Wednesday, November 21, 2012


"Feel my pudgy hands now!”

Ooh, Liz & Dick — the Lifetime movie about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton — finally premieres this Sunday, but Kate Aurthur saw it last night and loved it, obviously, right?

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Best watched with your funniest, bitchiest friend, it seems.


This...is amazing o.O...@y

Valley Girl

I have been looking forward to this for WEEKS. Currently my favorite thing is the way the official website copy says "Lindsay Lohan stars as the legendary dame Elizabeth Taylor" which makes it sound like she was just the broad, this dame, youse knows, as opposed to a ~Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire~


Oh god. I may have to watch this just to find out what fictional Elizabeth Taylor and fictional Richard Burton think of Unitarianism.
Also, of course we know what Mummenschanz is! They were on the Muppet Show!

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@Cawendaw And also terrifying because holy fuck, Mummenschanz.


This sounds like an excellent thing to watch post-Thanksgiving dinner.


"...the worst hair I’ve seen on screen since Tom Cruise in Born on the Fourth of July." Hard to take a movie reviewer seriously when you KNOW they must have skipped No Country for Old Men.

Kate Aurthur@facebook

@purefog I love No Country. And I will fight you with pie over the question of which hair was worse. I say CRUISE ALL THE WAY.


but guys lindsay lohan was great in mean girls


lindsay lohan was great in the parent trap


lindsay lohan was pretty great in georgia rules


I guess what I'm saying is I will watch this and I WILL play that drinking game for when they fight.


@redheaded&crazie She was also great in Freaky Friday. And please don't forget Life Size.


@Decca I believe a pattern is emerging here. She was great before she discovered sex, drugs and bad PR. I would like to think she could be great again, but that's not how I am going to lay my bets.


Is there a story here, or just comments? I can't find the story!

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