Monday, November 12, 2012


"My Inventions"

To ease into the week, we check back in with vintage romance comic book treasure trove Sequential Crush, where the latest offering is the full story of Poor Paul, a hot genius with financial woes, and his lovely but frustrated girlfriend Gwen. Sub-"plots" include her remarkable pants and negligee.

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good way to start the week!


simple but looks great.@a

baked bean

These are awesome.


Oh man, a penniless inventor! That is definitely going on the "Don't even THINK about it, Megan" list. Thanks Sequential Crush!


"inventor" is just another word for "grad student," right?


So, she just sits on her bed in her underwear waiting for the phone to ring? Sounds both dull and chilly.

Priscilla Peel

How terrifying would it be to date someone whose eyes were actually like glowing coals in a Bessemer furnace! Very terrifying.

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