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The Agony and the Ecstasy of Michael Sheen’s Eyeballs

The feisty Michael Sheen (did you know he punched Jeremy Northam for being a dick to Kate Beckinsale?) talks to Vulture about the horrors of being a red-eyed monster, which will be a challenge for those of us who cannot put in contacts or hold our eyes open for any kind of examination without the aid of a Clockwork Orange contraption:

How bad are they?
They wanted the whites of our eyes to be affected as well, so rather than being the size of normal contact lenses, these are like half the size of golf balls because they have to cover the entire eye. Just to put them in, you have to do them in two parts: They lift the upper eyelid up and put the first part in, then lift the bottom of my eyelid and then put the other part in, and then they kind of adjust it.

Are you sure you’re not describing torture?
It is! It really is like torture because everything in you is trying to stop it from happening, and yet you know that if it doesn’t happen the first time, you’ve just got to do it again and it gets harder and harder. And then you’ve got to have eyedrops put in all day as well, and then little bits of the stuff that’s in the air get in there and you have to wash them out. Then everything goes a bit reddish because you can only see red, and you lose a lot of your peripheral vision and you can’t see properly, and your eyes are constantly trying to focus, because it puts your eyes slightly out of focus as well, so it gives you a headache after a while. So they’re pretty intense, those!

Probably you should also not read this if you’ve experienced actual torture, because it would be offensive to you, but it seems like if you’ve made it this far already, it’s a little late.

Can they not just CGI that in? We’re pretty sure Bella wasn’t really drinking human blood out of a styrofoam cup.


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