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Or, “Fitter Happier More Productive”

So, since NaNoWriMo is already yanking our chain, why not make it easier/more difficult and implement another major life-change? Have you tried the thing where you only read an email ONCE, ideally, instead of six thousand times without actually doing anything? Like, check your email RIGHT NOW.


Now you’re supposed to either delete it, pass it off to someone else (Jane! Edith!), defer it (and not, like, ‘whatevs,’ but more like ‘this will require an hour of my time, so I shall return to you at four pm and until then you will live in this folder’), or JUST DEAL WITH IT RIGHT NOW AND GET IT OUT OF THERE.

Everyone else has already tried this BACK IN 2005, and it’s clearly so good if you can actually do it, and then you do not have to say “one of these days I’m gonna view that ATT&T wireless bill instead of just hitting the NEXT arrow,” but unfffff challenging.

(Not like “working in a coal mine” challenging, or anything, just so we’re clear.)

It helps if you listen to Daft Punk while you first try to bomb through your inbox. “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger,” etc. Pretend you’re a Cylon! Whatever gets you through the night.


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