Friday, November 16, 2012


First Phone Photos: A Time Capsule, Part Two

Samsung and the Hairpin recently asked readers for the first photographs in their camera phones. Here are more pictures for the time capsule, still (mostly) at random, and still with a lot of cute animals.















Editor's Note: This story is brought to you by the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Pieces like these are purely editorial, presented by a participating sponsor; advertisers do not produce them.

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maybe partying will help

OMG I am super interested in the guy who has the tattoo of a picture from the Gnomes book.

And I need the ginger kitty to come sit on my shoulder while I work.

maybe partying will help

@maybe partying will help

not like...sexually interested, I just really love that book.


@maybe partying will help MEEE TOOOO. Spent hours poring over it when I was but a wee pistol' packin' lassie.


@maybe partying will help I also love that book! What a cool guy!


@maybe partying will help UM I AM SEXUALLY INTERESTED!

Unless he's someone's boyfriend. In that case, cute boyfriend, someone!

maybe partying will help


Oh I feel much less alone in the universe now. The troll/goblin bits were terrifying, no? Like when they're torturing the gnome man by holding him against a grindstone WHAT IS THAT


@maybe partying will help

That's my ginger! He is the biggest lovebug in the world and would be overjoyed to sit on your shoulder.


so cute.❤❤❤@n


Purple potatoes are my favorites! This is not my photo, though. HI POTATO FRIEND, SOMEWHERE OUT THERE ON THE PIN!


@PatatasBravas My friend once made us purple potato soup for a The Muppet Show viewing party and we called it muppet soup. Also it was delicious.


@Punk-assBookJockey Plumb-boy once made Thai green curry using purple carrots - it turned into Thai purple curry and looked pretty unappetising. Tasted fine though.


1. Making serious eyes at that hamburger cake. Want a hamburger cake so hard right now.



Love you, person with your sleeping bags in the back of the truck with the UVM sticker.


I so desperately want to be in that sleeping bag in the back of that truck, it's like, HURTING me. I just read Wild by Cheryl Strayed and I'm afflicted with really inconveniently timed Camping Heartsickness and it's...IT'S REALLY HARD.


I got cheap thrills from the purple taters and the Sublime Stitching embroidery project.
Little things that make you seem less lonely in the world, right?


I love the Attention Dogs sign.


@anachronistique Yeah! The City of Alexandria has a great sense of humor.


All of you are my favorites. All of you!


Is that a cup full of red urine? I'm guessing no, but...

The Lady of Shalott

@olivebee Oh dear, I hope it's not a cup full of bloody urine, because....I just like to hope that if it WAS whatever the issue is is resolved. Because ow. Ouch.


@The Lady of Shalott OFF-TOPIC: "ow. OUCH." is the sound effect that alligator version of whack-a-mole makes at the arcade I last visited when I was 12 or something.


@olivebee my guess is fluid from a pleural effusion after a thoracentesis--basically, a weird fluid pocket next to your lung that they suck out with a giant-ass needle--but that's only because I had one, & that's what the results looked like. (yum, right?)

Mrs. PotatoHead

@olivebee I produced something like that once after eating a lot of yummy beets but didn't make the connection at first and FREAKED OUT! Apparently the beets=red pee is a thing for some people.


@olivebee At first glance I was sure the label said "VOMIT" but I guess it's actually just doctor scribbles.


@Mrs. PotatoHead i pee red when i eat beats, too! how terrifying when you're standing above a toilet full of red liquid with your partner outside the door going "no seriously, what is it? are you ok?"


@tandemkas oh dear i did that to my boyfriend who is not as avid a beet eater as i am, haha. i don't get that unless i eat beets for 2 days straight so it didn't occur to me that its a thing that happens to people... but once, i made delicious borscht and we gorged ourselves on it. later, he came out of the bathroom all pale and was like "can you pee beets?" and i felt so bad because he thought he was near death or something.


@Mrs. PotatoHead I have had an 'oh my god, bowel cancer for sure!' moment with beetroot-coloured poop as well :-/






@Cawendaw So that's where my shopping list went!


Also, the photo of the tattooed gentleman with the two little girls on the porch is impossibly heartwarming and adorable.


@olivebee Yes! They are maybe the cutest girls ever?


@olivebee Right?! I'm not usually into tattooed beardos, but I could make an exception.


@frigwiggin Oh man, more tattooed beardos for me! Sleeve tattoos, oh my.


@frigwiggin Haha, my husband has tattoo sleeves and a thick beard (so I'm definitely into that look), and as far as our future children go, he really wants daughters. So that photo, for me, was like "that could be a glimpse into my future!"

@KatieBarTheDoor So cute! The hoodie up over the littler one's head is the perfect touch.

oh! valencia

@olivebee tatooed beardos with small daughters for the win! (I have one of those too!)

fondue with cheddar

I see a Phillies game! :D I haven't been to the new field yet, but I'd like to go to a game sometime to check it out even though I'm not into sports.


Who chose the filenames/alt text -- I'm really curious about the herd of cows labeled RENOIR.

Also, those drummers are drumming about 200 feet from my apartment! That's the Frank D. Reeves Municipal Center, right?


@stuffisthings 14th and u? i recognize it too! (not my photo though)


@stuffisthings, @tibia Yes! I just logged in to say that was 14th and U! DRUMMERS (and photographer)! You are right down the block from Ben's! Go have some chili cheese fries for me.


@stuffisthings last time, mine's alt-text was the filename so I assume that's what they did here.


@stuffisthings yes yes it's also Batala! The totally badass all-lady percussion ensemble!



I took the photo of the cows! It's definitely a file name - my phone was the LG Renoir and was the first camera phone I had ever owned.


@TARDIStime It was the moment I realized I was a true city-slicker - you learn that when a cow is an event worth photographing.


The Half Blood Prince's cookbook is freaking me out.


@JessicaLovejoy COMESTIBLES.


1. The chicken picture is amazing! I could totally see it in a gallery.

2. They make Barnard nail polish??? <3 from a fellow alum (I assume).


@ColdFinger Now I'm stuck wondering whether Barnard owns the rights to that color, or how it works in that sense.

Jolie Kerr

@ColdFinger Meet ya at the Diana Center to pick up a bottle and have a Barnard girls 'pin-up?

love and other indoor sports

@ColdFinger YES. The Student Store sells them!!! (Not my picture but my heart actually swelled when I scrolled and saw that picture.)


@love and other indoor sports Yes! Me too! There are few things I love as much as I love Barnard.

Jolie Kerr

@love and other indoor sports: The varnish isn't listed online (but I believe you!) However, they more than make up for it with this photo of Oprah on campus, no doubt bellowing "BARNAAAAAAAAARD COLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEGE!!!!!!" while posing.


@Jolie Kerr Et tu, Jolie? (What became obvious to me after the whole "oh no, Obama's speaking at Barnard, not Columbia" debacle last spring is that Barnard grads really like to comment on things on the internet. Do we have too much time on our hands? Are we just particularly online savvy?)


@Jolie Kerr P.S. I would totally do a Barnard pin-up! I am a little worried that I'm a million years older than everyone else who would come (recurrent insecurity; I graduated a decade ago) but I'd come!

Jolie Kerr

@ColdFinger: I think it's just that we're mouthy.

Jolie Kerr

@ColdFinger Okay well then let's plan one! I have a few current students who have emailed me, so maybe we can coordinate with them and do something in January or February once the holiday madness is behind us.

Also, ummmmmmm ... I graduated in the '90s, babelah. BRB applying wrinkle cream.


@Jolie Kerr Ha! Can wrinkle cream be one of the discussion topics? (Also: digestion, fertility... Something about this holiday season is making me overly anxious about age. Perhaps it's the fact that a friend of mine MADE HER OWN BABY this year: as in, purchased sperm, went for it all on her own, because she thought it was time to start.)

Yes, I'd love to do Jan/Feb after craziness subsides!

Jolie Kerr

@ColdFinger: No topics are off limits! Wrinkle cream! Babies! Nail varnish! Ollie's noodle soup! (Really want some Ollie's noodle soup now.)

Shoot me an email when you have a sec — that goes for all of you! — so I can compile a lil' list of Barnard Hairpinners. jolie@thehairpin.com (Should we be nice and include other 7 Sisters grads in our party or go with our hearts and exclude those trifling bitches?)




@Jolie Kerr Mouthy and proud of it since 1889.


@Jolie Kerr Now I'm remembering an INCIDENT that occurred when my roommate and I ordered Ollie's noodle soup (the one with the green noodles) and tried to have it delivered to the Quad. The delivery guy kept going to the wrong door, and we were chasing him around outside in shorts and tank tops (in January, at night), and he didn't believe that it was our soup.


@love and other indoor sports now I'm regretting AGAIN not going to Barnard! (Also, YOUR USERNAME. SALLY!)


I wish I could have that "ducks crossing" road sign to hang up in my apartment. My husband and I both love ducks, and we were just watching a nature documentary about ducks last night. Plus, the sign reminds me of Make Way for Ducklings, which was one of my favorite childhood books.


@olivebee that was my picture!! It was in a town outside Monterey, CA on the start of my bike tour honeymoon

Is It a Hat?

@olivebee Oooh I'm curious, what documentary?


@mooseketeer That sounds like an awesome honeymoon! Biking in the sun in a place you've never been sounds like paradise.

@Is It A Hat? I have no idea the name of it. It was on PBS last night and the guide just had it titled "Nature."


@mooseketeer: That one exuberant duckling is doing street crossing right.


The Hairpin: You are adorable/you have adorable kids/you have adorable pets! [delete as appropriate]


That sashimi, though, ermagerhd.



Also that cheese plate. And all the other food pictures. I'm glad I'm leaving for Chicago tomorrow and am going to eat so much delicious food, otherwise I would just look at my sandwich for lunch and make sad trombone noises. (At least I got fancy and put spicy pepper/harissa hummus on it as a spread today instead of just turkey and havarti.)


@frigwiggin Waaah the sashimi. I am so brokenhearted right now that I live in a place with at best mediocre sashimi.

oh! valencia

@frigwiggin yes this made me hungry!


how is Darwin not making the cuuuuuutttt!? :(

Also I need to know where that cake shop with the burger cake is.


@Megano! My picture isn't on here, either, and it's pretty awesome.

oh! valencia

@meetapossum fingers crossed for a part 3!


@Megano! Not the one who's picture it is, but Servatii's in Cincinnati, OH has a pretty sweet hamburger cake https://servatipastry.webfeatsecurity.com/Product-Description.aspx?ProdId=568


Is the little girl with the chocolate Silk milk at Shangri La Diner is St. Louis?!


@Sefe I was gonna ask the same thing! RIP Shangri-la :(

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

I'm loving all the grandparents, especially the gma who was totally into watching the boy play Guitar Hero. Hairpin, you are all totally interesting and quite, quite lovely and human. I love your photos.


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose Yes! The Guitar Hero one was my favorite.


@fabel that's my nana and my brother! my nana died this summer (the pic is from 2007) so it is extra special to me now.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@tibia Oh man, I'm sorry to here about her passing. She looked really, really cool and adorable.


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose thank you <3 she was! she did not understand guitar hero, though.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@tibia She looked like she knew how to give good hugs, though. And I'm also sorry I wrote "here" instead of "hear."

Jolie Kerr

At first I was going to be all, "You there! With the blue nail varnish! What shade is that?" and then I saw the Barnard nail polish and promptly died. (I'm commenting from my coffin.)


@Jolie Kerr I'm getting a manicure later, and may try to find one of those blue colors. Yum.

Your coffin is made out of Clorox and white vinegar pallets, isn't it?

Jolie Kerr

@Bittersweet It's very clean in here. (Try essie 'midnight cami' for a good dark blue!)


@Jolie Kerr I'd expect no less from you. OPI has an awesome new line of colors called "Skyfall," so I ended up getting "Moonraker," which is a really nice icy grey-blue.

Jolie Kerr

@Bittersweet: I need another grey-blue varnish like I need a hole in the head but I may have to pick that one up. I have The Living Daylights, which is the glitter from that collection and it's maaaajor.


@Jolie Kerr Ooh, I loved the glitter one too! I loved all of them, actually, but had to choose one (unlike my daughter, who goes rainbow nails just about every time she goes with me to the nail salon). Next time I think I'm getting The World is Not Enough, that crazy-cool gold-red-pink glitter shade.

Hot Doom

I love the sideways head pug!
Also, as a whole thing, I love this series- it's like a Hairpin class bulletin board.


@Hot Doom Yes!
If we had another part in the series where people sent in the most recent photo they took on their phones I would read the hell out of that/participate with bells on/comment like crazy!


AHHHHH I love this!
The way the photos are all together, though, just makes scrolling through them feel like I'm looking at one person's extremely fabulous and eclectic life, which I'm madly jealous of.
AND, that "Feminism is alive in Toronto" graffiti.. I have seen it but can't remember where in Toronto!


@planforamiracle That's my picture!! I took it like a year and a half ago on some side street in the annex. I used to volunteer as a feral cat colony feeder and I saw it one of my routes; it's the background on my phone now. :)


lady giving the finger- our faces are oddly similar. sup twin?

oh! valencia

hello world! hello flowers hello green grass hello sunshine Hello smiling faces Hello rainbows & raindrops

Hello, I'm here

oh! valencia

@oh! valencia I am really excited about this post this morning if no one could tell.

oh! valencia

Also, did someone here do the "Maddy" embroidery? SO CUTE! (I always notice the craft ones!)

Maddy Boesen@facebook

@oh! valencia Hi! I'm the embroidered Maddy. My bff, who is a reader made it for me as a gift because she is so great. Not sure if she comments, though!


is the is the place where i request that these continue to be done until all of the pictures have been used? because they are so awesome.

oh! valencia

And person with chickens! How did you get them all still for even a second! I have never gotten a photo of all my chickens without at least 2 of them blurry. They move too fast!


@oh! valencia Also, the chickens' sense of composition is great!


The cat on the chair with the arms!


@teaandcakeordeath I love that photo, too. My cat sits on the arm of our couch like that all the time, and it makes me laugh because she's so fat that her body hangs over both sides and yet she has her arms out all prim and model-like.


Where is that beach with the wildflowers? I want to be there so bad right now!


@MilesofMountains: Looks like the central coast of Cali to me.


LOVE. Girl in #5 from the top, you have fantastic hair. mad jealous of your bangs.
Is that one guy getting punched in the stomach with a green maraca? WHAT is going on there?

Atheist Watermelon

@iceberg yeah i came down here just to ask her where she got her cut bc it is amazeballs.

oh! valencia

@iceberg "dance"
it's a pretty awesome photo, better than I expect from a phone camera. I would like to know what kind of phone took it?


@iceberg also shoutout to Bunny Bumbo Baby and Naked Kiss Baby, you are both chubdorable.


Oh. I love that outstretched-arm kitty, too! And the wall-painting in the background.


I have 2 takeaways from this. 1) Sometimes people title their photos, sometimes they don't. I save a lot of untitled ones I don't use, but the good usable ones usually get titles. 2) I want a side-of-torso tattoo now. I'm thinking a decomposing red-tailed hawk--so it'd be part skeleton, part feathered.


@whizz_dumb that sounds cool, but gross! I once saw a partially decomposed turtle - there was some flesh still on it but the head was all skull.


This post is NSFJT!!
I sort of totally have nightmares and major heebiejeebie problems with potatoes with eyes.
Just horrifying.
Hairpin, I hate you.


Where is that third-from-last photo taken? Because I really want to go there next summer. River swimming!


Loving those cacti... that florist is right across the street from my office and I definitely have a cute lil yellow cactus at my desk.

Just now I am thinking I might buy googly eyes and stick them on my cactus... this is probably an excellent use of my time, Y/Y?


Aw, laptop-using-cat!

(I'm not the only person whose phone doesn't have a camera, right? Sometimes it feels like it.)

Reginal T. Squirge

The F's! Hahaahahaha, the F's.


Oh, little laptop cat. You must be friends with my kitty.


So, subjects that are generally important enough to warrant deflowering your phone's camera:

Grandparents, Babies, Grandparents with Babies
Cats and dogs
Other animal events including death
Good food, bad food, purple food
Medical emergencies
Beautiful art
Energetic dancing with percussion instruments


@heyhaley 'Like' if your first phone photo is one of these :-). Mine is 'cats'. I have a photo of purple food too, but it's not the first.


@plumb-bob mine is "cows".


Someone went to see the Phillies? Awesome! Who were they playing that day?

Also, I want to eat all the foods. Especially the hamburger cake.

The critters are adorable. And what is the tiny skeleton from? The one with a pen for reference. Is it a mouse?


@antilamentation it's a vole!


@tiki Neat! Now I know what a vole skull looks like. Awesome!

Lora Honeycutt@facebook

White puppy! I want you!


I would like to give that fluffy white doggie a hug (is it a Pom? A Samoyed? What is it?). And then steal the wee orange kitten.


Bless the human that arranged these in alphabetical order by their alt text.


1. That gnome tattoo is amazing.

2. That baseball field pic is miiiiiinnnneeeee! GO PHILS!


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that last one is me and my nana! i'm showing her how to use her new iphone. she is a badass who wears purple every single day and has a rose painted on the hood of her car. LOVE YOU NANS!

runner in the garden

so..... I'm the only one who was scrolling through these too quickly and had to double-check that it wasn't President Obama wailing out with the green percussion?

Pound of Salt

Is an Instagram photo *really* the first photo you took with your phone?

Oliver St. John Mollusc

Dude! DUDE! The ladies playing drums = Batala = my roommate is in that! I don't recognize the conductor lady so I don't think it's Batala NYC but stillllll. I'ma send this to her right now!


YESSSS ANOTHER ROUND! I love all the wine and food. Cheese! CHEESE! Give me cheese or give me death, this is my life mantra. And wine to go with it! Also, I would love to know what book that is on the Kindle with the woman character who is all tight all over, even her lab coat. Yes, I read the visible page. I know I am not the only one!

And yet, I remain insatiable! MORE PICTURES!


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