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Nobody Loves an Albatross

Like all the best movie posters, the one for 1968’s Rosemary’s Baby doesn’t depict a scene from the film. We see the silhouette of a pram on harsh, rocky terrain, set against a sickly green background. Mia Farrow’s upturned face looms behind it, as though the titular mom were lying supine: mindscape as landscape, her nose obliquely rhyming with the Paramount logo in the corner. “Pray for Rosemary’s Baby,” commands the tagline. But prayer won’t help the tot in question. In the most literal reading of the film, he’s been a lost cause since conception—the product of Rosemary’s rape by “someone inhuman,” namely, the devil.

Did you know you can own the DVD and glance at it idly at intervals for over five years without noticing that what you thought was a cloud was "Mia Farrow's upturned face"?

No matter. It's still the BEST, as is this Criterion Collection essay by Ed Park.

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For years, my friend James and I would crack each other up just by randomly adding "It's an anagram! It's an anagram!" to our conversations.


We need more of these.@y


oh man, rosemary's baby is amaaaaazing. rosemary's outfits! that apartment! ruth fucking gordon! the lobby of the time-life building! an old dude named hutch!

this essay is pretty great too ...

The seventy-one-year-old Gordon plays Minnie (a misnomer if ever there was one) with maximum New York jabberjawsomeness, a comic delight even as she undermines Rosemary’s sanity.


fondue with cheddar

It's so mind-blowing when things like that happen (what you thought was a cloud...). I guess it's because you form an idea in your brain about what something is when you're young, and you never question it because your brain is all, "I got this." And then one day twenty years later it hits you like a ton of bricks that the Goodyear logo is Achilles' foot and not a gas pump nozzle, and you're like WHAT HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THAT.


@fondue with cheddar i felt that way about the arrow in the fedex sign NOW I CAN'T NOT SEE IT


@fondue with cheddar "you form an idea in your brain about what something is when you're young, and you never question it because your brain is all, "I got this."
YES this happens to me with song lyrics, when I finally realise what they're saying.

fondue with cheddar

@iceberg Yeah, song lyrics are definitely another one of those things! And then when you figure out what it's saying you have a hard time singing it the right way because the wrong way is burned into your brain.

saul "the bear" berenson

@fondue with cheddar Exactly. Like the first time I figured out that Cosette's hair is red because OMG ITS THE FRENCH FLAG. Wow, I really do have an embarrassing les miz story for every occasion.

Or the time I "got it" w/ the Sleepys jingle. "Trust Sleepys, for the REST of your life." Ohhh. Double entendre, Sleepys you so crazy!

fondue with cheddar

@Moxie Haha, right? I totally did not pick up on the Sleepys thing until a few months ago.

And I recently realized that Adam Ant = adamant. And I was actually in my early twenties when it dawned on me why The Beatles spelled their name with an "a" instead of an "e".


@fondue with cheddar adamant GETOUTTAHERE

fondue with cheddar

@wearitcounts RIGHT? MIND=BLOWN. And it only took 30 years.


@fondue with cheddar Ha! My friend was in his 30s before he realized the Beatles thing.


@meetapossum It's not really the same type of misunderstanding, but this is as good a place as any to tell you that one of my friends was 39 before he realized that pickles are made from cucumbers.


@fondue with cheddar And then you're like "brain, what else do you NOT GOT?"


@CheeseLouise WHAT?? I'm 24 and I had no idea that that was where pickles came from! I kind of thought they were just their own thing..

Reginal T. Squirge

Oh, also, "Perry Farrell" = peripheral.

Nicole Cliffe

@Reginal T. Squirge Yeah, I did not know ANY OF THE THINGS IN THIS THREAD except for pickles.

fondue with cheddar

@Nicole Cliffe Don't feel bad—I knew someone who learned in her 20's that unicorns weren't real.


@Nicole Cliffe i too have had my mind blown an embarrassing amount of times today.


@khaleesi now that you know, go get some pickling cucumbers and try this spicy pickle recipe. i tried it for the first time a few months ago, and jars of homemade refrigerator pickles are now going to be my holiday gifts!

Regina Phalange

@Reginal T. Squirge DID YOU LEARN THIS FROM CHRIS HARDWICK? Because I'm pretty sure I recently heard this on an old Nerdist podcast. Mind=blown.

Reginal T. Squirge

Nope. It was Scott Aukerman.


@Regina Phalange For a long, long time, I didn't get the pun (is it a pun?) in the title of a Blink 182 album called Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. I was well into my adulthood that album was a thing, but even more so when I realized it.

Regina Phalange

@Reginal T. Squirge ARGH THAT'S WHO I MEANT. Oh, boy, have I got comedy-nerd-podcast egg on my face.



@Regina Phalange Haha! It's somehow funnier than it should be after thinking it sounded perfectly innocent all this time.


@fondue with cheddar
There's this Jack Gilbert (I think?) poem about how we only see things once and then they're just memories, and how intoxicating it is to suddenly see something for the first time again. Maybe someone else will think of it. I think you'll enjoy it.
...Also I don't get the pun in the Blink 182 title if you wanted to uh fill me in? Sorry. That's mostly what prompted this key lime pie-stuffed post.


@Inkling Haha--don't worry; maybe it's a tough one (at least I am telling myself that). It's "jacket" as in "jack it," like a penis! "Take off your pants and jacket"! Heh.

fondue with cheddar

@Inkling That sounds wonderful! Do you know the name of it, or a line from it or something?

dracula's ghost

Rosemary's Baby! What a great one. Ruth Gordon! Total jabberjawsome. And Mia Farrow weighing like 60 pounds, enormously pregnant, desperately jogging through the searing sweaty NYC summer trying to get someone to believe her!!! So intense.

Also, obviously Roman Polanski is a fucking piece of shit but it is pretty intense that his wife and unborn baby were murdered by the Manson family a year after he made this movie

dracula's ghost

ALSO do you know this amazing anecdote about the making of this movie--Farrow was married to Frank Sinatra and he was trying to get her to quit the movie because he was a dick and a chauvinist pig, and she was all confused and Robert Evans (amazing character in his own right, inspiration for Odenkirk's "God's Audiobook" character ("Did I help him? Hell no! Terry's just that good")) was like "girl you're gonna get a fucking oscar for this shit" and she ultimately told Sinatra to cram it, and they got a divorce (he served her with divorce papers in front of the whole cast!!!)

She did not get an oscar, but the film was a huge success and most people agree she made the right call



"I say we kill her, milk or no milk. Hail Satan!"


Yes! This is one of my all time desert island movies!
I first saw it on late-night tv in junior or senior year and have coerced/forced friends/exes into watching it, as it's the scariest movie I've seen - Rosemary's loss of control over her body and life is terrifying. I read the book this summer, and this essay doesn't lie. The movie's dialogue is word-for-word, nearly verbatim to the novel. The movie also has the best character names (Terry Gionoffrio, Laura-Louise McBurney, Minnie Castevet, Lily Gardenia, Dr. Shand, etc) and I just love the Vidal Sassoon hairstyle that Rosemary gets. Adding this to my Xmas list now.


Oh, this movie is so great. A few years back I got my husband one of the original Polish School posters for the release (the Andrzej Pagowski one), so seeing this just inspired me to buy another poster for him for this Christmas.

Also Charles Grodin! World's most dickish OB/GYN!

Nicole Cliffe

@smack I always forget it's Charles Grodin until I see him!! Have you seen "Knife in the Water," btw?

Regina Phalange

@Nicole Cliffe Grodin: when you least expect him.


I still need to see this movie - the lady who used to cut my hair would tell me EVERY time she cut it that it looked like Mia Farrow's hair.


That sounds wonderful!


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