Friday, November 16, 2012


Friday Bargain Bin: A Horn of Plenty

"Floral and Insects" Print by Laura Bell, from $24
It's a photograph! "This still life from Laura Bell possesses her painterly vision inspired by the Old Masters. Its creeping critters remind us that behind the beautiful there are sometimes darker, more mysterious forces at work. A memorable present for your best frenemy. Or maybe your mother-in-law?" 

Hairpin Hairpin Dish, $9;95 (was $18)
Fiiine-uh, this is actually called a "Fastened Silver Soap Dish," but NOPE. Wrong. It's clearly a dish for your hairpins printed with a hairpin motif. There's a matching hairpin wine glass.

Dolce Vita Lissa Flat, $52.50 (were $79)
If I were you, I'd set my sights on the title of "Kookiest Lady at That Holiday Party" and wear them with one of these dresses:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Leopard-Print Fine-Velvet Dress, $212 (was $530)
Ohmygosh, this dress is out of this world. Only size 8 left. Size 10s, look down!

J. Crew Leopard Silk Chiffon Dress, $69.99 (was $288)
All sale items at J. Crew are an extra 30% off with the code "MUSTHAVE." Snake print iPhone cases in every stocking?

Etched Antique Mercury Glass Cinderalla Pumpkin, $20.50 + free shipping (were $34.50)
I know it's not spelled right, but that's on them. On the other hand, it did take me literally hours to figure out why "Cinderella" was even in the name.

Black 50 Black Scroll Paper Placemats, $19 + free shipping (were $24.95)
I have seen these in person and can vouch not only for their irresistibility and convenience, but they go almost too far in tying your holiday table together. You could put mismatched dishes all over these fools and people would be impressed. (The actual placemats don't have the writing on them, just that pretty border.)

Murray's Ultimate Cheese Tasting, $63.99 (was $89.99)
It's party time. If you live near Murray's or another amazing cheese shop, congratulations, how wonderful. If not, tell your guests you "had some cheese flown in from New York." For under $80 you get a large and lovely and delicious first course here; pot luck the rest of the meal?

Calphalon Roasting Set, $99.95 (was $170)
Time to man up, April.

Sephora + Pantone Color of the Year Enamel Set, $7 (was $12)
You only have two months left and then *poof* this color will disappear off the face of the planet forever. Another reason to try orange: men go bananas for orange nail polish, if you are into their kind.

3 Nights at The Washington School House Hotel in Park City, Utah, $948 (was $1,897)
Your stay includes champagne and chocolates upon arrival, a cocktail hour each afternoon, and your morning newspaper delivered by none other than our very own Nicole Cliffe. Right, Nicole?

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oh! valencia

I love everything except the clothes! But most especially the cheeeese

Beatrix Kiddo

@oh! valencia Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese.


@oh! valencia That cheese does indeed look heavenly.


@PistolPackinMama Think how much that cheese would cost if it was from Williams-Sonoma.


@Beatrix Kiddo Thanks, Wallace. (Or bunny who switched appetites with Wallace.)


@oh! valencia I just toyed with the idea of making that cheese photo my Facebook picture.

Marquise de Morville

@Ophelia I was thinking the other thing - that set looks awfully expensive. 2lb of cheese comes out to total at $30 per lb? And only four types? It looks delicious, but there must be better options. Maybe I am too used to living close to grocery stores that sell decent cheese for almost European prices (miss you West Side Market in NYC), but didn't get the cheese situation better even in the non-coastal states of the US? Good cheese should be affordable for everyone...


@Beatrix Kiddo *Gromit cocks an eyebrow, then shakes his head*


is the most beautiful post@n


....you have to tell the cheese shop story! !!!!!!


@martinipie Also really good finds this week! I'll take the nail polish and the shoes and the second dress and...

New Hoarder

@martinipie I have that orange lip gloss set. Time to get the nail polish set. ORRRRRRANGGGGGE.


@martinipie Yes! You can't give a alt text tease like that and not follow it with the full story.

New Hoarder

Re: cheese plate for T-giving. My mom quipped that we'd only have mac & cheese on Thanksgiving after I described one friend's exploits with killing turkeys as farm work. I was like, "Mom. Do not fuck with me. That is my dream."


@New Hoarder Since I don't eat meat, an all mac-and-cheese Thanksgiving would be my dream, as well.


@New Hoarder I eat meat (basically) but this sounds like THE BEST. Mac and cheese with different yummy cheeses and a breadcrumb topping, and then lots of different sides? Sign me the eff up.

New Hoarder

@olivebee I am still lobbying for mac & cheese with jalapeños to be a side, and by side I mean MY main and ONLY course.

New Hoarder

@stonefruit I would love to die from overeating mac & cheese and stuffing in a hilarious Thanksgiving mishap one day. I plan on training for that starting in 6 days.


@olivebee I do a kale/butternut squash mac & cheese every year! With a big ole homemade fake turkey with white wine/mushroom gravy, still, for that is nonnegotiable.


@aphrabean OMG I love kale (see below) and butternut squash, so that sounds incredible. Do you use a specific recipe or just kind of wing it? And what kinds of cheese do you use?


@aphrabean RECIPE?

femme cassidy

@aphrabean WHAT. Kale and butternut squash and mac'n'cheese are, individually, the best things in the world. Together they must be invincible. THE PEOPLE DEMAND YOUR RECIPE.


@femme cassidy @everyone Ha! Ok, so basically, I use Alton Brown's recipe from over here: http://www.food.com/recipe/alton-browns-baked-macaroni-and-cheese-107712 Mark Bittman's doesn't have enough cheese sauce, man.

Things I do differently from Mr. Brown:

Use 1 whole lb of macaroni, because his cheese:mac ration is bonkers.

Cube & roast a butternut squash ahead of time, in nice, bite size little chunks. Like at 425 for 20-30 minutes? You'll know when it looks right - fork tender but not mushy.

Chop up a bunch of kale. (I just eyeball this.) Chard works too!

When you're ready to combine your cheese sauce + noodles, throw in the squash cubes and kale as well.

Bake as per his directions and there you go! Sometimes I add in sauteed mushrooms, as well.

As for cheeses, I usually do a sharp chedder + something melty, like gruyere. But I was thinking of trying a gouda version this year.


@New Hoarder Could a Turkey be stuffed with mac and cheese?

And why did I capitalize "turkey"?


@aphrabean I HIGHLY recommend gouda in mac & cheese, especially applewood smoked gouda.


CHEESE. Why there gotta be photos of cheese on my screen, when all I have for lunch today is a tupperware full of kale and 2 kiwis?

New Hoarder

@olivebee My husband made me a "healthy" spinach & crab salad topped with cheddar cubes for lunch today... I will never, ever break the news to him about cheese = cholesterol. NEVER.


@New Hoarder hey now cheese also=protein and calcium! It's basically as healthy as kale. Right?

oh! valencia

@smidge Liking this so hard.

hahahaha, ja.

@smidge: And cheese is made from milk which comes from cows which eat grass which grows in the dirt -- JUST LIKE VEGETABLES -- so it's like a tiiiiny step away from being a vegetable in any case.

Folks, I am always willing to justify your eating decisions.

New Hoarder

@smidge Well, of course! Cheese + Spinach = Kale.

Marquise de Morville

@hahahaha, ja. Don't forget all the calcium in the milk!

The Lady of Shalott

I've never been skiing in my life and I want to go to Park City to stay in that hotel. I will wear cozy dresses with perfectly painted nails and eat chocolates and cheese and drink wine and then walk around on the heated floors and think DEAR GOD MY LIFE COULD NOT BE ANY MORE PERFECT.


@The Lady of Shalott Since you're there you should ski, though. It's great. Or snowshoe.


Velvet dress? No.


@Slutface I have a long black velvet gown with a thigh-high slit from a thrift store. I call it my Stevie Nicks dress. It gets like one wear a year to some ridiculous party....give velvet a chance!

Hot Doom

@martinipie I never thought I would love a velvet dress like I love this velvet dress, but it has happened. Also, props for keeping a Stevie Nicks dress on hand.

New Hoarder

@Slutface I now think of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Melissa Joan Hart's tiny little body poured into the many, MANY velvet baby doll dresses she wore on that show.


@New Hoarder Yes! And a velvet choker to match. Velvet dresses remind me of all the overdramatic theater girls that lived in my dorm in college.


@Slutface fellow children of the ninties all knew "that girl" and she stole our clove cigarettes.

Hot Doom

@parallel-lines She probably had a stupid looking hat with an upturned brim and flower stuck on the front too. Such a cow.

Jane Marie

@Hot Doom Hey! You leave Six out of this!

Hot Doom

@Jane Marie I'm not absolving myself of this crime either! I had me a flower hat back in the day too, to go along with my velvet and chokers and SUNFLOWERS EVERYWHERE. But that doesn't make it ok, and Six knows it.


@Slutface I don't hate the idea, but the reality would mean all of the dog hair would stick to it, so that's not gonna happen.


@Hot Doom The ubiquitous sunflowers of the Grunge Era! I swear, four or five people i knew had the very same sunflower babydoll dress--it had huge flowers against a blue background with white dots.


@Hellcat I...think I had that dress. Maybe not with polka dots though? Can't remember.


But do guys go nuts for chipped and messed up orange nail polish? Sadly I am afraid the answer is no...

New Hoarder

@causedbycomma Yes, if it's on the toes because you can only see the chips if you squint real hard! (She says from experience of wearing sparkly and/ or orange nail polish as her lazy winter toenail color)


"One time I saw a penis in this store. True story!"

Thanks for the bonus text when you scoll over the pics. Also, what kind of animal takes their dick out in a cheese store?!

hahahaha, ja.

@parallel-lines: I don't have a dick, but if I did, I would be kiiind of tempted by all the soft cheeses and hole-y cheeses ...


I have been toying for MONTHS with the idea of getting these yellow plaid skinny jeans. Except they are only in juniors sizes and I don't know whether an 11 or a 13 would be great? And I can't find anyplace around here that might carry them in-store for me to try on. Sigh. And yet, they still call to me...


@frigwiggin If you have hips at all, I'd size up in Juniors. You can always have the waist taken in if needed.


@frigwiggin SO cute. get em


@Ophelia 'S true, I wonder if the 13 would even work because the hip size is listed as 41 and last I checked, I was at least a 42...maybe I'll order them anyway and try to take advantage of their mediocre return policy if they don't fit.

@iceberg Right?! I have fantasies of wearing them with my biker boots and a cool jacket or something and making all the punk kids hate me for co-opting their style.


@frigwiggin Have you ever seen Rupert the Bear?


@Apocalypstick I have not, but I like his style.


Also, I do seriously need to grow up and get a roasting pan. Every time I try to roast a chicken in the oven, I have to jury-rig it (is it jury-rig or jerry-rig or what?), and it is always a hilarious fiasco.


@frigwiggin I chop an onion up into a few big chunks, and use them in place of a rack. (you can also do this with potatoes/other root veggies if you're so inclined, but they will be soft, not roasty-crispy)

oh! valencia

@Ophelia I've also had good luck making a coiled snake out of tinfoil and using that! But that might fit in the category of jury-rigging.


@frigwiggin It is, apparently, both, though I have mainly only heard jerry rigged.


"Originally a nautical term, on sailing ships a jury rig is a replacement mast and yards improvised in case of damage or loss of the original mast." "Jerry-built, meaning to temporary or shoddy construction, dates to 1869. The OED2 hazards a guess that it may derive from the name of a builder who was notorious for poor construction. An 1884 source (unconfirmed) says that the phrase is in reference to a particular construction project on the Mersey River in Britain." Thanks for inspiring me to google that!

Nicole Cliffe

I will not only bring the newspaper, I will read it to you while gently stroking your hair.

Tuna Surprise

True Murray's cheese story. A few years ago when I lived in the West Village, I went to Murray's and bought $50 of stinky cheese for my family for Christmas. I carried it on the plane (precious cargo!) and put it in the overhead bin. 5 or so hours later, upon arriving out west, someone opened the overhead bin and yells "It smells like something died in here"! And then people come over to try to figure it out.

I just sat in my seat quietly until everyone else got off the plane and took my cheese home. Where it was deliciously awesome.


@Tuna Surprise I bought a very nice (and expensive) soft cheese for my mother a few Christmases ago, but the TSA wouldn't let me carry it on board! It was "too creamy" and had to go in my checked bag. Of course it got all squashed, and I was furious.

hahahaha, ja.

@Tuna Surprise: I have a story like this, except it was my middle school locker, and I had dumplings with leeks. After a day at school it started to smell ... fart-y, I think? Anyway, the teacher thought something had died in there, and made us all check our lockers, but I only pretended to check mine and then sat quietly in the corner, because middle school was embarrassing enough without being known as the girl who brought in Fart Dumplings.


@wallsdonotfall Ahahaha oh no. 'Too creamy.' Where the hell is that in the TSA liquid guidelines? I am so sorry for your cheese.


@wallsdonotfall At least they didn't take it away from you? I got a passionfruit jam taken away from me in Hawaii because it was "over the liquid limit" and I'm pretty sure they just ate it.


@Tuna Surprise i have a story like that except instead of smell, it was noise. i had a bag with a big metal buckle on it face-down in the overhead bin of one of those really tiny planes. well, the thing had propellers and was kinda noisy and the buckle on the bag started to vibrate and make a SHITBUNCH of noise right after we took off. we weren't supposed to get up, so i couldn't adjust the bag, and everyone on the plane was freaking out because it was rattling so hard. so, yeah. i made like 30 people think they might die in a plane crash.


@Tuna Surprise My girlfriend's mom has this amazing Tupperware-type thing for stinky cheeses that keeps the stink in check -- indispensable in France, not sure if they're available in the US though.


If you order the Sephora nail thing, they have a promotion where you get a makeup bag full of samples for spending $25 (LITTLELUX). I replaced all my go-to items and scored one of these: http://www.sephora.com/littlelux


@parallel-lines YES. I think I just made my first bargain bin purchase because of this added incentive. Good tip! I also got an eyeshadow brush on sale for 3 dollars and some other stuff.

fruiting body

Clearly we all need to buy the hairpin "wine glasses" and drink from them while we read, yes?


@fruiting body came here to say something very similar

Citizen Cunt

"A cocktail hour each afternoon"

Yes, please.


@Citizen Cunt Haha that was the part of the description that made me consider taking that trip. Then I was like, "No, no. I dislike snow and skiing so why the hell would I go there?"

Cocktail hours need to be a part of everything.


@olivebee It's cheaper in spring! I bet the mountains are pretty!

polka dots vs stripes

The alt-text on these is golden, as usual!

I really love that J Crew dress but have nowhere to wear it to. I also love the paper placemats (and the blueprint ones on the website!) but the last thing I need is more housewares.


man, I'm sorry J.Crew, I really want those saturday pants, but $9 shipping? Amazon prime has spoiled me.


@hotdog the trick is to order a bunch of other junk so that you reach the minimum amount needed for free shipping (I think it's $100 but I forget) then you return everything you don't want to the local J Crew store.


This seems like the place to mention the new shoes I ordered. Rose print Docs! On sale! http://www.famousfootwear.com/en-US/Product/89547-5159004/Dr.+Martens/Portland+Rose/Womens+1461+3-Eye+Gibson.aspx Sadly, they won't be here in time for my mini vacation. Oh wells


@LacunaKale Those are glorious! Wear them well.


And my brain went "The autumn bride is prudent and wise at sweet sixteen or twenty/And as a wife, in future life, she'll hold the horn of plenty."
I don't know why the woman's tone is so suggestive in that part of the song!


@lora.bee ...why would I start that with 'and'? Good Lord, Friday, you took your time getting here.


If you need to insure your electronics, Squaretrade is having a 40% off sale today - sign up code on their facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SquareTrade?fref=ts


Oh, OH! I forget who it was, but THANK YOU to the person/people who recommended Soak in one of the Clean Person (I think it was) threads a while ago. I got some and am obsessed with it for hand-washing now. I will seriously make and send you cookies if you let me.


No but seriously, the penis cheese story.

Leon Tchotchke

Yo that cheese is a ripoff. I'd even go so far as to say TOTAL BULLSHIT. That's like $15-20 worth of cheese MAX.

Leon Tchotchke

@Leon Tchotchke Yo actually I take that back, it's probably closer to $30 once I priced it out. BUT STILL.

oh! valencia

@Leon Tchotchke Agreed. I am inspired to buy some cheese, but, no, I will not be buying THAT cheese.


ANOTHER BARGAIN BIN, HOORAY! Gorgeous photo print. I'm so excited to learn about Affordable Art Prints. I always get something out of these posts even if I don't need any of the specific items mentioned. PS I got the shoes from Target mentioned last time and they are the fucking fantastic.


The last month I made an order on CasesByPelican.com after I saw a similar post, there was an Ipad case I liked and it was on sale. I`m so excited when I open the main page and see another "Bargain Bin" post, you can find a lot of great products at low prices.

lasso tabasco

I just made my first Bargain Bin purchase- the orange nail polish set!


@lasso tabasco Good choice! I have one of the polishes in that set and it makes me feel like a superhero. ENJOY.

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