Wednesday, November 21, 2012


The Deadliest Mash

Those are mashed potatoes, people, not custard, and they will force your guests to proclaim tomorrow's feast, "The best Thanksgiving dinner ever. Holy shit. Amazing. I could die now." And that is a direct quote. After some glamour shots, a cooking lesson begins at 2:00. Follow along in English with this recipe.

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@Emby That's what makes 'em good! You can change butter for olive oil, though, and that at least will make you feel mediterranean while you get fat.


@Emby Yeah, that seems less like "potato puree" and more like "buttery coronary special"

Lily Rowan

@Emby That's why restaurant food is so good -- you have NO IDEA how much butter they use.


@Emby I like how the commenters are like "this recipe is wrong, there is a 1:2 ratio of butter to potatoes," and the online editor was like "not j/k about the butter, yo."

Someone please explain peeling cooked potatoes to me.

Jane Marie

@faustbanana i know, i love "Could you print the correct recipe? Thanks."


@faustbanana The peels pop off real easy once they're cooked - but, then, taking the peels off also ruins any hope of any nutrition entering your body, so I don't bother.


@deepomega Good to know. I'm a fan of peel-on mashed potaters, but I'm pretty much abandoning any pretense of health or nutrition for tomorrow's meal (though turkey is a superfood!)


@Jane Marie Definitely the Saveur comments are funny... and I'm sure the ed's right, and they DID print the correct recipe. But I'm still wondering why in the time between the video and Saveur, the recipe changed so drastically! Because butter is so tasty? Because people wanted even runnier mash? Just... weird to me, not wrong.


@deepomega - Seconded on leaving the peels on, but otherwise this recipe is almost perfect.

Also, I have decided that in order to be "healthy", I will be reducing the amount of butter, and putting some duck fat in there in its stead. I will also be frying some fingerling potatoes in duck fat. And sauteeing the vegetables in duck fat. And basting the turkey in duck fat.

I have 2lbs of duck fat & 10 guests coming, and I plan on using every damn ounce of it.


The taste is very pure thanks to the few ingredients used: potatoes (rates, unique flavor), milk and butter. No need to add egg yolks or cheese.@y


2 parts potato : 1 part butter. Seems reasonable.

*dies of coronary*


I use skim milk, not too much butter (maybe 1/3 a stick for an 8-serving batch?), salt & pepper, and TONS OF CHEDDAR CHEESE. The cheese may be just as bad as the butter, but I have never once heard anyone complain, or had to deal with leftovers. Also, sometimes, I cut the butter down to barely any and drop in some cream cheese instead. It is delicious, and likely also bad for you. But then again, who ever thought mashed potatoes were going to be healthy?


@Scandyhoovian People don't complain. Their survivors can get a little testy, though.


I think in the video he has 200-250 grams of butter for one kilo of potato (so, like 1 part butter to 4 parts potato), but the Saveur recipe says 1 pound butter per two pounds of potato (1:2). In the video he stresses that his potatoes are less caloric than fries, etc. But certainly not how Saveur does it! I wonder what happened between the video and the article? Americanization, or just excess piled on excess? I could do 1:4 but not 1:2...

Side note: I've never heard anyone say "the famous mashed potatoes" in such a sexy was as the woman in the intro.


@erincpdx You are completely right!! Not only does Saveur have the butter wrong, but the milk amount is wrong too. It should be 1:4 in butter and a cup and a bit of milk, not the quarter cup (it's 20 to 30cl).

Millie the Scientist

@erincpdx Yes! I was just about to say this! I'm guessing hasty translation?


"Ratte" is also a particularly awesome kind of potato: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ratte_(pomme_de_terre)
I had them when I was on a farm in Québec and even just boiled with nothing on them they were the best goddamn potatoes I've ever eaten.

(edit: OK, so the title of the video says "ratte" but the English recipe makes no reference to them...)


NEWSFLASH: butter is not bad for you

Heat Signature

@liverwortlaura PREACH


@liverwortlaura My mother, the nurse: "BUTTER KILLS". Pastry, due to the butter content, also kills, apparently. It is frowned upon in my house. :(


I've said it before, and I'll say it again: If it tastes good, it's BUTTER.

Also a potato ricer will work just as well as the food mill; but it's just as much work.


@Mabissa I could not agree more. I put butter in practically everything and realised some time ago that although I have DEEP LOVE for bread in all its myriad forms, I love it mainly because it is A Vehicle For Butter. I work on the (possibly not entirely scientific) assumption that using butter for baking has to be better than using margarine, as the latter is full of fake ingredients/chemistry, whereas butter is basically as God made it and at least if you die from it you'll die naturally, see?

Also, how adorable is Joel Robuchon??! Charming, enthusiastic, focused and knowledgeable. GORDON RAMSAY TAKE NOTE.


I have had these at his Vegas restaurant and they are amazing. So rich it was impossible to eat the small portion.

Mua Chung

I agree with the comments you have made I agree with the comments you have made


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