Thursday, November 29, 2012


My 100 Days in Space

"A jumping spider that spent 100 days in space is retiring to @NMNH's Insect Zoo. @NMNH is live tweeting her arrival right now. #spidernaut"

Oh my god it's so good to be back!!! Wait, I meant to say, I just flew in from space, and all of my arms are so tired and feel so heavy! Haha.

It was a little spooky up there. Out there? They sent me to see if I could still eat in a gravity-free environment, which they didn't think I could, and which I understand, more or less, as potentially beneficial for science and the greater good. It's always interesting to figure things out, I suppose. But it's also like if I trapped a toothless, tongueless human in an enclosed forest with no way out, or something, for years. Will he still be able to feed himself? Let's see! Also, haha, "or something." The idea actually came to me about, oh, 98, 99 days ago and has been the only thing on my mind ever since. Look up "all-consuming fantasy," and there's like a drawing of a snow globe filled with tiny wild boars, and one tiny, tongueless, toothless man grabbing after them, over and over until he finally gets one, gumming its raw flesh. And I'm behind the snow globe, like, "mm hmm," smiling, tapping my arms. But don't worry! I won't do that, because I know that it's more pleasant for you to stay on earth and eat normally among your friends.

Speaking of friends, how are my buddies and children doing? Ah, I can't see them again because I live in Insect Zoo now. Okay, no problem. That doesn't make me sad, which doesn't make me desperate, which in turn definitely wouldn't make me want to exact some kind of equal and opposite revenge, whatever it might be.

Haha, no, I am just a little out of it. :P

Anyway, results here! Also, are there any good forests in D.C.? I've always sort of wondered that.

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Too bad they didn't send you to the real zoo, it's in the middle of DC's forest!


@cuminafterall I was going to say, yes!, Rock Creek Park is a great forest and I'm sure you'll make lots of new friends (which you can eat).


@Emby Yesssss, Rock Creek Park is the best.


@cuminafterall Spidernaut could come live at my parent's house! It's right next to Rock Creek Park. You could wander around the neighborhood at night and scare away/eat the deer!


@area@twitter God, THE DEER. I have been running in that park for years and I STILL get startled by them when they come out of nowhere, they are errryywhere.


@katiemcgillicuddy We were walking the dogs the night before Thanksgiving and had a big-ass buck trot calmly down the street in front of us before disappearing into the ravine. Buck sees you; buck doesn't care. (I, on the other hand, nearly got hauled off my feet by the EXTREMELY interested Rott/Lab mix. WHAT'S THAT SMELL?! IS THAT A BIG DOG? CAN I CHASE IT? I'M GONNA CHASE IT)


@cuminafterall Yeah, but the NMNH is pretty awesome too. The Insect Zoo (ironically sponsored by Orkin) is pretty neat, plus, Hope Diamond.


in the interests of those asking about the "jumping", the spider is actually propelling itself forward. if the spider jumped, it would float away, just as the astronauts do. amazingly enough, the spiders have actually adapted to the environment quite quickly, which is why there is such a lack of Charlie Chaplin-esque theatrics.@y


While not a forest, the National Arboretum is lovely.

Congratulations, A Spider!

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

Dear A Spider,
You sound fun and nice. But I still think that if it didn't mean the total collapse of the world's ecosystem, all your brethren should join you in space. Sorry. Your arms are inherently creepy and I can't help thinking you want my soul.

Quinn A@twitter

Am I crazy, or is there an "Ask a Spider" advice column that doesn't come up when you click on A Spider's byline? I seem to remember the spider giving some hilarious dating advice that I felt like rereading.


@Quinn A@twitter Found this off the "spiders" tag, is this it? http://thehairpin.com/2012/08/ask-an-undiscovered-spider/

Quinn A@twitter

@TheLetterL Huh, apparently it is! I missed the line I was looking for when I skimmed the post. Thank you!


I love Spidernaut's thoughtful foot tapping in the above video. "Hmm. This is weird. Okay, what if I go down this wall? Still weird. Hmmmmmmmm. I'd better tap my forelegs a bit and contemplate this. Ooh, lunch!" ::bunches up and goes in for the nom::


I'm curious how the spider jumped and caught her prey and then didn't continue tumbling forward into the wall. Maybe I don't understand microgravity very well. Or maybe the jumping is more like very quick movement that just looks like jumping. This is not my area!


@Emby My guess would be that, since spiders already seem to defy gravity constantly here on earth by walking on ceilings and such like it's no big deal, maybe the spider just felt like it was always on a wall? And they are used to jumping forward onto a wall to snatch up a juicy bug, so in space it was a breeze? I am just speculating, I am no physicist. I feel like they should have high-speed footage of this guy moving around in order to really see what's happening re: very quick movement vs. true jumping.


@Emby my extremely-thorough 2 minutes of googling and skimming suggests that the spiders attach a line of silk to the surface they jump off of, so maybe the spider has learned to stop itself using the dragline? like, jump, spin out just enough dragline to reach the prey, stop producing dragline and then momentum carries it back to the wall?


spiders + jumping = nightmares.


@iceberg The giant spiders in my nightmares haven't done any jumping. Now it's just a matter of time.


Okay time for some linguistic nitpicking! Since the "astro" and "cosmo" parts of astronaut and cosmonaut refer to the place that the traveler is traveling, then shouldn't spidernaut mean someone who is traveling among (or inside? fantastic voyage style?) the spiders? I know this happens a lot with word coinages, that the full meaning is retained by only some of the parts, but this one seems to stand out to me, maybe because we actually have two words for space traveler with the essentially the same coinage method.

And, separate issue, I vote that we use the greek root for spider, like we're using the greek roots of stars and space in astronaut and cosmonaut. Therefore I propose arachnaut, since I can't resolve my first issue without making the word too long, and twitter doesn't like that. (astroarachnaut? yeah, not very catchy...)


@highfivesforall I kind of like cosmorachnid.

Edith Zimmerman

@highfivesforall Cosmorachnid IS pretty great. Astrorachnid? That's kind of a pretty name for a human, actually. Still missing the 'naut,' though, so yeah -- Astroarachnaut. Arachnocosmonaut. Sky Spider.


@Edith Zimmerman Arachstronaut maybe! Spider Star Sailor. Spiders from Mars? There's precedent...


@Edith Zimmerman I'd advocate mixing two language roots and just going for "astrospider."

Edith Zimmerman

@Cawendaw "From Middle English spithre, from Old English spīder, spīþra (“spider”), from Proto-Germanic *spinþrô (“spider", literally, "spinner”), from Proto-Indo-European *(s)pend-, *(s)pen- (“to pull, stretch, spin”). Cognate with Scots spider (“spider”), West Frisian spin (“spider”), Dutch spin (“spider”), German Spinne (“spider”), Danish spinder (“spinner, spider”), Swedish spindel (“spider”)."

The Orbiter...


@Edith Zimmerman Starspinner? Spi(n)thronaut? Vacu-spinder? Astrospen?


See, I'm not normally afraid of spiders but this one is creeping me the hell out. SO MANY EYES ON FIRE WITH REVENGE.


This video is for real ? or a joke, i didn't understand it.servicii mutari Bucuresti


I have friends that talk about how they want to travel to space - yet they won't travel to the next state! I can't understand it


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