Monday, November 19, 2012


No, he's awesome, though.

"As the setting autumn sun began to shine too brightly, Mr. Roth pulled a drape over one of his living room’s large windows. While this is his New York base, he still spends a lot of time at his house in Connecticut, where writing less has allowed him to entertain more."
—Did anyone else not picture Philip Roth doing a lot of entertaining? Like, Philip Roth has, at some point in his life, spoken to a florist about centerpieces? The piece is filled with other whackadoo details.

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I am reminded of The Who, and their many, many farewell tours. I predict a story in New Yorker by 2015.


you are awesome!! :)@n


I, for one, will be glad to never hear about his penis again.


I pretty much have always envisioned him to be exactly like David Kepesh in The Dying Animal.


I don't think I quite realized it consciously, but somewhere in the back of my mind I thought about David Gergen skinny dipping in Philip Roth's pool when I read the bit about guests being over nearly every weekend at Roth's house this summer.



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