Thursday, November 8, 2012


Lana Del Rey, "Bel Air"

For the video to the final song on her upcoming Born to Die, Paradise Edition extended album (out November 13), Ms. Del Rey hides her face in plumes of smoke. Can you find it?

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It's actually not that hard if you look for the glints of light off the marbles in her mouth.


Definitely heard "brilliant ERECTION" in there. Lyrics sites SAY it's "brilliant direction." Yeah, sure, lyrics sites, sure. Who doesn't love a brilliant erection?


Ooof....we're still doing this, huh?

sarah girl

Really really tired of her dead eyes staring at me.


Oh hey guys, over here. I think I found her face under a pile of marketing gurus and spent Restylane syringes.


But, like seriously: does she have any other facial expressions? Just wondering.

elbows on the table

this will give me nightmares tonight. fish eyeeeeee.

elbows on the table

@elbows on the table ALSO AT 2:21 HER HAND HER HAND OH GOD


Not bad. It mostly just makes me want to go listen to Beach House, though.

Beth Anne Royer

I love the hairpin. I don't understand why you always feature this lady's videos. She is SOSOOOOSOSOOOSOOOSO boring. And there are so many amazing female musicians writing songs that are SOOOOOO much better.


I know I'm not supposed to like her songs, but... I kind of do?

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