Monday, November 19, 2012


Fiona Apple, "Dull Tool"

New music from the weekend: Fiona Apple's (NSFW) contribution to the soundtrack for This Is 40, Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann's "sort of" sequel to Knocked Up, out December 21. (Others on the soundtrack: Paul Simon, Lindsey Buckingham, Ryan Adams, Yoko Ono, more.)

A Britney song also leaked.

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I'll have a fistfight with anyone who thinks there's been a better album than The Idler Wheel released in 2012.


@Decca I will have your back in that fight.


@Decca Word. Idler Wheel and Frank Ocean's channelOrange redefined music in 2012. They are still numbers 1 & 2 in rotation and it's been months now.


@Decca Oh, man, I'll admit that I fell behind on music this year, but seriously, Idler Wheel's gotta be way up there.

I was sort of underwhelmed when I first listened to it in the background of doing something else, and I'm blaming myself for falling out of the habit of actually listening to music, because I happened to put it on this morning for my commute and it was blowing my mind. "Werewolf"! "Hot Knife"! "Every Single Night"! "Daredevil"! It's so good, start to finish.

I'm also kicking myself for not going to see her this summer at the Tower which is, no joke, 5 minutes from my house.


Nice job on your post@n


The dull tool is really great. We should be doing things like this one for the better. - Mint Springs Farm

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