Tuesday, November 20, 2012


"Peter Luger"

Wow. I do not know if I can accurately describe what I saw just now, but I will try.

First I heard yelling in the street, which is pretty common, so I didn't pay much attention, but then certain words began to register — "oh my god are you SERIOUS ... oh my god WILLIAMSBURG," etc. (I do not live in Williamsburg) — but I still figured it was just a brief cab scuffle. Things went quiet for a while, then, a couple minutes later, "Are you Arecibo? ARE. YOU. ARECIBO?" I think I missed a sentence or two at this point, but what eventually drew me to the window was "oh my GOD are you fucking KIDDING ME it's fucking HAVEMEYER AND BROADWAY, how can you fucking NOT know WHERE THAT IS. Oh my god. Oh my GOD." I would describe her, but maybe I don't need to. "Williamsburg? BROADWAY? PETER LUGER?? BROOKLYN BRIDGE?!? Oh my god, this is fucking UN-believable."

She was on the corner across from my building (in a residential neighborhood) yelling into the open window of a stopped car-service taxi (Arecibo — great, by the way). "And how much are you fucking going to charge me for this? FIFTEEN? Oh my god, no. NO. The other guy said twelve. It's like a fucking three-minute drive" (no, it isn't) "and how can you fucking not know where Broadway is? Why doesn't anyone fucking know anything, oh my GOD," and she got into the car. Girl, good luck today!

Updated to include: There was also a moment, mid-rant, when she wavered, and it looked like she'd maybe mentally stepped back to consider what she was doing — yelling swears at a stranger, at 10:30 a.m., in the street — and when it seemed like she might tone it down or even apologize. But then you could see her deciding that to do so would also be an implicit admission that she'd done something wrong, and she continued yelling. I keep thinking about that moment, and about having or lacking the courage to try to fix something when it's easier to leave it broken. Anyway, it's true the driver should have known how to get to Broadway.

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Beatrix Kiddo

I hope the driver just dropped her off somewhere other than her destination and drove away.


@Beatrix Kiddo

I pictured a slow drive around the block first, followed by leaving her within sight of Peter Luger, but on the wrong side of the street.


@Beatrix Kiddo Well, she DID say "BROOKLYN BRIDGE" not "WILLIAMSBURG BRIDGE" so it's totally possible. It's a the base of the Williamsburg Bridge, not the Brooklyn Bridge, and the two are ... not close to each other.


good.. honestly @y

fondue with cheddar

Do they still make chill pills? Because this lady needs some, stat.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@fondue with cheddar There's sure an array of chill pills available at your local pharmacy. I prefer to ingest my caffeine pills and party like Jessie Spano.

Girl Named Jack

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose I'm so excited!


@Girl Named Jack I'm so. SCARED.


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose every once in a while, it occurs to me that there will come a time when I make a reference to that Very Special Episode & everyone around me will be too young to know what I'm talking about.

I live in fear of that day.

fondue with cheddar

@nonvolleyball Am I too old to know what you're talking about? The more you guys discuss it the more curious I am. What is it?


@nonvolleyball When I was waitressing as a freshman in college, "Motown Philly" came on in the kitchen, and I remarked to the room at large, "Hey, remember when Stephanie Tanner danced to this?" And none of the high-schoolers had any idea what I was talking about. It was depressing.


@fondue with cheddar so, one of the characters in Saved by the Bell got addicted to caffeine pills while juggling the burdens of being a good student & participating in an all-girl group called Hot Sundae. right before her big performance (of "I'm So Excited"), she gets confronted about her addiction & has the following freakout, which is apparently burned into the brains of everyone born in the late '70s through the mid-'80s:


fondue with cheddar

@nonvolleyball AH. I was born in the mid-70's and just missed the Saved by the Bell bandwagon. Thanks for the explanation. My curiosity is sated! That sounds hilarious. Now if only I could watch video with sound at work...


@MoxyCrimeFighter & now's as good a time as any to tell the story of a student worker who, while cleaning out some unused corner of the university library, came to her supervisor with a cassette tape all, "...what is this strange inscrutable object I've found?"

also, I knew another student worker who didn't know who Paula Abdul was beyond her work with American Idol. cue me, in the middle of our office, with increasing incredulity: "what about Forever Your Girl? what about Opposites Attract?! wait, so you don't know who MC SKAT KAT IS?!" as he just stared at me blankly.


@fondue with cheddar I guarantee that if you go up to a roughly 30ish person who was raised in the US & wasn't restricted from TV-watching in childhood, & say to them "I'm so excited! I'm so excited!" in a tone of distress, there's at least an 85% chance that they'll reply "I'm so...SCARED."

fondue with cheddar

@nonvolleyball Heh, I may have to try exactly that.

"I'm so excited" just makes me think of The Pointer Sisters because I am an Old. Actually, that might be a good barometer to figure out the approximate age of a 20- to 40-year-old person. Just ask them what "I'm so excited" makes them think of.


@nonvolleyball I don't understand that! I was born in 1986, but I know about a lot of technologies before my time. I don't see how someone over the age of 15 wouldn't know what a cassette was. And even if I don't really know how someone's fame started, I'm at least aware they are famous... or I pretend I am...

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@nonvolleyball My former roommate teaches high school freshman and made a Mean Girls reference the other day...no one got it. Those kids haven't seen Mean Girls.


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose NO!!!!!


@fondue with cheddar This is inconceivable!


Jeez. If it's a 3-minute drive, then at MOST it's a 15-minute walk, right? JUST WALK.


This is the kind of thing that makes me long for a blowgun and some tranquilizer darts.

Oliver St. John Mollusc

Holy cow! Arecibo IS great, be nice to them. But I'm somewhat reassured that I'm not the only one working from home and being shocked by yelling. My neighbors across the airshaft have been getting into it since at least last night. From what I gather, Mom, Son, and Son's Girlfriend all live together, Son's Girlfriend broke Son's TV and also got pregnant (possibly not in that order?), and Mom keeps taking her side instead of Son's. Possibly because Son is a yelling raving nutjob? Fun times.


@Oliver St. John Mollusc I used to live above a couple named Vito and Conchetta. Vito's daughter got on drugs and dropped of her kids: Vito Jr., Conchetta and Guido to stay with them. The screaming was just non stop and I couldn't figure out who was screaming at who anymore. My favorite was when they'd launch into stuff like, "I hate you like I hate your whore mother!" but was it the grandma? The daughter? Who knows!

Oliver St. John Mollusc

@parallel-lines Yeah my favorite line from last night was "You just got pregnant because [other girl's name] did!" That was the son. So was this (to his mom): "Why do you always take her side? Who came out of you, me or her?"


@Oliver St. John Mollusc I used to think Arecibo was great- then last time I called them they didn't come for a full hour and didn't even apologize! Now I hates them!


Yeah, I'm sure this girl couldn't tell you anything BUT Brooklyn waterfront gentrified white-people-safe geography. This guy should start screaming in her face asking her if she knows how to get to Flushing Meadows Park, because GOD, who doesn't know that?!


I think the real question is, who the fuck eats Peter Luger before 11?

EDIT: I just remembered I've had a noon lunch at Peter Luger, and showed up ten minutes early as they opened for a beer. So I guess it's not much of a question.


@leon s Someone who's not important enough to be able to snag a dinner reservation...

fondue with cheddar

@leon s I probably would. Steak.

Edith Zimmerman

@leon s Oh, also I think I presented this wrong -- she was just using Peter Luger as a reference that everyone should know, I don't think she was actually going there. :-/


@leon s don;t they have a semi famous burger, like $30 or something? yum.


@Edith Zimmerman - I think I'm probably the one who was wrong - Luger isn't even on Havemeyer, it's on Driggs! I was just so excited to talk about steaks I didn't even think.

@bb - I think they have a burger? I don't know, actually. I have a thing with a lot of restaurants famous for one dish where I insist on their 'perfect' thing, no matter how many times I go. Momofuku Noodle Shop? Ramen please! Lugers? Porterhouse! Old Homestead? Mutton! It's weird because I'm usually adventurous with menu choices, but there is nothing I love like eating the specialty at a place. As Lionel Ferbos said on Treme this week, There is Value in Doing One Thing Well.

Beatrix Kiddo

@bb They have a burger that's only $8 or $9! I think it's only available at lunch.


@leon s I will be THAT PERSON, but I'm not blown away by Lugers. It was...fine. Just fine. I didn't feel like I walked away from that meal having eaten the finest steak of my life. Plus, the sides were boring and the waitstaff was gruff in a way that made me cranky--I'm tipping on a huge meal, maybe try not being a total asshole? I would take a Keen's mutton chop over a Lugers steak any day of the week.

That, and I once heard a pest control story about the place that ruined it forevermore (I'll spare you).

Edith Zimmerman

@leon s "I was just so excited to talk about steaks I didn't even think." Hollaaaaaaaaaa feelin U


@parallel-lines - I don't think that's a terrible thing to say at all! There has been an epic, raging debate amongst my office as to the best steak in NYC for a long time. You were right on Keens - I actually meant keens, not old homestead, and keens muttonchop is my favorite "ridiculous old money stuffy meal with fancy scotch" in the city. And you're right, the sides are just terrible.

As for rodents...meh? I mean, if they let them run across the food on the regular, gross, but I've been in enough kitchens that they don't particularly bother me (unless one should ever happen to make it to mine, in which case, it would be WW3).

Beatrix Kiddo

@parallel-lines See, I've never had a steak at Peter Luger (just a burger, I'm poor), but the fact that the sides are supposedly terrible and they don't have the greatest wine list or anything else makes me less than interested in trying it. If I can get a steak elsewhere that I think is delicious (in the same neighborhood, even) with delicious vegetables to accompany it, why bother?


Ew, I hate her.

ETA: That's probably because my mantra is basically that life is too short to be rude to strangers. Why people find the need to be rude in almost any situation is beyond me.


@olivebee Seriously. Is it really worth it to totally ruin someone's day? Besides, most of the customer service people you scream at aren't in a position to fix your problem anyway. /end rant


@olivebee I agree. Being polite is really the minimum, most basic amount of decency and recognition of personhood that one human can give to another.


@olivebee I mean, my mantra in that situation is that when people are trying their best, which they are most of the time, being an ass to them will never, ever make things better.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@olivebee I recently told Barnes and Noble that they are "a nightmare" because they waited three weeks to tell me they couldn't fill my online order. Then, after they wrote back apologizing, I apologized for my outburst and wished them well. I need to get meaner.




Im not even sure if I am capable of screaming at a stranger. (You know one that isnt being terrible in some way. And even then ...) Some sort of innate reasonableness just rises up so instead of yelling "how can you fucking NOT know WHERE THAT IS. Oh my god. " it just sort of comes out as 'can you please head north for a while and Ill direct you?'. In fact the angrier I get the more polite I am. Maybe Im doing this wrong.


@teaandcakeordeath I am exactly the same way. If I get exasperated as far as customer service or something like that goes, I just sort of start directing/helping the person get me what I need. I usually can't even muster up the will to be an asshole to people who are actually assholes to me first.


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose I have been kind of a dick to customer service people a few times, because I have worked in customer service and really tried to help people. So, like, I know how horrible it is when people attack customer service reps when they are just doing their jobs. But I have had a few times when I've been on the phone with student loan servicers who DO NOT CARE and do not seem to understand what the problem is and can't help and I am literally in tears of frustration, and then I just start asking for managers and asking to lodge complaints. But I also always thank them and tell managers when someone helped me and rescind complaints if things went well. I just have certain expectations, is all. I am usually very, very nice, and make sure to follow up on good work too.


@smidge THANK YOU! Last time I worked in customer service, I had an older couple ask for something that I simply could not give them (a service my place did offer at one time but did no longer), and the woman got so irate that she threatened to call the cops on me. I kept saying, "m'am, I am just an employee, I have as little power over changing this as you do." For the record, she did call the cops, and they laughed. Also for the record, she called my boss, who then decided, since he wanted her business so badly, that he WOULD do that thing she wanted and how sorry he was for the poor service she received.

Yeah, I'm not cut out for customer service. The injustice of it all!


@iknowright Holy crap. I don't know how it was working for that manager in general, but that sucks that they didn't have your back.


@AmandathePanda I've worked the trifecta of shitty customer service jobs (waitressing, telemarketing, and retail), and I have to be pushed to the breaking point to be rude to someone who is doing their job the best they can, BUT that being said - there have been a few times I've deliberately gotten upset with customer service people and then apologized right away because it sometimes reminds them that you are just a person who is very frustrated and not a vicious hosebeast who is being awful for the fun of it, and it sometimes nudges them into bending the rules a bit for you (like the time I lost my phone and needed my text records for the number of the person I texted last, whose car my phone was in and who wasn't in my address book, and they wanted me to get a form notarized then wait 3 weeks, like what?! Just fucking tell me the number. And she did. And I blessed her and all generations of her family forthwith.).


@MoxyCrimeFighter Yep! I work in customer service, so I get it. I am normally really nice to service people because they usually don't have the power to get me what I want/need, and there are very few problems that deserve much emotion anyway. But I have, on a small handful of occasions, let my disappointment be known. Just in really ridiculous situations where people were definitely not doing everything they could to help. Or much at all. One time it worked and the guy started paying attention to me and I left on a happy note, and the other time, well, I'm ashamed to show my face at that post office anymore.


@Big Rig and Jesse I was JUST thinking of Ray's toilet party this morning.

Big Rig and Jesse

@supernintendochalmers I really do believe there is an Achewood for every possible occasion, but it's great that this one is so fantastic, because it comes up a lot when strangers won't wage peace. (Possibly also because I am always wondering sad things about my mom?)


What the hell is my boss doing in New York?

oh! valencia

@katiemcgillicuddy oh nooooo


@oh! valencia This particular boss is only around so often, so I'll survive, and in fairness, this woman sounds possibly worse.


I like how every time you call Arrecibo for a car (they're based in Park Slope by the way, why didn't she call someone just slightly closer?!) they yell "FIVE MINUTE!" into the phone and hang up.


@parallel-lines I think this is every car service because Hoyt Limo in Astoria does the same thing.


@parallel-lines I also like how that "FIVE MINUTE!" has no bearing on when your car actually arrives. Also sometimes they inexplicably pick you up in an Escalade!


@Techmo Five minutes means between 0-30 minutes in my experience, but as long as you account for that you're fine.

I tend to use Continental or Eastern more often when I actually need a car in five minutes.

Anna Jayne@twitter

@parallel-lines Hoyt is my jam.

Beatrix Kiddo

@parallel-lines I love Arecibo, even though they're barely ever there in five minutes and they hang up before you can ask in advance how much it will cost.


Just hop on the J, girlfriend!

fondue with cheddar

@kabloom You mean a joint, right? That might help.


@fondue with cheddar Would help more than the J, in most cases.


@fondue with cheddar The number of times I've said, "Takin' the J to work today..."

fondue with cheddar

"And how much are you fucking going to charge me for this? FIFTEEN?"

"Well, my normal charge is half that but you've forced me to give you the I-don't-need-this-shit upcharge."


"and she got into the car" of course she did. I love this. I love random moments like this. One of my favorites - in an Old Navy once,I saw a very small child whining at his very large mother. She looked down calmly and without rancor said simply "Yo. I ain't tryin' to hear that". I tell my kids I'm not trying to hear that on a regular basis now.


@iceberg This is a gem.


Arecibo is amazing. You would totally expect a car service that costs half the price of other services to be complete crap but they are awesome and affordable. Everyone should use them.

Oliver St. John Mollusc

@eatyourchildren Love them! Catch-ah-Ride is also good if you're in Crown Heights like me. I always call them up when I need a cab to the airport (which is basically the only time I take cabs). Mad cheap and no backchat = love.


@Oliver St. John Mollusc Is it actually called Catch-a-Ride? As a Borderlands player, that delights me to no end. "Catch-a-RIIIIIIIIIDE!"

Oliver St. John Mollusc

@area@twitter It is! We have their business card on the fridge. It's actually spelled with the AH in the middle -- no idea why but I love it.


@Oliver St. John Mollusc GLORIOUS. My day has been made.


@Oliver St. John Mollusc Howdy, neighbor!


@eatyourchildren And in the old days they used to sell you drugs on the side! (according to my husband)

Oliver St. John Mollusc

@bloodorange Wheeee! Crown Heights in the house!

Don't Panic

But, but, Peter Luger isn't near the Brooklyn Bridge. Its near the, well, WILLIAMSBURG Bridge.


@Don't Panic Yes! The rude girl was wrong. GOD, how can she NOT KNOW where Peter Luger is?!?!


@Don't Panic This woman sounds rude and possibly insane, but I just have to jump to her defense a little bit and imagine that she has probably had cab drivers pretend not to know how to get to Williamsburg many, many times, and she maybe just went over the edge. Me coming back to NYC after being evacuated to my friends' in Philly, Friday after the storm: (cleverly getting into cab before speaking), then "I'm going to Williamsburg." Driver: "WHAT?" Me: "Williamsburg? In Brooklyn?" Driver: "WHERE IS THAT I DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT IS." Me: "It's just across the bridge, it's really easy to find, I swear." Driver: "Ohhhh! The Brooklyn Bridge!" Me: "No, the Williamsburg bridge. Williamsburg?" And...continuing on all the way across the bridge and to my apartment.


@WaityKatie But sometimes if they have a fancy car they autolock the doors until you admit where you want to go! It's even worse for Bushwick. I once had a cab driver who refused to admit that he even knew it was a neighborhood, and then decided okay, it was a neighborhood, but spent the next 10 minutes insulting it. "Why you want to live there? It's terrible. The worst. Dangerous, terrible people everywhere. Don't live there." and then pulled up in front of my lovely apartment building across from a nice park and was like "..."

Beatrix Kiddo

@WaityKatie I know what you mean, but if she called Arecibo, she was probably already in Brooklyn, right? If I were in Manhattan I'd just take a yellow cab.


@Beatrix Kiddo Well, I have never used this Arecibo mystery thing because yellow cabs have permanently soured me on all forms of car-based transport. So many times have they asked me where I"m going and instantly sped away when I told them! God I hate cabs. I will only take them when the subway is flooded, completely, not even partially.


@Don't Panic You can't tell them where you're going until you're inside! Then they legally have to take you anywhere in the five boroughs. (Yes, I've lived in Astoria for nine years.)


This girl thinks that any bridge that goes to Brooklyn is called the Brooklyn Bridge, apparently.


This lady is clearly awful, but I do have to admit that I get frustrated when cabs in my neighborhood don't know where they're going. However, I merely guide them in the correct direction instead of screaming at them.


This woman sounds awful and should not be able to get cabs/car service. HOWEVER, it is still odd that they didn't know where Broadway was.

Meredith L.

She is the worst! But at the same time, after a very long, long day, I have had a similar rant running in my head (never out loud!) at passengers on the bus. "Are you paying for your day pass with nickles? OH MY GOD, HAVE YOU NEVER HEARD OF 'SOCIAL CONTRACT'? OH MY GOD, EVERYONE IS A MORON. I NEED TO EAT SOMETHING."


@Meredith L. I get super cranky with people who walk too slowly on the sidewalk. I just try to keep it all in my head.


@Meredith L.

Public transportation brings on my (always inner) rant too: "SERIOUSLY. YOU'RE GOING TO WEAR THAT BACKPACK THE SIZE OF A FOURTH GRADER ON A CROWDED TRAIN AND HIT ME AND THE LADY NEXT TO ME WITH IT ALL THE WAY UPTOWN WHILE YOU SCREAM AND LAUGH WITH YOUR STUPID FRIENDS. OH MY GOD I HATE YOU ALL." However, if the inner rant comes out at all, it's usually, "hey, maybe take off the backpack?"
And yelling at car service drivers never works. Most of them have a GPS hidden in the glove box, which they will use if you don't express a route preference.

Meredith L.

@City_Dater I feel that if you're yelling at a cab driver, you are just asking to get fucked with. I hope she wound up at the Midtown Ruth's Chris.

Angry Panda

@Meredith L. I have an inner rant running in my head all the time, because everything about people in public spaces annoys me, the slow walkers, the backpacks hitting me, the slow payers and fumblers. But I have made peace with the fact that I am a mean person, and figure as long as I don't let it out, it's fine.

Lil Sebastian

@City_Dater Backpacks on the train aaaghghgh! Drives me nuts. One time a girl in front of me on a NOT crowded metro (so plenty of room to maneuver it off her back on to the ground) kept swinging around with the world's most enormous backpack and no matter where I moved, she kept hitting me, somehow completely unaware. Finally I said "You need to get a hold of that backpack" and then I felt like a huge jerk for not saying it more nicely, but agghghgh. Get some spacial awareness backpack jerks!


@Meredith L. The thing I yell most to myself and out loud when in appropriate company is "WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY!" It makes me laugh every time, especially if I imagine George Costanza saying it.

Heat Signature

Is there someone who can translate this into non-New Yorker for me? Living outside that geographic area, I am unfamiliar with the terms "Peter Luger", "Arecibo", and "Havemeyer and Broadway". As a former frequent blog reader, however, I am familiar with "Wiliamsburg".


@Heat Signature - "Peter Luger" - place to go on your expense account to take stuffy old clients for steak.

"Arecibo" - when you need to get from one place to another within Brooklyn, mass transit is basically terrible, so you take a car service - which is basically an on-call taxi (aka black car, cuz the cars are generally black). Arecibo is one of the better ones. Black cars cost more than yellow taxis, but they are there - it can be almost impossible to get a yellow cab in outer boros unless you are on a major bar street around midnight - 1.30 AM (when there is major bar-to-bar transit occuring) or between 4am and 5am (3AM and 4AM are the most common shift changes for yellow cabs, and many yellows are stationed out of a home garage in the outer boros - so they will hit main thoroughfares (30th ave in astoria, bedford in williamsburg, 5th or 7th ave in park slope) which are close to their garage and look for drunk guys at closing time who need a cab home to manhattan, then swing down to the LES to find a drunk leaving an LES bar who needs a ride back to williamsburg, and by then it's 5am and they can head to the UWS and look for someone who is trying to do an airport run).

"Havemeyer and Broadway" is an intersection in W'burg right near the Williamsburg Bridge. To be fair to the horrible woman yelling, this probably is an intersection he should have known. However, what generally happens when cabbies are like "what? where?" in someone's storry, it doesn't mean they don't know how to get there, but they probably were just asking 'which route?' or something to be polite.


@leon s I remember telling a friend who had never visited NYC that I called for car service, and she assumed I had a personal limo driver escorting me around town. HA! If only.


@Heat Signature It's like old money meets new money, meets an innocent-service-person-who-is-your-only-salvation situation.

Peter Luger's is a 100-year-old steak house = old money. Havemeyer and Broadway is heart of hipsterdom = new money.

Assuming all of this happened in Downtown Brooklyn, the drive really can take, like, 5 minutes (it's two exits on the highway), but a subway ride will take half an hour. Walking is not an option. Thus: driver is this lady's only hope of making it there quickly, so yelling at the guy really doesn't seem like the best of plans.


@parallel-lines man, i got this same reaction from someone who lived in Manhattan and had never been to Brooklyn. What? Like, no.


@parallel-lines - Haha. Yeah, NYC transit outer-boro is really weird to outsiders.

The best is when you call your regular car service, and a really fancy brand new car shows up, like, you just happened to be on the way to their fancy clients. Whenever this happens to me, I tell my friends to meet me somewhere with big open windows, so they can see me getting out of a fancy car. Sometimes I'll even ask the driver to hold on a minute outside so I can put on a nice blazer, and I pretend I'm Jay-Z.


@leon s There's been a number of times I've been picked up in cars that are obviously someone's personal car and it's a bit awkward.

there's one car service on Broadway that had an SUV where EVERYTHING was covered in plastic, even the TV screens on the back of the seats. I put down the arm rest and it was covered in plastic as well--the whole car was hermitically sealed, it was like sitting in some old Brooklyn grandmother's living room circa 1972.

Heat Signature

@leon s It's fortunate that I don't live in New York City, as I'd need a variety of maps and charts to keep track of all of this (I am easily confused).


@Heat Signature I also did not understand any of this story. But I avoid cabbies being dumb and not overcharging by just not taking cabs.


@leon s There's a limo driver who lives on my block and it is 100% amazing every time this shiny white limo pulls slowly up to the curb and the guy gets out and opens the door and like 5 children with backpacks and their grandmother pile out.


I assume if you're going to Williamsburg, you probs have an iPhone, so you could guide your driver if need be? I mean, since you know where it is already...oh, wait. Bridge Fail.

Seriously, if you live in Brooklyn and take cabs/cars, know how to get to Point B. Cabbies don't want to take you to anywhere in BK because there's little chance of finding a return fare. Don't give them a reason to not pick you up. It's common sense. So is niceness. Oh...Williamsburg Fail.


@perfect_cursive Except that there are tons of fares to pick up in W'burg, at all times of the day and night (one of the reasons why it is so oppressive to live there). Cabbies just hate Brooklyn!


@WaityKatie I think Wburg, Park Slope and maybe Carroll Gardens are the exceptions. The rest of the borough is a tough sell. (I used to live in Kensington)


I feel so close to this post, living 1 block away from the place this girl thinks everyone should be familiar with.


I used to live across the street from Peter Luger. Come dinner time as I was getting off of work + walking from the train, I'd always glance over to see a beautiful scene that I can only describe as "bunch of white people having a hella pleasant time."


People who want to scream swears at strangers are drawn to New York, and to each other.


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