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Emus, Mentors, Cupping

Instead of trying to keep up with that thing that's unfolding, how about unfolding (or, paging through) writer/illustrator Sarah Lazarovic's lovely textual/visual essay on mentorship, or reading about how dancing is good for you, or how cupping probably is, too, maybe. There's also this extremely entertaining video of a young woman making friends with a bird. [via]


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So cupping is, like, ear candling for the skin?

Why does any of that sound like a good idea?

(I am being that NOPE NOPE NOPE octopus right now)


@PatatasBravas (I tried to make the gif show up and then it didn't work so I deleted in in shame. Shaaaaaaaaame)


@PatatasBravas I've had cupping done before, except done in a way that seemed a lot safer than described in the article (burning cotton ball = NO THANKS). A friend of mine was interested in learning how to do it and practiced on me under the supervision of a much more skilled friend. I've always seen it done with wands with thick cotton heads, dipped in 70% isopropyl alcohol. The alcohol is wiped along the inside of a glass cup and then lit. The cup is quickly placed on the skin so that as the alcohol burns up the air in the cup, it creates a suction on the skin. I've also usually seen it done in such a way that the skin is warmed up first by slowly waving one of the lit wands near the skin--this makes the skin warmer and, by contrast, the hot cup seem less hot. I don't think it solved any major health issues for me, but I did find it relaxing and enjoyable. But then I'm one of those people who enjoys deep tissue massage. I also didn't have any circle marks afterward, as I don't bruise easily.

I've seen the suction cup sets, too, which definitely lessens the concern about fire but increases concern about applying too much suction. I've known or heard of people who have had really bad experiences because either the person doing the cupping (fire or suction) didn't know what the hell they were doing, or there was an accident and shit happens. Basically, it's a situation of making sure that the person who's going to be doing it is knowledgeable about the practice. You walk into it accepting that there might be some risk, which is the same with anything, really: chiropractor might screw up your neck, massage therapist might use an oil you have an allergic reaction to, psychiatrist might prescribe you something that makes your problem worse before recommending another medication, etc.


I'd like to read.@a


@Decca AAAAHHH I read that yesterday! As a pregnant lady, it was extra horrifying - I think I will pass on all prenatal massages from now on.

Judith Slutler


Bus Driver Stu Benedict

Pffft, screw cupping! Moxibustion's where it's at!


How strange. The only time I've seen cupping performed was at a BDSM event. I had no idea it actually had a medical purpose.


Emus = the new honey badgers?


Isn't bleeding and cupping what killed George Washington? He got a survivable cold and then they started cutting him and sucking blood out.


Sarah Lazarovic!

When I worked for a parenting website and we were trying to find Passover content, she made us such a lovely illustration about her husband being new to all the traditions. http://bunchfamily.ca/tales-seders-awesome-jews-benjamin-errett/

She's great.

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