice's guide to watching (and enjoying?) Girls:

0. Actually watch the show instead of reading commentary on it online. Form your own opinion.

1. Accept that it is racist. Hopefully they fix this in the second season but that trailer was awfully white.

2. Accept that Hannah is not the hero. She is the main character, but there is no hero. You do not need to be rooting for her or anyone.

3. Accept that Hannah is not a Lena Dunham stand-in or Mary Sue. I could go in-depth as to the reasons why, but I will just say that I really believe Hannah to be a character independent of Dunham who just plays her.


SO EXCITED for this and Game of Thrones. All the time I spent hashing things out with Comcast on the phone will be WORTH IT!!

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@beeline96 Ummmm, my friends and I found a Game of Thrones cookbook so we could truly celebrate its return. I'm fully owning this nerd alert.


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose Recipes of Ice and Fire!!! My friends and I have been too lazy to do anything from it but so much more power to you.


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose they also have a website, Inn at the Crossroads, which has a lot of stuff for free


Oh good! I am excited for Internet Argument Season to begin again! *Starts stocking her bunker.*


I love Adam's character. So many movies, books and TV shows portray love interests as either 100% wonderful or 100% awful. Adam mirrors the guys I -- and probably many others -- have known in real life: funny, lovely, dickish, weird, and sometimes the absolute worst people in the world. (And sometimes the best.)


@synchronized Yes! And also, how when Hannah actually communicates with him, instead of expecting that he'll magically know what she thinks/feels/wants, he meaningfully responds to her. Not always how she wants him to, not always in a mature fashion. That was when I started loving him, when she started asking him for what she wanted and he started responding by outlining his own needs, thoughts and feelings.


I watched this show, and kind of enjoyed it despite its myriad problems, and then forgot about it (I feel like that mine was not a unique experience). But this? Maybe cause I LOOOOOOOOVVEEE that stupid Ellie Goulding song (LOOOOOOOOVE) but I am psyched! Seriously, I felt things.


Does anyone know who the actress playing the "you look 30 years old" mom is?


@itiresias Also, shout out to Ben Kweller for letting them use that song I love for this show I..meh.


@itiresias It's Rita Wilson! I let out a yelp when I saw her.

love and other indoor sports

"Life is boys and then you die" -- is this a girlsism? and edithism? love it either way?


Is this a season of television or a two hour rom com?


Haters to left, this is going to RULE woooooo!!!!

miss crisp

I am SO excited. My friend and I have already made a date to watch it together in January. But...

who is punching that guy? Is it Jessa? Punching her new husband?! I want to know!!


Um.... weirdly, when I clicked on this video from the main page, it played a beautiful inspirational video about the International Space Station instead, and I was like... is Edith trying to shame me for liking trashy TV when there is like, beautiful science happening?

Regina Phalange

I haven't been able to watch this yet (planning a holidays DVD marathon), but I think I can safely say that I'm here for Alex Karpovsky's cute face. And Jorma Taccone.


I am SO excited. My friend and I have already made a date to watch it together in January. But...

who is punching that guy? Is it Jessa? Punching her new husband?! I want to know!!buying a mattress online


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