Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Are You Sure You Know How to Wash Your Face?

Birchbox is happy to explain it to you, by means of Eve Lom, but this video does NOTHING to illustrate how, apparently, other people can rinse their face by gracefully splashing water on it from their cupped hands without having water pour down their forearms to their armpits and then all over their sink and onto the vanity.

JANE? No, I am embarrassed, but I am not joking.

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The Noxzema girl taught me to pat my face prettily instead of rubbing. I have learned nothing since.


@JessicaLovejoy I think she (and every other person in a cleanser commercial) also taught people that you can rinseoff by cupping the water in your palms... and then just throwing it up toward your face!


@Hellcat I tried that method once out of curiosity. Water got all over the floor, and my hair, but very little actually got on my face. Was not worth it.


@Pyxis Were you smiling like a maniacal pixie while you did it? Judging from the commercials, that might be the key.


eww don't fill up the bowl and keep splashing water thats used on your face... your splashing dirt/bacteria back on your face… that's just nasty...@a

Jolie Kerr

Nicole, will it make you feel better to know that I asked that question of Jane as well?

Nicole Cliffe

@Jolie Kerr So. Much. Better.

Jolie Kerr

@Nicole Cliffe: Somewhere in California, Jane is pursing her lips in exasperation and sighing, "Well if you didn't always have your nose stuck in a book/bucket of bleach solution you might know a thing or two."

Science vs. Dinosaurs

I'd say my decision to switch from face wash to face wipes was almost completely based on my inability to wash my face without soaking my entire upper body and bathroom counter. You are not alone!

Lily Rowan

@Science vs. Dinosaurs ME TOO!


@Science vs. Dinosaurs Me too!


@Science vs. Dinosaurs @lily rowan @shannanigans I just found THIS: http://fab.com/sale/13564/product/276202/ -- ARM SPONGES. Clearly this is a A Thing.


Nicole, thank you for speaking truth to power. I hate how it's not just my forearms that become cold and wet, but I also do not enjoy the dripping onto my feet. This is why I use those face wipe cleaning cloths, as apparently I'm too aesthetically delicate to handle unwanted splashiness.


My husbands single-most rage-inducing pet peeve about commercials/movies/TV shows that show someone in a bathroom is the face-splashing thing. "NO ONE DOES THAT IN REAL LIFE." He is correct. Not only because of the huge mess but because who really splashes water all over their faces when they get upset? WHO?

Also, I use a washcloth, and I still get water running down my arms and soaking my sleeves, the counter, and the floor. I believe there is no way around this unless you use like a mL of water to rinse your face.


@olivebee I do, but I learned it from the movies. After crying, I also dab my eyes with cotton balls soaked in milk. I think I learned that one from Seventeen.


@cuminafterall does the milk thing work? Not that I cry a lot, or anything.


@PomoFrannyGlass No clue, but it makes me feel better! Milk from my fridge is colder than water from my faucet.


@PomoFrannyGlass Tea bags are better. Steep them briefly in hot water, then pop in the fridge. The caffeine actually reduces redness and puffiness.


@olivebee YES EXACTLY. I only ever wash with a washcloth and my sink still turns into a water park.


@olivebee Straight-up? Every single guy I've dated has gone into the bathroom after my tribal-secret-night-time-ritual only to emerge seconds later, sputtering, "what happened in here?!" only to see me swan off to the bedroom muttering, "I don't know what you're talking about." Its crazy hard to wash your face right and tidy unless you're in the shower.


@olivebee - I do that when I'm upset, but only with cold water and only if I don't want to be obvious that I've been crying. Because my face/eyes get all red when I cry, and cold water helps calm that down.

Jane Marie

i have no idea what you guys are talking about?


@Jane Marie You're screwing with us, right? RIGHT?!?

Jolie Kerr

@Jane Marie The obvious solution is for you to make a video of you washing your face so we can figure out what we're doing wrong.


@Jolie Kerr I have to admit, I figured that as a clean person, you would have perfected the washing of all things, including faces.

Erin Lucille

@Jane Marie The obvious solution is for you to make a video of yourself so we can figure out what we're doing wrong. In everything.


Wait, I'm supposed to cleanse with a $135 cleanser filled with toxic ingredients? I'm doing it wrong.


The best I've been able to do is tuck my elbows close together in front of my body. At least that way (most of) the water drips down my elbows and back into the sink. But I have no remedy for damp forearms.


I only wash my face in the shower. Problem solved!

Tragically Ludicrous

@fabel Me too! I shower at night and realized I could just put the face wash in the shower, and USE IT THERE. Changed my life, I tell you.


@fabel See, that doesn't solve my problem. I love being in the shower, I love swimming, but I don't like water on my face, especially running water (esp high pressure running water). I still often do wash my face in the shower, either using a washcloth (my preferred method, even if it does mean I have a washcloth and a loofah in my shower) or wetting my hands and using them to remove the soap. That at least removes the problem of getting water everywhere.


@fabel I was just coming here to say this!

lavender gooms

@fabel Yup. The few times I try and wash my face outside of the shower for whatever reason, it just turns into a disaster.

Plus, I have really dry skin, so I don't feel like I need to be washing my face more often than I shower.


@fabel Bioderma Crealine Water!
Get your makeup removal pad, put a little of the cleanser on, and go!

fuck fuck fuck

this is why i use makeup remover wipes and only wash my face in the shower. FUCK GETTING ALL MY SHIT WET.


@fuck fuck fuck my life has changed entirely for the better since beginning to wash my face in the shower.

Of course this means I don't wash it every day but then again I never really did that anyway because I guess I was raised by animals, soooooooo yeah.


@redheaded&crazie Yeah, I only wash it for real (like, with actual face wash) every day if I'm wearing makeup. Otherwise, it just gets dried out and angry.


@fuck fuck fuck Yes! This is also my strategy of choice. Makeup remover at night (I use Bioderma and it looks like water, so hey, it is almost like washing, right?) and only wash in the shower. I mean, there are enough things to do in the day, I don't need to add "moping/drying the floor every time I wash my face in the sink" to the list.


@fuck fuck fuck Second!! Although I'm starting to think I may need to go after my nose with Cetaphil daily. Everything else on my face is happy with every-other-day washing, but my nose tends to be Zit Ground Zero. Anyone else have this problem? You know, in those creases where your nostrils meet your cheeks? I would love to hear solutions.


@fuck fuck fuck

Yeah, I just started doing this with my Neti Pot as well after realizing that I was making a big mess all over the sink and floor for no good reason. Why wasn't I doing this before??


@area@twitter Bliss' Steep Clean mask is pretty good for this. Kind of spendy, but lasts a long time.

I used Cetaphil for a long time, but the "gentle" (for dry skin) didn't seem to get my face clean enough and the regular irritated my skin. I switched to Purpose based on a rec in a Hairpin comment thread, and it is great.


@churlishgreen Thanks! Oh man, that does look really nice. I've been using clay masks on and off for a while- maybe I'll try doing a clay mask on my nose once a week and see if that helps first.

the little c

I splash my face a la tv commercials and never have a problem. Am I a freak.


@the little c

Yes. Yes, you are.


@the little c You just move your head forward more over the sink, right? I am so confused by this entire post :(


@the little c I hope not, because if you are, I am too! It's so much easier! Fewer washcloths to be laundered!


@shadowkitty me too! i think maybe the trick is that you don't splash up a whole handful of water -- just kind of extra-damp palms. it occasionally gets a little splashy but i've never had to wipe my arms/elbows/the floor...


@shadowkitty Yes! I bend over the sink! My hands are generally really full of water, but I bring them right up to my face, so the water doesn't really splash much. When I'm tired/trying to hurry, sometimes I get some water on either side of the sink, but I've never had it in my armpit...?!


@the little c I do it. Water gets everywhere, but that's what yesterday's shower towel is for. I am a pig.


@the little c I'm right with you. I concur with the leaning right over the sink (like, forehead almost touching the faucet). I just raise the handfuls of water up to my face, breathe out gently with hands still cupped and guiding the water back, and that kind of blows the water to the farther reaches of the face. I don't like using washcloths because I think they are always full of yesterday's soap and facedirt. Washcloths are for wiping your occasional spatters off the counter and mirror.

Hot Doom

@SarahP Yes, I do this too, and generally don't have any over-splashing issues. HOWEVER, after using my usual water-in-cupped-hands method of face-washing in order to get Day of the Dead makeup off my face, I learned that splashes do occur, and they did, in the form of dirty makeup water turned the color of zinfandel, in splotches on my white bath mat. Next-day hungover scrubbing ensued, with a new commitment to face wipes and more towels everywhere.

Hot Doom

@Hot Doom I meant, the day after Halloween, this happened. I don't wear day of the dead makeup everyday, though I am now starting to seriously consider it.


@the little c - I concur on all points. Also, doing it as in the above video, i.e., filling your sink full of water, would mean that your sink had to be scrupulously clean, which would just not happen for me.

the angry little raincloud

Yes! Hot cloth cleansing! Seriously. This is how you wash your face. And, whatever, I drip all over the place. Oh well. I guess I always wash my face topless, so it doesn't matter?

My skin looks so much better since I switched to hot cloth cleansing, about a year ago. I don't use Eve Lom products-- you can use pretty much any gel/cream/soap cleanser, and I stock up on cheap washcloths from Target or wherever. This is the furthest thing from a fancy system: no Clairsonic or random machines, just a washcloth and a cleanser. Also, the hot cloth thing eliminates the need for separate exfoliators.

Seriously: the two things that have improved my skin the most were switching to hot cloth cleansing and using a retinol at night.

the angry little raincloud

Oh, and maybe I missed the point-- as the post is all about the ridiculousness of perfect women with perfect technique not dripping-- but I really love hot cloth cleansing. It works! Lovely skin for everyone! Wet sinks and floors for all!


@the angry little raincloud This might be a dumb question, but I'm lazy and I don't have a washer/dryer in my apartment. How often do you wash the washcloths?

the angry little raincloud

@heliotropegerbil8 Not dumb at all. I don't have a washer/dryer either (yay NYC living). I have stacks of washcloths: I picked up 8 for like $2 at Target the other day, and I already had probably 10 around, also purchased in bulk for cheap. I never buy fancy ones (I see washcloths at stores for like $6 each and I am befuddled. Are they spun with gold thread? What the hell. And I think a slightly rougher texture is better for exfoliating, anyway).

I actually only use them once (I only hot cloth cleanse at night), because germs/grodiness/whatever. But since I have piles of them, I just wash them when I do underwear/towels. That's actually a good rule of thumb: as many washcloths as pairs of underwear.

Long response. But I really love hot cloth cleansing! So easy! It works! Any cleanser you want, or just water! (And I have spent so much money on skin stuff that didn't.)


@the angry little raincloud I must try this hot cloth cleansing. I feel like everyone says to only use lukewarm water when cleansing so your skin doesn't get dried out, but now I'm curious.

the angry little raincloud

@OhMyGoshYouGuys I was skeptical too, for that reason. But something about the steam from the cloth is very relaxing. If anything, my skin is less dry and reactive now that I do hot cloth cleansing than before. (Maybe that's the retinol? I don't know.)

More details (and another video, but no splashing): http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2011/mar/26/hot-cloth-cleansing-beauty


@the angry little raincloud Thanks for the tips! I'm going to try this. Any excuse to go to Target.

Charlsie Kate

@the angry little raincloud I totally do the same thing with target washclothes. Hot cloth cleaning is awesome, and now I want to go home and wash my face. And then apply my retin-a and go to sleep. Skin care made easy and cheap.


@the angry little raincloud -- I also wash my face this way, but buy packs of cloth diapers from the Target baby section. They're softer on my skin and last forever. You get 8 in a pack for about $1 each.


Bend over the sink more, so your face and hands are below the level of your elbows. Water will not run up your arms.

This may not work if your sink is tall/you are short/you have disproportionately long upper arms.


I am imagining splashing my face with my elbows flapping out to the sides like little chicken wings.


@Inconceivable! It's like you've been in my bathroom watching me all along!


@Inconceivable! Flap flap flap. Like City Dater and The Lady of Shalott said right below me, it may not look as good in commercials as smiling at your mirror while lifting and tossing a double-handful of clear, cool water, but the water will stay in the sink this way. Gravity, gravity, gravity.

Although, I should note that, like City Dater, I also have a tiny, non-telegenic bathroom sink that comes up to somewhere between my knees and my crotch, making the physics of this easier.


@xx-xx-xx I am 5' 11" and my sink level is at mid-thigh. If I bent over so that my face was below the level of my elbows, I would look like one of those bobbing bird toys and be at serious risk of toppling over. So, I wash my face at the kitchen sink. Drives my husband nuts.


If you splash water on your face while leaning in an not-especially-aesthetically-pleasing posture over the sink, rather than doing the television-approved-sun-salutation with a double handful of water, it usually works out fine.
But this could just be something I've worked out with my weird little bathroom sink.


@City_Dater "television-approved-sun-salutation" made me laugh preeeeeetty hard

The Lady of Shalott

I splash my face with water, I guess. I just lean down so my face is near the tap, wash wash rinse rinse, then dry. I have actually never had a problem with water running down my arms? I think I might just lean WAYYYYY forward so I practically have my head in the sink?

Also I rinse my face in cool water/rinse it after crying. It feels good!


My bathroom looks like it rained after I wash my face. I am SO bad at this. Also, my bangs get soaked. Even when I pin them back


i recently stopped "washing" my face. i only use makeup removing towelettes at night and then put retinol cream on. my skin has balanced itself and is pretty much always clear, even during the time of month (ahem) that i always used to break out. pretty great.

(i should add - i rinse it thoroughly in the shower in the morning, but have stopped using harsh/drying soaps and scrubs.)

the angry little raincloud

@wearitcounts Retinol is a wonder product.


@the angry little raincloud PREACH


@wearitcounts I have also stopped washing my face - partly to give my skin a break but mostly because I got so sick of water trickling down my forearms!!


Also, why does no one in face wash ads ever wash their forehead? Are we not supposed to??


@franceschances I KNOW!


Also Jane, explain to the ladies how to explain what to use on faces for boys? I started with dude birchbox and now have a billion.... Things. I'm from a construction work background, nobody ever taught us about this shit (though at one point they did teach me how to break down a Chevy small block engine because I was raised as a walking Springsteen song). I have zirh face wash, face conditioner, scrub w aloe and conditioning serum I think I like (they make my face skin feel a little tight and smooth? Is that good? I think it is good?) cream and a like, and "active dry mud for delicate skin" I use once a week during Treme, but i never know what order or when do I do things. Shave first or after? What gets rinsed and what do I let dry into me? Do I really need to be using a pre shave oil? Do ladies see all of this shit in my house and say "ooh, this grunting clod of a man child is attempting to do shit right" thing or "what the hell does he have all this shit for?"

Hahaha I am so lost and confused. Sometimes I hate trying to be a cool urban dude and wish I could just go back to smelling like road tar, grease, and that fucking orange goo stuff we kept in the shop for scrubbing it off hands.

Jolie Kerr

@leon s: I would like to learn more about this "orange goo" of which you speak and maybe also about the break down of a Chevy small block engine.

up cubed

@leon s Use the orange stuff to exfoliate your feet? It smells SO good, nom nom. Just me?
I think the softening oil stuff makes your beard easier to shave. I use hair conditioner to shave my legs/lady parts. However, my BF uses dove bar soap to wash his hair when the shampoo runs out, so I did it it too (not terrible). Ladies may find your products intimidating, but mostly I'd just want to have a bathroom party and try them all on each other. Happy grooming to you! (edited for poor writing style)

Jane Marie

@leon s i am waffling between answering this here and writing a whole thing up for a Q&A. hmmmm... also, hahahah at companies calling stuff "conditioning" because, what? boys aren't allowed "moisturizers?" adorable.


@leon s oh my god, the orange hand cleaner. I used that years ago in painting class and still remember it, it was MAGIC. I think it's called Fast Orange? It's got ground pumice in it.


@Jolie Kerr I can't remember the brand, but looking online maybe it was the gojo? It's been a long time. But basically, every shop would have this really viscous, citrus heavy liquid soap with pumice in it - like, a super harsh exfoliating gel, halfway between maple syrup and banana pudding consistency, full of grit, which smelled like an orange juice factory. When your hands and forearms were caked in grime, it got the job done.

As for small block chevys... It's been even longer, almost 13 years since I've torn into one. But they are, hands down, the pinnacle of your archetypal American gearhead culture. A family of very closely related engines in production from the mid 50s to the late 90's - a production run exactly spanning the teenage years of myself, my old man, and and his old man, and all three of sharing a name - the ubiquity, simplicity and interchangeability of parts made them, in my opinion, the best motors in the world to learn on and screw around with. When I was a teen and Fast & The Furious tuner culture was big, the guys like us who loved American muscle still knew how our cars worked. A lot of that is carburetors instead of fuel injection, and the lack of any need of electronic knowledge beyond keeping the starter, alternator and distributer wired right. I miss it a lot these days, it was a rewarding hobby, but it's ultimately a dead end. Gas is quadruple the price of when I was racing on backstreets, the cars are too old to have body parts easily accessible.

Ha. This has gone on way too long, and now I'm wistful. But I stand by my original questions to Jane! I'm glad I got to be a greasy boy swinging wrenches in shitty old barns as a kid, but as that world ends, I want my facial and skin care to advance with me. It's a good thing that hybrids and electric are killing off the cars I love, and it's got to be a good thing to move from a single bar of soap and can of barbasol to a bigger variety of more effective face gunks.


@leon s Um, all I know about men's skin is lots of moisturizing stuff, cuz dudes tend to have much drier skin than women, because their skin is thicker.


@leon s In general, the less you do to your skin, the better. Birchbox is fun, but you don't need fancy shaving sets, skin oil, moisturizer, serum, etc. Maybe definitely use SPF every day. I would concentrate more on what you put in your body, because that shows up on your skin.
I have read so many articles saying men's skincare and makeup will be the next major consumer trend. Just do a Google search of "South Korean Men Wear Makeup". They've sold every dog damn product they could think of to make women feel inadequate. Guess what, now it's your turn! But for real with the SPF.


@leon s That orange goo is the best!! And I think you're right re: brand. It's amazing for getting dried paint off your hands (and forearms and face, if you're me).

Also, my husband really likes the Aveeno face scrub I have? It's the only face product I have that he uses. Plus it's pretty cheap, and you can find it at CVS. He uses it after shaving.


@leon s I want to sit and do facemasks and watch Treme with you!


@leon s Now I'm smelling Fast Orange and feeling nostalgic too! That stuff is the best for old oil and grease--everyone should have a tube in their car (plus a towel) in case of tire changes etc.

I used to be the neighborhood carb rebuilder (partly because I have smaller hands than a guy) and some of the time I was too lazy to use gloves when I rebuilt them after soaking them in that super-toxic shit that you soak them in, and I am pretty sure this is why my hands look fifty years older than the rest of me. I love fancy hand creams that smell nice, but they do fuck-all to help the problem. Anyway, my point is that gearheads can have specific cosmetic needs! You don't have to be a metrosexual or whatever to benefit from high-quality skin care products.

I'd second the SPF recommendation, and also say that my boyfriends have had fewer skin problems when they used "natural" products that didn't have artificial fragrances and lots of propylene glycol or whatever in them.

Oh and two more things: old VWs are easier than Chevys to learn on, especially if you are not very strong; and also now that I have moved to the country I am finding my automotive skills, which I had formerly thought obsolete because I also only know how to work on cars without computer chips and fuel injection, are newly handy when helping fix tractors, loaders, and other rural-type equipment. So don't despair.

Also next time I am in Brooklyn we should have a beer together. :)


@leon s Something about "and a like, and "active dry mud for delicate skin" I use once a week during Treme" is just so endearing!

My BF says that he knows nothing about any of this stuff, and I believe him pretty much. He also says he doesn't care about it either, and this part I don't believe at all due to the gleeful way he exits my bathroom post-shower and says, "I tried your [whatever product]! Smell me!"

As an aside, he uses those Noxzema pads on his face. I (a sensitive-skinned lady) tried one once and holy hellballs, what are those things made of, lye?

Judith Slutler

@leon s In my opinion, try out Clinique's 3 step stuff - soap, clarifying lotion, moisturizer. Works like a charm for me, and I got my boyfriend the moisturizer as a present because he started to really like mine. I have tried to get him to use my clarifying lotion too, but he is like "no that is just way too many products and it will make me feel silly!" However I feel that you're beyond that mentality because you are doing facemasks and things. So, try that!

Birchbox Man@twitter

@leon s Birchbox Man isn't only about finding awesome products for you, we're also about teaching you how to use them. Check out The Guide on Birchbox.com/Men for all you may need to know about men's grooming. But we still want to know about that Chevy engine.


@Jolie Kerr The orange goo is GoJo, AND: it will get those dark grease spots out of dark/colored shirts. It saved my most favorite silk tunic that I had tried EVERYTHING on and was about to toss, with tears. Now I keep a small thing of it in my laundry room.

the angry little raincloud

Also... this is a safe space, right? I have this problem with hoarding samples. Whenever I get samples, I squirrel them away, thinking I'll use them for travel or a special occasion. (This happens a lot with primers. Ooh! I will save this fancy illuminating primer for a special event, but then special event rolls around, and I either forget I have the sample or I'm afraid it will make me look worse, so I don't use it.) Do other people have this problem? I've wanted to join Birchbox-- monthly presents! weeee!-- but I'm afraid I will just hoard samples and when I die, I will die alone with piles and piles of unused samples dating back to the first Bush administration. Do the rest of you just use your samples? Like, la la la, I have a sample of moisturizer, let's use that baby? How do you do it?

Jane Marie

@the angry little raincloud SHE WHO DIES WITH THE MOST SAMPLES WINS

Jolie Kerr



@the angry little raincloud --I'm like this, too. I use many of them, but I like hoarding them. It makes me feel RICH in beloved assets. But I quit Birchbox after a few months, after the following sequence of events took place:

1.) was delighted with the first month's samples, 2.) they became less appealing and stayed that way for the next few months (every month a new nail polish and fragrance sample? taking up the place of something else to give me some variety? Really?), 3.) the last straw, I read some celeb gossip magazine and saw that Birchbox had a "gifting suite" for celebrities at some event. My reaction was, "I'm sitting here like a chump paying $10 a month to wait around for a box of samples and these rich, famous women get to swan in and grab whatever they want? Forget it, bye-ya." I felt like, if that's the direction Birchbox was going, courting freakin' celebrities with what used to be a sweet little treat for the likes of me, then it suddenly became less "whee" and more "I'm just the peon who pays for them to spoil the wealthy."

up cubed

@the angry little raincloud Somewhere I read that you should store them in your suitcase, so that you'll automatically have them when you travel. Is there something you only use for special events where you can hoard them?

the angry little raincloud

@Jolie Kerr I might need an intervention.

And can I also say that getting a response from both you and Jane Marie made my freaking day.

the angry little raincloud

@upupandaway This is brilliant. Thank you! Or the work desk drawer? I could be using all those samples to make myself pretty after work?

the angry little raincloud

@Lu2 Oy. OK, no Birchbox. I do not need to subsidize Kim, Khloe, and khompany.

Also, I always resisted because, well, I have a problem (see above), and also, aren't samples supposed to be free? To encourage me to buy the full-size products? (And I do! Sometimes! If I can bring myself to use a sample, sometimes I then buy the full-size product.) Of course, I have been known to order things I don't really need from Sephora just to get a good sample. Which I then never use...


@the angry little raincloud --Sorry to be so negative on Birchbox :), but I agree Sephora is terrific. I usually shop in-store, and they'll make up a little sample of anything for you. I often end up buying the full-size product. In fact, I need to get over there and buy some of the Tarte foundation primer they gave me last time. I always thought that was the dumbest idea, primer for my makeup (actually, I use BB cream), but it's great.

I forgot to add above that I enjoy showering others with my extra samples, especially if they're good ones. I like to take a bunch when I go home for visits and tell my mom to take any and all that she can use. (also, LOL at "khompany.")


@the angry little raincloud I have a whole bag full of birchbox samples sitting in my bathroom--wish we could set up a birchbox sample swap since someone must love some of this stuff? Out of every box I get I use maybe one thing, tops?


@the angry little raincloud This is pretty much the reason why I don't do Birchbox. I love me some products and samples and all, but then after getting a bunch of samples, reality sinks in and I think, "I can't wear this color! It clashes with my skintone!" or "I can't try this cream today - what if it gives me a huge rash???" (Usually a 50/50 chance that it will!) or "Hey, this mascara isn't waterproof!!!!!!" And then pretty soon I've got ten tons of samples and nowhere to put them. From Sephora alone, I already have enough samples at home to last a thousand lifetimes.


@Lu2 THANK YOU!!! I have Birchbox on double-secret probation until the end of the year. It was great at first, and now it is declining like crazy. I even ordered some ultra expensive stuff through them hoping it might liven things up a little, but nooo!
On the plus side, I donated a lot of the more practical samples I haven't used to nursing home hair salons, and to the local battered women's shelter..


@the angry little raincloud - I use them on the weekends, mostly. So, if it turns out great then I am happy that I am extra-beautiful on a day I'm not just a work, but if it turns out awful then at least I'm not at a fancy event. And definitely not on vacation - there are pictures of vacations! You don't want to have bad luck with a product and have that eyeshadow/hairdo/mascara smudge memorialized forever!

Jolie Kerr

@SuperMargie Are you nuts?? KEEP THE LAUNDRY DETERGENT, LADY.


@Jolie Kerr It's a DETERGENT POD, Jolie. A little POD. I remain suspicious of it and it sits on the shelf by my Borax.


@SuperMargie --Seriously, a cloth ponytail holder (a/k/a/ knotted length of fabric)? And another vial of garish Juicy "Couture"* perfume? Non, merci!

*apparently that word no longer means what it actually means.

Jolie Kerr

@SuperMargie Ahhh yes the pods! They're all the rage these days. They pose a terrible threat to children and animals, which is why I strongly advocate for their use.

Charlsie Kate

If you buy nice make up, and you buy it at the right time, and from the nice places, you can end up with an abundance of samples. Trish loves samples. I love Trish. Also, it helps to have a family member (mother, aunt, co-worker) who also buys nice make up and hates samples. They will shower you with samples if they know you want them. Samples irritate certain people. I am happy to take them off their hands. Let your needs be known!


@Charlsie Kate - I wish I was your family member! I buy my mascara during Clinique bonus time, but the only thing I ever actually use up before the next bonus time is powders or lotions or concealers, so I'm just swimming in all these eyeshadows and lipsticks I won't use in a million years. My mom tries to give hers to me and I try to give mine to hers and it goes nowhere.


I know how to do it! But it took years of trial and error, and I can't explain the secret.


@Megano! I wasn't aware that this was a "thing" until now?

Jolie Kerr

@Megano! We'll send the camera crew to your home as soon as they're done filming Jane.


I'm kinda underwhelmed with 85% of the birchbox samples I've gotten so far - the Tarte lip balm and some really obscenely delicious smelling hair oil are the only two I've used and purchased. I haven't given the Eve Lom wash a trial yet because:

1) that shit is expensive and if I like it, I sure ain't buying it
2) why do I need a muslin cloth when I have the face washing instrument of the gods: Clarisonic?


@parallel-lines IT WAS THE OROFLUIDO HAIR OIL, WASN'T IT? That shit... oh my god. I'm still sad I ran out. I need to get some when I get paid again.


Is it just me, or did she say "soak the accompanying MUSLIM CLOTH"?


@tee Probably muslin.


@Misselthwaite Nope, she totally says Muslim!


Dudes, when I rinse my face, I am at a freaking waterpark. I am on the log flume. I leave that bathroom with the ceiling dripping into the puddles on the floor. I don't give a fuck. I love splashing.


@everythingbagel I am sure as hell going to start using the phrase 'on the log flume' as much as fucking possible.


Yes! Even when I try not to splash, the splashes happen. Puddles on the floor. Mirror looks like slip and slide. Dirty looks from people I live with.
So now I kneel on the edge of the bathtub and wash my face with water from the pipe(not shower). Splashes land in the tub. No clean-up or apologizing afterwards, just clean face.


@waitwhat Also, Purity by Philosophy is working for me. It is crazy how my acne disappeared once I stopped using acne products (Clearasil etc). Purity 2x/day and Purity+Clarisonic once per week is working.


I just got one of those tiny-scrubby-fabric-pads that you use instead of a washcloth in the shower and it is AMAZING. To be fair, because I lost my only washcloth months ago and was using a sock instead so I don't remember what a washcloth feels like anymore.


I use that little $5 pink silicone scrubby thing from Sephora and it is so awesome! I feel released from the want of a $160 (or more, because colors!) Clarasonic appliance; I rub gently with the pink thing in little circles and have clean pores. I do this in the shower, so I don't get water everywhere, and because I'm already in there with the water and everything. Why not? Here, clean your face: http://www.sephora.com/precision-pore-cleansing-pad-P262041?skuId=1233691

just reading in a boat no big deal

@tiptoemammal Yes yes yes! The scrublet forever. I got one when I bought the Loreal 360 Go Clean face wash (a very shitty face wash) but I was so pleased to see them sold separately at Sephora. I don't have to worry if I lose mine! Using it feels like a treat and is super relaxing! It's so effective and cheap!


@tiptoemammal - oooo I'm glad you posted the link to that! I have the one from L'Oreal 360 face wash as well, but since I haven't seen that in stores lately I've lived in fear of the day my scrubby thing gets too old and I have to replace it and don't know how.


Hey there! Loving the activity in this comment section. By the sounds of it, you haven't heard about DripKnots. They're absorbent wristbands that stop the water from dripping down your arms and getting all over the place. They're awesome! Check 'em out and say where you heard about them in the comment section of your order. I'll give you 20% off! www.DripKnots.com Cheers!


Hi again! If anyone's interested in keeping their sleeves, counter and floor dry when washing your face at the sink use code DripKnots20 to receive 20% off. Let me know what you think of them! www.DripKnots.com


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