Monday, November 5, 2012


Old Pictures of Animals and Bones, Etc.

It's not new, and it's maybe a little feed-inundating depending on your internet appetites, but the Scientific Illustration Tumblr is beautiful and fascinating. For instance, here's a drawing of a spider "yielding" to a silk-sucking machine, and here's a teenaged t-rex screaming with a crab on its tail (I think?).

[Thanks, Angela!]

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Relevant to my interests, consistent with my concerns, +1.




definitely recommend it.@t


Gah, I love stuff like this! My half-sleeve is all nature tattoos, and when I was consulting with my artist before getting them done, she handed me a stack of those old nature books that just have drawings of different species of plants and animals (like the ones shown here). I wanted the tattoos to be as realistic as possible, but still look like art, so those old nature drawings were perfect.


If anyone's in the market for ways to put off real life for another couple years, there are a couple graduate-degree programs for scientific illustration.

Edith Zimmerman

@Emby Website for sale!


@Edith Zimmerman The Hairpin! The Internet's #1 one-stop web shop for hairpins and hairpin-related accessories!


@Emby: Is one of them The Drawing Zoology Center For Kids Who Can't Draw Good? 'Cause I can't draw good.


"Little Rex Adventures" may be, in fact, the greatest image I've ever seen. I want it mural-sized. 8x10 is not enough T-Rex. Its expression is just the best combination of shock, horror, and betrayal. I seriously love it.


I...feel really bad for that spider?

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