Friday, November 30, 2012


Friday Bargain Bin: The Leftovers

Illustrated Stateside Tote, $3.50 (was $5)
Not EVERY amazing thing flew off the shelves last weekend. If your Secret Santa is from Arizona, Indiana, Kansas, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Texas, Minnesota, Ohio, California or New York, you're in luck. 

Torn by Ronny Kobo Baroque Knit Dress, $149 (was $288)
Not that it's the greatest deal on Earth, but I went and tried this on in-store because it didn't make any sense that it was on sale because it's insanely on-trend and comfy, and guess what? It still doesn't make any sense. If you aren't too klutzy about snagging things, here is the perfect bracelet to pair with it:

Crystal Collision Bracelet, $39.95 (was $68)
And here are the matching earrings. You are all set for that holiday party where you're going to see your ex even though you could just as easily stay home and avoid the creep but, come on, we know that's not going to happen, especially not now that you got that dress, I mean, it really shouldn't go to waste, right?

Over-the-Door Vanity Station, $24.99 (was $89)
I'm not saying that you should put one of these on the back of every door in your apartment, but you could.

Calligraphy Deluxe Pen Tin Kit, $22.47 (was $44.95)
There's even an instruction booklet. Like you're accomplishing anything else while you watch Homeland?

Cosabella Sweetie Bra, $29 (was $53)
Perfect stocking stuffer.

Loeffler Randall Rain Booties, $132 (were $165)
It's still shitty outside for awhile, right?

Framed Stacking Rings, set of 3 engraved for $29.99 (were $59.99)
That's only $10 apiece for you and your best friend and your other best friend (who thinks she's your first best friend) to have matching, monogrammed rings.

Maria Bamford's The Special Special Special, $4.99
Watch Maria Bamford perform a comedy special in front of an audience of just two people: her parents. Why not?

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Passion Fruit

I love Maria Bamford. I also love those totes. And was that "this bra makes a perfect stocking stuffer" a hidden double entendre? Because it made me giggle.

Passion Fruit

Just bought her comedy special and a "Special Special Special!" signed poster, because I am an online shopping CHUMP. All the Christmas shopping I've done so far has been, selfishly, pour moi, because coal just doesn't cut it anymore.


@Passion Fruit
And I get to see her live tonight at Wits! So excited.
She's also been doing the podcast rounds to promote the special, so there's interviews aplenty available right now.


@Passion Fruit MARIA BAMFORD! She is the best. Also, she's super sweet. She came to B-town last winter (was it winter?! Summer?!), and we chatted for like, 15 minutes. When she found out I was going to the Music School here, we had this large discussion about stage fright and how similar the two arts were.

<3 u, Mariaaaaaa

Passion Fruit

@CurlsMcGirlypants -- Ahhh, so jelly! One thing I like about her is that she is not afraid to be ugly or weird. She doesn't play up her looks or her sexuality. She is relatable. Relatable in that "you're way funnier and more talented than me, but your neuroses soothe me" way.

@NeverOddOrEven -- OMG, please report back on how awesome it is, how many Bamfriends you make, how many tears you cried, etc. THX.



Quinn A@twitter

Those may be the cutest rain boots I have ever seen. Someone remind me that I already have perfectly acceptable black boots to wear in bad weather. And also that I do not have unlimited amounts of money and Christmas is coming and I haven't checked my bank account in two weeks...

Okay, I'm good. But those are still really cute rain boots.


@Quinn A@twitter I wonder if rain sneaks in through the laces section, though? I mean there are holes and flaps facing the sky, where, um, rain falls from.

They are really cute though!


@Quinn A@twitter @PatatasBravas I have them in black and they are really cute and fit well, and I have not had a problem with water getting in. I will be your rainboot-buying enabler anytime, muahaha.


Ah, the tote! But for the record, Grand Haven sand *squeaks* not whistles.


That dress has Fallopian tubes in the (very roughly) anatomically correct location.

I must say no thank you.


@special_boots I'M FERTILE


@special_boots That's all I could see, too. And the print is the same on the back so the tubes turn into butt cheeks. Also there are breasts...?


@special_boots It cannot be unseen!!


@special_boots And a penis, dolphins, a scorpion and a possible dredel? Rorschach dress + drinks = better than Twister!

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@special_boots Thank you. That's all I could see, as well as the spiral breast locations.

Marquise de Morville

@Lulu22 And upwards migrating turtles!


Coulda used those rain booties on my walk across campus today. One flat was fine, but the other filled up like it was made out of newspaper.


Also, my mom has tasked me with finding her a small brooch for Christmas to replace the hummingbird one she had that broke. Aside from liking hummingbirds and having a large collection of neat earrings, I realized while searching that I know almost nothing about my mom's taste in jewelry. Suggestions? (The only thing I've come up with so far is this fly of valor pin, mostly because I think it would crack her up.)


@frigwiggin "It's not just a fly, Gary, it's a fly of valor."


@frigwiggin how about a bee or a peacock? i'm sure there are brooches a'plenty on etsy.


@frigwiggin Something like this? http://store.metmuseum.org/pins/audubon-birds-hummingbird-pin/invt/80013336/


@frigwiggin Do you know/have a picture of the hummingbird brooch? Also, are hummingbirds the official bird or moms, because mine also loves them.


@professionalmess mine loves them and also sandpipers.


@frigwiggin "Whatever, Elaine, all I know is that it clashes with my crystal collision bracelet and I forbid you to wear it outside this house."


@professionalmess I too have a great love of hummingbirds (one was frozen to her porch once and we all thought it was dead, but after my brother went to warm it up with a hot cloth it zipped up into the air and buzzed away!), and I am totally down with it being a Mom Thing. I don't know what the last brooch looked like, though, which is a shame.

@highfivesforall "Fine, Gary, fine! But don't try to stop me from leaving in this dress, because, as you can see, I have calligraphed--calligraphied?--calligraphored?--WRITTEN MY NAME all over it with my new pen set and it is MINE."


@frigwiggin "Elaine, I thought we had agreed to restrict our calligraphy to these tote bags we for some reason decided to make and sell, but I guess that means nothing to you now. You can't even draw Indiana correctly, for God's sake."


@frigwiggin OMG just googled bc hummingbirds are my favorite, and look at THIS one http://www.etsy.com/listing/82820117/accomplishment-gift-hummingbird-brooch


@frigwiggin "(one was frozen to her porch once and we all thought it was dead, but after my brother went to warm it up with a hot cloth it zipped up into the air and buzzed away!)"


<3 your family, frigs! What a sweet story.


"E, N, J"

!!! awww!

fondue with cheddar

That vanity station would never work on a door. The shelves are so shallow that everything would fall out every time someone opened/closed the door.

Also, what if you're putting on eyeliner and somebody opens the door? EYEBALL ON A STICK.


@fondue with cheddar I just gasped so audibly that my coworker was like, "Um, Yeah-elle? You okay there?"



@fondue with cheddar i was thinking the same thing. not the eyeball thing. but the everything would fall down thing. shattered glass and nail polish EVERYWHERE.


@fondue with cheddar This is why you could only put it on the side of the door without the hinges, otherwise, definitely eyeball-stick problems. But I bet if you secured it with a bracket it wouldn't flop around and your stuff would stay in it, unless you go around slamming doors a lot.


@fondue with cheddar Yeah, the only way I see that working is if you have a bathroom with 2 doors and you never use one of them.

fondue with cheddar

@highfivesforall I don't know, I've used a lot of over-the-door things, and stuff generally falls off them pretty easily. I wouldn't do it, even on the hinge side.

@professionalmess Yeah, or a closet door.

@yeah-elle I'm sorry for traumatizing you!


@fondue with cheddar Closet door! I think that's probably the best solution.


@fondue with cheddar You've called me back from the edge. My eyes lit up when I saw it, and my immediate impulse was to order one for me and a couple for Christmas gifts. Now I'm thinking it through. My wallet thanks you.


@professionalmess But if it's in a bathroom, presumably there is already a serviceable mirror? Yet, I still want to like that thing because I have a strange affinity for various types of home-organizing items, whether I need them or not.


@Hellcat I realize now that not everyone puts on their makeup in the bathroom, like myself. The fact that you don't need a hanging mirror in the bathroom was another reason I thought it was silly.


@professionalmess And it it adjustable? If it hangs from the top of a door, it won't be face-level on everyone!

fondue with cheddar

@TheLetterL You're welcome!

@Hellcat True, but it's the perfect solution for couples who get ready at the same time in the morning and tend to get in each other's way. Also, I too have a strange affinity for home-organizing items, whether I need them or not. It's a blessing and a curse.


@fondue with cheddar And then you end up with extra clutter... made up of things that are supposed to prevent that very thing! Aaaaah!

Haha, my buzz-cutted boyf (soon to be movin' in, e'rybody!) doesn't "get ready" other than brushing his teeth and taking his life into his own hands with those burny Noxzema pads. Maybe he'll pluck something here or there...

fondue with cheddar

@Hellcat Haha, right! It's so hard to be us. ;)

Congrats on the boy moving in! I live with mine too, and he doesn't take long getting ready either, except when he shaves because beards are new to him.* What he does do is pee and/or poop in the morning while I'm in the shower or during pre/post shower time, which is not so great. But he's a good boyfriend so I put up with it.

*He grew a beard for me! :D


@fondue with cheddar eyeball on a stick happened to a high school friend of mine - her eyeball didn't come out or anything, but she poked herself in the eye and she had to go to an eye doctor and her (sexy) eye doctor had to SCRAPE EYE LINER FROM HER EYEBALL WITH A NEEDLE!


@TARDIStime WHY WHY WHY DID I READ THIS?! Oh my goodness, oh holy hell.

fondue with cheddar



Good thing I already bought the perfect dress for the holiday party where I'm going to see my ex, otherwise I'd be in trouble here.


damn those totes are awesome! it's cool, i'll just move to texas.


No wonder the Indiana tote is still in stock-- the state is drawn backwards! I love stupid errors like that, especially as a former Hoosier, but I feel like I'd constantly be pointing it out to others so they wouldn't point it out to me first, like, "Crazy, the way Indiana is backwards on this bag I'm carrying, huh? Hahaha, IRONIC, right?, but not really IRONIC-ironic, just... the way people use that word now."


That bra! Super-cute and lacy and I kinda want it almost as much as I want that cute gray lacy bra that keeps showing up on Pinterest everywhere.


It may be that I'm wicked dizzy right now, but I'm getting a major 'oh god, I can see forever thing from that dress'. And I like it.


Bought the CA tote, would have bought the MA version if it had still been around. Woot!


@stonefruit Got the NC and NY totes, plus a few other Christmas presents. Feeling proud of starting my shopping earlier than usual. Thanks, Jane!


@stonefruit I got CA and AZ--AZ for a christmas present, and CA for me. My first bargain bin purchase! I feel so proud!


@bocadelperro woo-hoo! It was my second one :)


Bra ≠ for people above an A cup
...but so pretty. :(


@mollpants As a distinctly-non-A-cup lady, I consoled myself that anything made almost entirely of lace is probably scratchy and uncomfortable.

Marquise de Morville

@mollpants S/M/L sizing for bras is evil.


I really like that bra, but my boobs have decided that they are going to be enormous now, so I don't think I can wear it.

Edith Zimmerman

Snag heart attack


@Edith Zimmerman But Edith, it's a fancy sweater... dress!

many things do not fly

I got a couple of those totes when they went on sale. I thought it would be a cute/eco-friendly way to wrap holiday gifts.

Now I will proceed to hem and haw over those rain booties....why do they have to be so darn cute?


A short request for help. I have no idea what to get my parents. Retired, mid 60's, live in a senior oriented town. They have all the hobby stuff (golf, butterflies, and drinking) that they could possibly need. I am giving to charity in their name (leaning towards http://www.fistulafoundation.org/), but I want to have a couple physical things too. What does one get for such parents?


@LacunaKale Music? CDs don't take up much space, and are not so expensive that you'd have to cut down on your charity giving.


@LacunaKale You could combine the two? A couple years ago I gave to the WWF and adopted a sea otter in my mom's name so that she would get a little otter plush.


@SarcasticFringehead I wish. My Dad actively dislikes listening to music, and they're both convinced that the local 50's cover band are gods among men.


@frigwiggin I did something like that last year. Adopted a manatee at a sanctuary near their home, plus manatee socks. I was thinking of attaching the note about charity to a corgi plushie. Not that corgis have a lot to do with fistulas, but they're a heck of a lot cuter.

Daisy Razor

@LacunaKale A couple of years ago, I got my parents a vintage postcard from our hometown (there are lots on Etsy) and framed it. The whole gift cost less than $10 and they loved it. (Of course, my hometown is a vacation destination. This might not work if you're from, say, Schenectady.)


@LacunaKale Gift certificate to a local restaurant they like?


@LacunaKale The Sierra Club does the same for national parks, including one option where you sponsor the Grand Canyon and Adopt a Spider.



My mom is really easy to shop for but my dad is tricky. I often go with item-of-the-month type things for him. For his birthday I did 3-month subscription to a men's Birchbox, but usually some type of alcohol or food. He's found new favorites and those can then become the "special" things that I get for him for later gifts. My parents also appreciate upgraded versions of things they already love, like Tanqueray Ten and a sampler of fancier-than-Schweppes tonic waters to upgrade their regular gin and tonics. Experience tickets are also cool. If they both love golf maybe purchase a round of golf from a local place other than their usual. For things like that I usually check in with my parent's friends for references.


@LacunaKale I like doing gift certificates for events for parents/in-laws/other loved ones in this age bracket. Restaurant certificates (like yrouttasight), theater tickets or GC to Elder Hostel events are all things that the recipients seemed to have enjoyed.


@LacunaKale Do they drink? Last year, I gave my notoriously-hard-to-gift dad a nice bottle of rye (Whistle Pig), some fancy vermouth, some unusual bitters (Fee Bros Grapefruit bitters)and a jar of preserved homemade maraschino cherries. Put them all in a gift basket, with a big card that said "THE MANHATTAN PROJECT" (b/c all the ingredients add up to a Manhattan). He loved it, and made Manhattans for my mom and himself during cocktail hour for many months after. Whole shebang cost about $100, I think.


@Daisy Razor Along these lines, I had success sending an older relative one of those puzzles that is a map centered around the address of your choosing. He and his son's family enjoyed putting it together, talking about the old neighborhood, etc.


@Daisy Razor It would TOTALLY work if you were from Schenectady!


@Daisy Razor I am seconding this idea. My parents are from Nebraska and I found a photographer on Etsy that sells photographs of the Nebraska countryside. I bought some prints and framed them with a some frames from Hobby Lobby. They love them.

Judith Slutler

@LacunaKale Send them a box of those pears that you can order? Those Harry and David ones? They're delicious and really refreshing for winter!

Sella Turcica

My boyfriend just told me he wants an over the door vanity for Christmas, because "It will keep your make up of the &%*$ing counter." Maybe if he's very good he'll get it. And the funky 70's love ring from the estate jewelry blog.




@werewolfbarmitzvah Will it stretch over time to accommodate a ballooning pregnant belly? This is what I am pondering. I'm so afraid to buy any clothes right now.


@werewolfbarmitzvah will it stretch over time to accommodate a spare tire? this is what i am pondering.


That dress is on sale because a curvy lady tried it on and let out a horrified scream that could be heard four blocks away. And then she looked over her shoulder at the back view, and screamed again.

I may or may not know a curvy lady who tried on a printed sweater dress recently. SOLID COLOR IS MY FRIEND.

Daisy Razor

If you have small wrists (it's a legitimate problem, okay?), these bracelets are fantastic. They're the only ones I own that don't end up halfway up my forearm.


@Daisy Razor Ugh, small wrists and bangles... nemeses to the end! Mine are scrawny to the point of ridiculousness; the average, brand-new ponytail holder moves around on it! And somehow, the other day, it came off while I was putting on tights! I got to work all, "What the hell is squeezing my calf like that?" I had to go in the bathroom and take my tights off! Anyway, pretty, sparkly bangles make me sad...


@Daisy Razor Ooh, that bracelet looks awesome for those of us with the deadly combination of tiny delicate wrists and large hands!


@Hellcat I've done that before with hair ties! Put on tights, then gone "Why does it feel like there's a rubber band around my leg? OH because there is."


@darklingplain How does this happen? How do we not nice when it's happening or at least immediately after?


@Daisy Razor Minnie? That you?

Sea Ermine

I have on of those totes! The Virginia one! I got it for free when I was in college and I should point out that they are a little smaller than regular totes. I only really use it because I live across the street from a produce shop and next door to a meats and cheese shop so it works for running around the corner to pick up a couple small things. It's too small for anything else though (although maybe one pair of small work shoes could fit in it? Like to carry and change at work?

Jane Marie

@Sea Ermine where do you live? it sounds perfect.

Sea Ermine

@Sea Ermine I live in Queens! Specifically Jackson Heights. It is perfect, especially food wise (I will never say no to living next door to tasty meats and cheeses and veggies and being a couple blocks from 3 grocery stores and tons of restaurants). If it weren't for the lack of entertainment options and good bars I'd stay here forever.


Holy crap. That vanity station has the potential to change my life. BUT NO, I have to spend my money on Christmas presents.


If I put a vanity station on the back of my door, where will I keep my shoes? (Though I kind of love the idea of putting it on the front door as a way to do a last minute "how do I look" check)

Sam I am

@Blushingflwr I keep a full length mirror by the front door for that purpose. Also, for picking shoes with my outfit. How else would I know if the black boot or the tobacco boot looks better? But maybe thats just me... But, if its helpful at all, I get the shoe racks that hang from the rod in the closet. They have 10 cubbies that I cram with shoes. I prefer them to the over the door hangers, bc I found they stretched out my shoes. I have a couple of them, they work well for me, and I have a small half size closet by my front door that I can use solely (ha, get it) for shoes (and other knick knacks I want out of the way) bc I live alone (serious question Pinners, how do people share closet space?). I recommend the shorter ones (BB&Bs are shorter than Targets, for ex) so you still have space on the bottom for boots, boxes, etc.


@Sam I am Alas, my shoes and I currently occupy one (extremely crowded and cluttered and oh god, Jolie, please make it better) bedroom in a group house. There is no mirror in my bedroom, and no full-size mirrors anywhere in the house. HOWEVER, when I am in my own place again (or a shared space with the Gentleman Friend), there will be a mirror (preferably full-length) by the door for just the purpose you describe.

Sam I am

I want the rainboots...so badly...but, the funds...but, the want...help.

Hello Dolly

I bought six of those 'Ohio' totes; I'm making cookies and spiced nuts as Christmas gifts for my friends and was looking for some sort of cute packaging. Thank you, Jane Marie!!

Katie Walsh

Ladies, who needs a suit? 60% off at Jones New York today only:

Yes, I get their emails because I bought a pair of leopard print jeans for 50% off on cyber Monday. #PegBundyRealness


@Katie Walsh I was tempted to get leopard jeans at Target... or should I say traditional leopard-print jeans because, yes, I already have the gray and black ones. Yay for leopard!


The Indiana tote is awful. Do not get it for me, Secret Santa. The state is pictured BACKWARDS, for the love of god, and I have never heard of this stupid bacon/steak spaghetti thing they claim exists here. If I wanted an Indiana tote bag, I would get a much more clever one from a local artist.

Signed, Offended Hoosier


I never do this, but I went to Madewell immediately and bought 8 of those totes. Who am I??? Pin pal, you're gettin one!


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