Wednesday, November 28, 2012


What Would Jeanette Winterson Say?

Oh, you made a bong out of an apple? Step aside, child. Caleb Charland is here. Making orange batteries, and other beautiful things.

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Pocket Witch

Stand back! I'm going to try science!

Cat named Virtute

Imagine my excitement when I put down my copy of Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal down long enough to check Twitter and see a 'Pin post referencing Jeanette Winterson pop up. I JUST WANT TO TALK ABOUT JEANETTE WINTERSON OKAY GUYS? Nicole, why hast thou thwarted me?


@Cat named Virtute I liked that book. I just wish it had been longer.

Cat named Virtute

@dale It's so weird seeing her write in such a straightforward manner, don't you think? When she talks about so flatly about having had to add Testifying Elsie into Oranges because she felt that the truth was too starkly lonely, my heart just broke and broke. So much magic out of so much hardship.


@Cat named Virtute It was a very interesting, conversational tone, not unlike the one she uses on her blog posts. It felt like there was a lot unsaid, though. It just made me want to take her out for tea and have a gabfest!


@Cat named Virtute That part made me cry so much :( I really loved Why Be Happy, even though I also love her not-at-all-straightforward novels. <3 <3 <3

Cat named Virtute

@dale gahhhhh, I did not know until now that she has a blog, so I am pretty thrilled about that revelation! I like the tone, it's just very striking in comparison with her fictional work.

@billie_crusoe The part that made me cry (so far) was the part where she talks about Mrs Winterson burning all her books and having to memorize and write her own stories to make her way, and how that's a kind of survival, and how life is just and endless series of second chances. Ohhhh, my heart.


@Cat named Virtute Oh god, I know - the Testifying Elsie bit! So sad.

fondue with cheddar

OH I've seen his work and it's amazing. Science + Art = <3

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