Thursday, November 15, 2012


Happy National Peanut Butter Month

There's a lot of food on the site today, but I'll go all-in instead of all-out (?). Anyway, I recently learned that it's National Peanut Butter Month, so I asked colleagues a few questions about what it means to them. (Also, here is a guide to spreadable nuts.)

EZ: Have you been celebrating? I have, without realizing it. I feel like peanut butter has been in the news a lot recently, with that divisive peanut-butter-and-pickles sandwich recipe in the Times, and the Trader Joe's PB recall. And then with the typical Reese's stuff at Halloween.

Do you guys refrigerate your fancy peanut butter? Because I got this snazzy unsalted stuff from a place that makes it on a machine right in front of you, and I didn't ever refrigerate it, and it was great. But then my (salted) TJ's PB says to refrigerate it, so I do, and it's also great.

Speaking of TJ's PB, it always cracks me up to see "Contains peanuts" on the back of the label. I feel like somehow that speaks to a larger thing about this day and age or something. 

Mike Dang: I only eat Jif? My mom was choosy. Also, I don't refrigerate it. Should I?

Jane Marie: I had a peanut butter ice cream sandwich at Umami Burger the other day and it didn't taste like peanut butter even a little bit.

Logan Sachon: My college roommates were really healthy. Not because of trying to be fit or anything, but because they grew up in houses where, like, rice cakes were dessert? Our apartment kitchen always had huge jars of natural peanut butter, which everyone would eat with a spoon as a taste treat. Like, for dessert. A bunch of college girls eating peanut butter with upside-down spoons and moans of satisfaction like in yogurt commercials. I kept the habit of eating peanut butter out of a jar, but I do it for meals, and have slowly replaced peanut butter with Nutella, which is also a nut butter, kind of.

Alex Balk: I am firmly in the "do not refrigerate" camp. Also I prefer almond butter.

Adam Frucci: The ice cream place a block from me used to make an ice cream called PB Fluff n Stuff, and it was the greatest ice cream ever made. Peanut butter ice cream with swirls of marshmallow fluff and chunks of peanut butter sandwich cookies. But apparently working fluff into ice cream is really hard, so they stopped making it. This is a cold, brutal world we live in.


No doubt, Adam! When I worked at an ice cream store, it was the chocolate that was hard to scoop. My cones would be like these little stacks of chips and slivers. Anyway, the email thread moved briefy into the great cashews are evil "debate" (although I actually didn't know that they start to rot on the tree, that's disgusting), and then I went out and bought sunflower, peanut, and almond butters, and ate them all separately and then mixed together. TJ's didn't have cashew butter, though, and I read somewhere that it costs as much as $20 in some (non-TJs) stores. What!

So, a recipe for Spreadable Nuts in General, although I guess sunflower seeds aren't nuts. NOTE: Contains peanuts!!!!

- 1 unit almond butter
- 1 unit peanut butter
(try these two together first, see if you like them, then...)
- 1 unit sunflower seed butter

To be honest, I've actually eaten too much peanut butter in the past week, partially because I ran out of food and was eating it from the container all day, so the idea of eating it right now makes me want to throw up.

Elsewhere: A History of Meals.

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We have the "crushed peanuts" kind of peanut butter from the machine at Winco (right next to the honey machine with the label "do not lift lid, bees will escape"), and I always leave it in the fridge. I have to microwave some before I can use it, though, otherwise it won't spread.


@frigwiggin This is not peanut-butter related, but I just got back from a trip to California and I am SO jealous that you get to shop at Winco! Mmmmm, that bulk section! Though I actually did get some of that peanut butter and it was quite good.

Also... Are there *actually* bees in that thing? (Stupid question?) My husband and I were trying to figure that out... We decided there probably aren't.


@frigwiggin I love the BEES WILL ESCAPE sign.


@frigwiggin Oh man, I miss Winco.


So, I just realized you said there's a machine in the box, so now I'm feeling like an idiot lame-o.


@KatieBarTheDoor Actually, for legal reasons, they are required to keep at least two bees inside at all times or else the notice would be considered apiary fraud.


@stuffisthings Those two bees sure do work hard.

(@KatieBarTheDoor My boyfriend's best friend has, of course, lifted the lid, as I'm sure many hilaaaarious teenagers have too since Winco's inception.)


@frigwiggin ... It literally never occurred to me that there were not real bees in there. HOW COULD THE SIGN HAVE LIED TO ME.


keep up the great work@n


I know it's totally unfair of me, but I kind of judge as difficult and picky people who go out of their way to procure, say, almond butter or cashew butter or whatever instead of peanut butter. What, you're too good for peanut butter? Too good for a simple, delicious snack? A snack that tastes great with jelly and sliced bread? Get over yourself.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I don't mean to be such an asshole peanut-butter populist. I'm working on it.

Judith Slutler

@Emby Have you HAD almond butter though? I don't buy it because it's way too expensive, but daaaaaaamn it is super delicious!


@Emby It tastes better, and is better for you. That doesn't make me picky! I certainly don't turn my nose up at peanut butter...there's just no point having both in my house.
Cashew butter is a bland disaster.


@gobblegirl Uh huh.



@Emby Well, I am from Canada. Same difference.


We live in a world where, while you still can't get blood from a stone, you CAN get milk from an almond.

I'm not so sure about this world.


@stuffisthings It's hard work, because the almond udders are soooo tiny.


@Emby Paw, your rant about peanut butter being good enough has distracted you from the fact that there are kids on your lawn. Maybe they should get offa it?

Almond butter is different and also tasty. I have some of both at home and have no regrets about my snobbish nut buttery.


@Emmanuelle Cunt The brand I bought must have been bad, because my almond butter tasted like paste. With chunks in it. :(


@Emby My boyfriend likes it better (he is not American, I think this is why), but we don't have to go out of our way to purchase it as it sits right next to the peanut butter in every grocery store I have ever walked into in this city. I think he is wrong, and peanut butter is still superior in both flavor and texture, but I won't turn down almond butter necessarily.


My brother is allergic to peanuts, and you can't have peanuts in any of the schools in the area I grew up in, so I basically went without peanut butter until I moved out. It was so exciting to have access to it as an adult, I never got jaded about it like I think most kids do, I could eat it for every meal forever.

I also don't need no fancy peanut butter, the cheap crap is good enough for me, kept in the cupboard not the fridge.


@machinesss There were 2 kids with peanut allergies in my daughter's day care in days of yore, so now she won't eat any nut butter at all. This pains me greatly, partly because she's underweight and could use the high-calorie/high-protein snack, but mostly because I basically grew up on daily PB rations and wish I could share the joy.


I buy Crazy Richard's peanut butter (tagline: "we're totally nuts!"), which has no added salt, sugar, etc.

Keeping natural PB in a cupboard makes it nice and liquidy for peanut sauce, so that's what I do.


@cuminafterall Crazy Richard's is the best! And it's so cheap compared to all other "natural" peanut butters.


Peanut butter makes me break out around my mouth, which is sad because I think it's delicious. But on the other hand, last week I made hazelnut butter and it was glorious.


@stonefruit I made a long comment downthread about making my own nut butter, but I have not yet made hazelnut butter! That sounds fabulous. Where do you get your hazelnuts?


@snowmentality I bought them (raw/not roasted, whatever the term is) in the bulk section at the natural foods co-op. (I am a Bay Area stereotype.) I'm still working out the best way to remove the skins, but once they're mostly off, I used the same method as you with a little bit of walnut oil in to help the consistency, and VIOLA, hazelnutty goodness.


I don't remember where I learned this, but it totally changed my life: Store natural peanut butter upside down when you bring it home from the store, and the oil and nuts will mix together on their own. Magic!


@runlolorun Yes! And if you have a big jar, then flip it every couple of days to keep it mixed.


@snowmentality And I refrigerate it and it stays liquidy! Seriously, this is my favorite kitchen trick.


@runlolorun It is indeed the best trick. Even if it does separate, it is so much easier to stir in because it hasn't formed a concrete block on the bottom of the jar.


@runlolorun ARE YOU A SORCEROR


@runlolorun ......I don't know what to say. You...you've changed my life. Never leave.


My favorite peanut butter is the Maranatha No-Stir Organic Peanut Butter. It tastes like natural peanut butter and you keep it in the fridge, but it doesn't separate like other natural peanut butters. And no, I don't want to know how they prevent it from separating.

I also have a special love for sunflower seed butter - the kind with a raccoon on the label!

ETA: @runlolorun: WHAT.

Nicole Cliffe


Nicole Cliffe

I am not sure, in retrospect, why I felt that needed to be in all-caps. I apologize. I really love peanut butter.


@Megan@twitter I bought Maranatha macadamia nut butter one time. It was...disappointing. Maybe I should try again?

Creature Cheeseman



@Creature Cheeseman OH MY LAND this has nothing to do with peanut butter, but I just noticed your picture...The Stinky Cheeseman and Other Fairly Stupid Tales!! Ahh, how did I forget!


This is an excellent place to tell this story (which I may have told here before): when I was in middle school, my mother and I made the decision to ban peanut butter from the house as part of an ill-advised attempt to lose weight. (This did not last long.) In the meanwhile, however, my brother came home from college; he was playing football at the time, and consumed massive quantities of food to keep his weight up. Digging through the cabinets, bread and jelly in hand, he asked where the peanut butter was. We banned it, we informed him. He looked at us with an expression of the greatest sorrow, shook his head slowly, and said, "I never thought I'd see the day when my family became Communists." The PB embargo ended shortly thereafter.


I'm glad you offered the suggestion to mix them together because I read the "Better Butter" article and was like, "WHAT NUT BUTTER SHOULD I EAT NOOOW?? Do I want antioxidants, bone health, omega-3s?? WHAT??" Now I'm just going to create a super mix and become immortal.

Judith Slutler

I was just thinking I need to buy some peanut butter!

Mine doesn't go in the fridge. Neither does my tahini. They never go bad.

This is my new username

@Emmanuelle Cunt So you're saying I can safely make some hummus and feed it my co-workers with the tahini that I have had forever then? Excellent.


I love the nut butter section of my health food store--so many kinds!
This seems like a good place to ask: has anyone tried powdered peanut butter? You mix it with water to make it peanut butter consistency. It has less fat, which I don't really care about, but I wondered if it tastes the same.


@OhMyGoshYouGuys Yep, I bought the little 2-pack of PB2 with the chocolate and regular powdered PBs. They're not bad, but they are not an adequate substitute for when you REALLY want peanut butter. The regular is... sweeter, maybe? I use the regular kind mostly if I'm putting it on a toaster waffle or on a VitaTop (which will then be covered with whipped cream). The chocolate is just its own thing altogether.

Lisa Frank

Refrigerating peanut butter? Who does that?

Judith Slutler

@Lisa Frank It's almost as bad as refrigerating actual butter!


@Lisa Frank You have to if you but the all-natural stuff. Also I am one of those people who likes their butter cold (though I don't really eat it except at relatives because I am lactose intolerant).


YOU GUYS re: the PB Fluff and Stuff, Ben & Jerry's makes an ice cream called "What a Cluster" that is magical and reminds me very much of that mythical sandwich. It's peanut butter ice cream with caramel cluster pieces that are also kinda peanut-buttery, marshmallow swirls and peanut buttery swirls.



@mangosara I know what I'm getting after work!


peanut butter is the best thing!! i like the natural hippie kind with just peanuts and salt. (it's so much better with salt.) a natural PB / strawberry (or any) jam sandwich on whole wheat bread (preferably the hearty kind with nuts and shit in it). dipped in milky tea.

i keep it in the fridge because then it's easier to dip it out with a spoon for licking while i watch 30 rock.


You guys, the peanut butter embargo is now OVER! I've been so sad without the best peanut butter in the world, Whole Foods brand creamy. I tried multiple different brands and none of them match it in being deliciously liquid-y and melty, slightly crunchy, and sans an eerily whipped consistency. I was so happy to see it return this week that my FB profile picture is now of me reunited with a delightful jar of Whole Foods peanut butter.

The Lady of Shalott

We eat so much peanut butter in my house it's disgusting. Seriously, a kilo every two weeks, easy.


@The Lady of Shalott I was just thinking how awesome or possibly horrifying it is how much peanut butter I get through all on my own. A jar every two weeks, I reckon? And right now I am OBSESSED with apples and peanut butter because THE APPLES RIGHT NOW WHERE I LIVE YOU GUYS. afklsdfjlsafsjdojklfjkl.


@par_parenthese A jar every two weeks, I think, is right on par, because most jars are 14 two-tablespoon servings! I always feel a little embarrassed by myself when I finish mine in a week...but then really proud when I last two.


@angelinha WHAT. I feel so healthy. You're my hero.


I have recently discovered how awesome it is to make your own nut butters. This involves a fairly heavy-duty food processor, a spatula, and nuts purchased in bulk (otherwise it's way too expensive). (I get bags of almonds and walnuts at Costco, I think something like $15 for 3 pounds?)

Lightly toast raw nuts. Then stick them in the food processor with the steel blade. Turn it on. Every so often, stop it and scrape down the sides, then turn it on again. It'll take about 15 minutes of total processing time to get nut butter. (This is why it needs to be a fairly heavy-duty food processor. Cheaper ones will overheat and conk out.)

At first it will seem like it is totally not going to work. It'll look like it's just ground nuts, not creamy at all. Persevere. Eventually the nut particles will get smaller and the nut oils will be released, then blended through the tiny particles. And then you have nut butter.

Get some small canning jars (like the kind that fit 1 cup of liquid). Scrape your finished nut butter into them. Screw on the lids and refrigerate. You can also just keep it in tupperware, but I like the jars.

Almonds make fabulous nut butter by themselves -- there's a delicate floral aroma, like rosewater almost. I like walnut butter with some cinnamon added to the food processor during mixing.

This seems like a lot of work, and I guess it is. But you can make a large batch and split it into several jars, and it'll stay fresh for a long time in the fridge. And I find it fun to customize spices.

I haven't actually done peanut butter this way yet -- I tend to buy that at Costco. But maybe I'll give it a try.


@snowmentality My aunt does peanut butter that way, because she is very careful of the level of salt in her diet, and it's delicous!


@snowmentality Do you think a regular ole Cuisinart would work? I remember my mom trying this in the 80s, to save money, and then crying, so I have been like. . . no thank you. You have made a compelling case, however! Also I think she bought shelled peanuts, which would explain tears.

fuck fuck fuck

@aphrabean i know my dad used to make his own peanut butter in just a blender...but i also think he used some oil?


@aphrabean I used my regular ole Cuisinart food processor to make hazelnut butter and it worked out just fine!

<3 u Cuisinartie


@aphrabean I think it's worth giving it a try with the Cuisinart! The worst that could happen is that it would overheat and turn itself off, and I doubt that would kill it permanently. Usually you can just let it cool off and then turn it back on. And it'll probably be fine anyway.

I'd start with a small batch -- that way if it doesn't work, you won't have a lot of half-ground-up nuts.

Also yes, having to shell all the peanuts would make me cry too! Definitely get nuts without shells on.


I'm celebrating by eating Speculoos straight from the jar. It's like peanut butter but it's made out of sugar cookies. You can just feel your arteries gum up

This is my new username

@Danzig! Speculoos is the best!


@Danzig! Ahhhh I had that in Belgium and I had no idea what it was, except that it was terrible for me (and delicious).


@laserbeams See?? My posting IS good for something


"Guy Fieri? That’s harsh, dude."

The Times really DOES hate Fieri!

up cubed

Peanuts are legumes :( I'll show myself out.
P.S. Sadface because they aren't on the Paleo diet (phytates, etc).
P.S.S. I saw the store kept the natural PB bottles upside-down, so the oil separates to the top/bottom.
And NOW I'm done.


i live in switzerland, and peanut butter is sold in tiny jars here like caviar. not since the trader joe's discussion have i been so homesick.

Judith Slutler

@plonk Go to Germany and buy a big jar! Wait have you tried natural food stores? Here you can get a giant jar of Rapunzel brand pb for like 5€.


@plonk When I "lived internationally," American-style peanut butter was right up near the top of my list of foods I craved. My mom came to visit and brought be a HUUUGE jar of Jif. It made me very happy.


@SuperGogo Yeah and who knew that most of the world doesn't eat broccoli? Crazy foreigners.

I'm glad to see that grocery stores in DC sell Brit items like Bovril and digestive biscuits for ludicrous, laughable prices -- sort of balances out the $17/oz Froot Loops in Selfridges.

Judith Slutler

@stuffisthings When I go home to the US I am always amazed how much chocolate costs there! Lindt and Ritter Sport are both at least twice as expensive as they are in Germany.

But then again I pay like 3€ to satisfy my shameful cravings for a frappucino or two in the summertime, so.

EDIT: Most of the world doesn't eat broccoli? What?


@Emmanuelle Cunt this is great news! i will investigate promptly.


@plonk When I lived in Geneva, I missed PB so much. Eventually I found the U.S. food store there and happily shelled out 10 CHF for a jar of Skippy.

Faintly Macabre

@Emmanuelle Cunt I went to Germany last week, and I had never seen so many kinds of Ritter Sport bars--and they were all a euro! (I think I usually see them for about $3 in the U.S., ugh.) I bought a huuuge stack and have been steadily stuffing myself with them.


@Faintly Macabre dark chocolate and marzipan. UNNNNFF.


@plonk I remember craving not peanut butter (maybe I wasn't away long enough) but tacos when I spent a month in Europe. (This was true for all of us on the trip - the main refrain on the way home was "when I leave the airport I am buying a GIANT BURRITO.")


@squishycat I am totally going to open a real Mexican restaurant in Paris, it will be a huge hit. The tourist trade alone...


@Emmanuelle Cunt Oh man, the thing I miss most about Berlin was buying Pfefferminz Rittersport at the grocery store. There's plenty of Rittersport in the US, but it is a) crazy expensive and b) almost never the peppermint kind, which is totes the best.


@squishycat After not having Mexican food for 2 1/2 years during my time of "living internationally"* I nearly passed out when I found a Mexican restaurant in Dubrovnik, Coatia, of all places. After I got back to my guesthouse, I gushed to the lovely Irish boys next door about the amazing chicken enchilada with guacamole I had just eaten. In return, I got blank looks.

*I will never get tired of that callback now.


We have a people peanut butter jar (salted) and a dog jar (unsalted.) Sometimes we forget to tell houseguests about the difference. I'm sorry, houseguests. I'm really sorry.

Clarisse McClellan

@aphrabean we also have dog and human jars but for some reason my boyfriend doesn't understand why it would be gross to eat from the dog pb, which has had utensils double dipped in it after being inside a rarely washed kong.


The entire answer to any post like this is: Adams Crunchy. That is all.


Apparently I have one thousand peanut-butter based thoughts, but also! Have you tried peanut butter + sriracha on popcorn! Oh it is the BEST!


@aphrabean Oooooh!


@aphrabean Oh, wait - how does it work? I mean, how do you get it ON the popcorn?


@Jinxie So you take some peanut butter, heat it up with maybe a little extra oil until it's nice and thin, and then add sriracha to taste. Drizzle over popcorn! Delightful.


@aphrabean that is an AMAZING idea. I can't wait to try it.

Reginal T. Squirge

I love how The Awl does a group post on celebrity sex dreams and Edith responds with weird stuff about peanut butter. Also, the "peanut buttera" tag.


I usually ALWAYS have peanut butter in my house, but I haven't for like two-three months because I have always run out of money because I needed something else.


I used to be a peanut butter and pickle sandwich eater! I don't think I've had one since I was five though. I've never met anyone else who has tried one or thought it sounded like a good idea, and I have no idea where I got the combination from.

fuck fuck fuck

@lenka_V wait i'll eat that

i'll eat that shit right now.


I had that as a little kid, too. It was fine, not that exciting, I thought. My grandfather liked it in world war 2 and that's why we ate it sometimes, I think?

But my great-grandmother had the truly best sandwich recipe -- a peanut butter butter sandwich. It has to be open-face. The butter has to be fairly soft so that you can spread it on top of the peanut butter. It is almost like pastry! Just remember to only eat it once every 5 years or so, since it must be incredibly bad for you. but... yum!


@harebell Sounds like my mom's bribe sandwich from when I was young. Untoasted white bread, butter, sugar. I think she only made it for us once, which is probably a good thing.

New Hoarder

@harebell I always enjoy a lightly toasted piece of wheat bread with a huge slab of Nutella and whatever butter-like product (Olivio for me) mixed together on top. MMMM. Dinner tonight!

Lumpy Space Princess

Dudes. I work at TJ's. Sorry about the peanut butter fiasco.

I work on the sign team, so if you come up with funny taglines for products, I will try to work them into new signs!


Guys, every time I think to myself "Man, it's been ages since I had peanut butter! I should buy some and I can perk up my breakfast and make peanut noodles for dinner and maybe have some with an apple for a snack! Yeah, peanut butter!" I buy a jar and then within a day or two the jar I've just bought winds up on a Salmonella recall list. :( So I'm just not going to ever buy PB again.

happy go lucky scamp

smooth or crunchy?!

we have to keep a jar of both because I love crunchy, but i live with a crazy man who only likes smooth.
irreconcilable differences


@happy go lucky scamp It's what we call a mixed marriage. #teamcrunchy


@happy go lucky scamp My husband claims he likes smooth better, but anytime I buy a jar of crunchy for myself it "mysteriously" "vanishes". Jerk. (Also, why even maintain the charade? Just buy crunchy! We'll both be happier!)


@happy go lucky scamp Smooth is gross, it's all about chunky.


We are a two PB house.

For me, Wegmans Organic creamy, kept in the cupboard, because fuck it, that makes sandwiches in the morning easier. AND sometimes I just want to eat it off a spoon okay? OKAY?

For the other one, some pretentious ass hippie peanut butter that requires rigorous stirring, and chunky, and it solidified in the fridge. Maybe it is part of a workout routine, that mixing. I do not know.

Peace is maintained in the kitchenspace.


A Dude who I am seeing is highly allergic to peanut butter.
Every single time I see him I just get the most intense peanut butter cravings. I am afraid one day I will kill him. I don't buy jars of peanut butter anymore because I am paranoid that I'll have a sandwich and then he'll just show up looking for makeouts, or if I eat too much the proteins will show up in my fluids and one day he'll go down on me and then go into anaphylactic shock because I am very unreasonable, but I do fulfill my needs via dark chocolate peanut butter cup candies - the Reese's when I'm in a pinch or fancy organic stuff to pretend I'm doing good.

Also, to heighten my fear, I once accidentally fed him peanut oil cooked chips. But apparently that won't kill someone with a peanut allergy (fun fact!).


@gluecake I keep meaning to make these for my allergic friend: http://www.bookofyum.com/blog/valentines-day-allergen-free-sunflower-seed-un-peanut-butter-cups-4596.html

They look hard, right? But maybe worth it for anxiety-free make-outs?


@gluecake Same here, but we live together! We both have 9-5 jobs, so I will sometimes indulge in something super nutty in the morning and I've never had an issue. He's not SUPER allergic though. Like, actually ingesting a nut or nut component would send him to the emergency room, but not insta-death.

One of our first dates included brunch where there was a random peanut in his scrambled eggs (???) which he discovered after having eaten a few bits of the eggs. Made him pretty sick, just eating peanut-adjacent eggs. Caring for him that day not only cemented our bond, but also made it easier to Just Say No to my beloved nuts-and-nut-products.


I would like to celebrate by making the recipe my mother picked up from, I think, Pilsbury, when we lived in the States when I was little. Am delighted to find it's undergoing a web revival.

Peanut butter, chocolate chip and marshmallow pizza.

The taste of eighties' childhood.


let's pretend we're bunny rabbits

Teddie Peanut Butter now and forever.


@let's pretend we're bunny rabbits High five! Teddie cosponsored the Fluff festival in Somerville this fall.

let's pretend we're bunny rabbits

@anachronistique I was there! Also, look what's on the Fluff website! http://www.marshmallowfluff.com/pages/fluffernutter.html


I am firmly in the natural peanut butter camp because I mainly use peanut butter in other things, like cookies or stir-frys. The unsweetened-ness makes it more versatile. I do eat it on toast sometimes, especially when I buy those little cinnamon-apple-raisin breakfast pitas.. yum.

Also... I don't understand how you all are keeping that stuff in the cupboards and not having the oil go rancid! I guess I consume peanut butter at a fairly slow rate.


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