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Missed Connections: Sandy Island

A South Pacific island, shown on marine charts and world maps as well as on Google Earth and Google Maps, does not exist, Australian scientists say.

The supposedly sizeable strip of land, named Sandy Island on Google maps, was positioned midway between Australia and French-governed New Caledonia.

But when scientists from the University of Sydney went to the area, they found only the blue ocean of the Coral Sea.

we were not on the beach, you were not wearing a wide hat – m4w (Sandy Island)

a pelican followed us and tried to land on your head. i asked the pelican what you were standing on. he shivered and flew away – m4m (Sandy Island)

I poked you and said “isn’t this kind of like being in a Magritte painting?” You rolled your eyes. – w4w (Sandy Island)

You wondered if this was where the Bloop was coming from, but I shot you down by knowing it was icebergs calving after all. I’m sorry, I think I came off like a dick. – m4w (Sandy Island)

Please, I love knowing about weird noises too. Don’t be mad. – m4w (Sandy Island)

islandsinthestreamthatiswhatweare – islands4islands (Sandy Island)


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