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Shower Us With Your Insights, Grace!

Okay, did you watch The September Issue? (It's on Netflix Instant.) Either way, it's a bit blah blah blah Anna Wintour WAIT OH WOW THIS GRACE CODDINGTON WOMAN IS ON FIRE. She lights up the screen. She is crabby and brilliant.

And she's written a dishy memoir, which the Telegraph is running an exclusive excerpt from:

It was Anna's decision, for instance, the moment Hollywood talk turned to Zoolander, the comedy film in which Ben Stiller plays a knuckleheaded male model, that he should be taken to Paris and shot by Annie Leibovitz for a couture story. I have to say, I hated the idea, not merely because I respect Paris couture for its purity and exquisite workmanship but because an advance screening of the film revealed it to be a crass and truly mind-numbing experience. I think it was decided upon, really, because Anna had a crush on Ben. (She gets these occasional crushes – Ben, Puff Daddy, Roger Federer.)

Annie wanted Ben wearing clothes resembling his costumes from the film, which were so incredibly vulgar and nasty that I had to put my foot down and say how much better he would look in a dark suit. Even then I had reservations about the whole project. So when it came to choosing the models, I secretly went for the tallest ones around, girls like Stella Tennant, Oluchi and Jacquetta Wheeler, beanpoles who would effectively show up his short stature.

Annie then became obsessed with getting the tiny actor into a tiny pair of swimming-trunks in order to spoof a Helmut Newton photograph. He refused. She tried again. He ever so reluctantly agreed to wear them.

Okay, our love has been shaken somewhat by her failure to appreciate Zoolander, but hopefully there will be many mitigating factors, like stories about hapless interns and sad, untouched dessert buffets.

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Grace was definitely the best part of that otherwise dull movie -- in fact, her scenes are the only ones I remember. Maybe this just speaks to the fact that A. Wintour's ice queen persona is so mythologized, but I think Meryl Streep plays Anna better than she plays herself.

Lisa Frank

As a short person, I now kind of hate her.


OH HELL NO. Nobody--not even YOU, Grace--rips Zoolander on my watch.


@Clare Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?


The film Zoolander is so hot right now. AND FOREVER.


@teaandcakeordeath This thread has to be... at least three times bigger than this!


@Clare What is this, a school for ANT CHILDREN?

Heat Signature

@Clare This thread makes me want to kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia, for some reason.


@Heat Signature You is talking loco and I like it!


@iknowright You can read minds?!

Barry Grant

The files are INSIDE the computer!


Okay, I haven't touched a copy of Vogue in years, but I want to read this. Anyone unafraid to roll her eyes at Anna Wintour's inexplicable crushes (and creepy use of the magazine to get closer to them) is all right with me.


@City_Dater If you Google image search "anna wintour p diddy" you get a lot of photos of them hanging out at celeb parties and the like. Kind of sweet.

Tragically Ludicrous

@City_Dater Roger Federer isn't an inexplicable crush, though. Roger Federer is a perfectly valid crush.


All I want to know is, how long till the gerbil is gone from the scrolldown? HOW LONG.




Also, here is the Zoolander photo Grace is referencing.


@Clare that is amazing. i love how ben looks terrified, like all the intimidating tall models will gore him to death with their antlers.


@Clare Thank you! He doesn't actually look that little, really. I wish they'd made it even more extreme. Also that he was giving Blue Steel.


@Clare Oh man, that picture makes him totally endearing to me.


I love it. I love bitchy fashion people who live in a completely different universe from the rest of is.

I will devour this book, and then I will giggle maniacally and probably devour some food as well.


Everything is amazing.

Meredith L.

I had to track down photos from this session - (http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_maynk9ZL5h1qa4cm8o1_500.jpg - fyi) It looks like Annie then got a little nicer and shot B.S. in the foreground, so you really only notice how he totally fails at elongating the neck.


@Meredith L. I don't know if it's because of the leaping-in-air or the look on his face (probably the look on his face), but he does look a lot like Zoolander here.


I'm listening to her interview on Fresh Air right now, and Terry Gross's questions about her car accident are just excruciating

oh! valencia

I hated Zoolander the first time I watched it, but for some reason I agreed to watch it again and now my love for it grows each time I see it (at least 10 times by now). She just needs to watch it again!


I find it really weird imagining that Anna Wintour has crushes on anything, much less human men.


It's weird, and no doubt psychologically revealing, but I went into that movie prepared to hate Anna Wintour and love Grace Coddington and the opposite happened for me?

All I saw was one calm and collected businesswoman trying to put out a product with the least amount of drama involved and one drama queen who was constantly throwing little fits when she didn't get her way. I mean it was entertaining to watch but based solely on that doc, I'd rather work with Anna over Grace. I know! I was surprised.


"untouched dessert buffets" - this reminded me of when I worked at the head office of a certain couture house in London years ago and used to get asked to order the most beautiful patisserie selections from a v posh bakery round the corner whenever anyone left/got married/had a baby etc. We'd lay them out, and have champagne, and I swear those poor skinny minnies would devour them with their EYES but wouldn't touch a single delicious bite. This left a plethora of pastry for fat-ass little old me (fat-ass, relatively speaking), and the looks of combined jealousy, bitterness and longing on their faces were a joy to behold. Ah, entertaining days.

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