Friday, November 16, 2012


And the Best Razors Are...

The Wirecutter shaved itself flawless finding the best hand-held (non-electric) razors in the world. What are they? Merkur safety razors and the Gillette Venus Embrace.

The picture accompanying the piece (of the Merkur) is shiny but reminds me of the one I once accidentally dipped into my knee. Why can't we just roughly brush hair off?

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Does anyone have experience with an electric shaver (like for a fancy man's face) for a lady. For pits and, ahem, other coarse hair? I can't imagine it would be efficient on the full leg...but I have been thinking that an electric shaver might be just the solution for all those not-flat areas with coarse hair. Thoughts?


@gobblegirl I use the trimmer attachment on my boyfriend's electric shaver for my pubes, but never shave all the way down. That way lies pain and rashes for me.


@frigwiggin I was going to link to an electric trimmer set I bought off Sephora, only to discover they no longer carry it, but it's the Bliss/Philips bikini perfect trimmer. It comes with all sort of heads and attachments, of which I use only two, but I really like it. I don't use it on my pits, which I find easier to shave with a regular razor, so can't speak to that.


@gobblegirl I use the Trimstyle seen here: http://www.schick.com/ca/en/quattro-for-women.shtml It was like $14 and does a pretty decent job. I have to replace the battery frequently though. I get awful ingrown hairs from shaving my lady parts with a regular razor, and fuck waxing.


Talented, I always knew it!@n

Toby Jug

In/Re razors? I like to buy the men's version of stuff. It tends to be cheaper, better, and less pink.


@Toby Jug Although I do have a (kind of old) Gillette venus something or other (it's blue), and I like the non-slippy-ness of the handle. That said, the version of actual snap-in razor blades I buy is pretty much always the dude version.


@Toby Jug I really want to switch from my Gillete Venus to the dude version. I bought replacement blades for it yesterday and only got a four-pack because EXPENSIVE! We make less money and have to pay more for our personal care items. Unacceptable!

Reginal T. Squirge

Oh, I refuse to spend any money on anything that is marketed as "for men".


@OhMyGoshYouGuys right? I buy men's deodorant, only use regular soap, and conditioner, and switched to men's razors. F u patriarchy.


Try the potato gloves from Williams-Sonoma.


I gotta say yes on the Venus razor. I got one for free with my bag of cheapo one-time razors this summer, and it literally lasted me from July 4 through about two weeks ago.


Ahh! Just this morning I took a HUGE chunk out of my leg with my cheap, Bic-or-something razor. Does anyone else also sometimes slice their fingertips, but just a tiny bit so there are those three little flaps of skin? Guhh, razors.


@lora.bee ew, yes, totally. I'm not really sure how I DO that, since my fingers are usually nowhere near the blade? but yes.


@lora.bee Every once in a while, but more frequently, I will take off the tip of a fingernail. I don't know how I do it, either.


@lora.bee Gah! I take bits out of my nails too, drives me crazy. Skin flaps not so much but it has happened.


I would like to know more about this magical wonderland where razors don't require multiple passes. Maybe I'm just a yeti?


Finally, the appropriate internet forum to vent my pent-up grief: WHY did Gillette stop making Sensor Excel razors for women? Why?? They had those wonderful wide, rubbery handles and gave me the best shave ever.

I seriously tried 3 different kinds of razors after they stopped selling them, and they all sucked. I eventually switched back to Sensor Excel for men, which still make my legs super smooth but are way harder to hold on to.


@OneTooManySpoons Can you wrap a couple of rubber bands around the handle?


@OneTooManySpoons You can buy them on Amazon! I have done this and it is amazing. You can still (for now) buy the blades at Bed Bath and Beyond (at least the one by my house). You can pry that razor from my cold dead hands.


@OneTooManySpoons Email me at helpspoons at outlook.com and I'll send you my extra.


@OneTooManySpoons yesssss i just googled this to see what type of razor it is. I have the handle to this razor but I had no idea what it was called so now I can find blades for this or buy it in a new color on amazon apparently....I'm so excited.


@notdrinks I know I'm ridiculously late in returning to this (forgot about it until now), but just so everyone knows, the men's blades fit the women's razor! I didn't realize this for a long time. So if you still have the razor, you lucky ducks, you can continue buying blades for it without having to make special trips/orders. Plus, men's blades are usually cheaper, for some perverse reason I don't understand.

Also: Amazon!! Oh yes. Oh yesssss. This will complete my Christmas list.


How very timely: the fiance just bought a vintage merkur yesterday as a special consolation prize for the fact that, after 5 years of sporting an excellent beard, he has to start shaving for a new job. i was sad to see it go; it kind of feels like i'm engaged to a new, fresh-faced guy who only vaguely resembles my hunny. anyway, he got his merkur from an antique store; it was made in the 50's but looks brand new. pretty amazing craftsmanship. and it did shave him nice and clean in the end.


@anniemac The one time my dad shaved off his beard as an adult (on a bet), my mother lost him in the Whitney Museum.


@anachronistique My dad had an on-again-off-again beard when I was growing up, and one time he shaved it off right before coming to pick me up--I was maybe in 3rd or 4th grade at the time--and he had his big coat on, and when I ran over and saw him up close I thought I'd run up to the wrong person and started freaking out. He thought it was funny. >:[


@anachronistique When I was little, my dad shaved off his mustache. I'd never seen him without one and I cried.


@frigwiggin, Hellcat Solidarity high five! According to my parents I was terrified of beardless men as a baby because my dad and most of the other men I saw regularly had facial hair. Goddamned hippies.


Re: roughly brushing the hair off your legs -- does no one else remember that this was a thing? Those sandpaper mittens that you would rub all over your body in a swirly motion, to remove hair and exfoliate? I swear to god those were a thing, like at one of those mall kiosk places in the early 90s when I was twelve-ish.

AND: they worked exactly as advertised, and not just by tearing all the skin off your body either. they did not rip the hair out, they sort of painlessly polished it off. basically, yes, the williams-sonoma potato gloves.


@queenofbithynia I can only imagine that they disappeared without a trace because they were time-consuming and deeply stupid.


@queenofbithynia These are still around, I see infomercials for them every once in a while. They look awful though.

the roughest toughest frail

@queenofbithynia Ugh, I used an off-brand version of the As Seen On TV hair-scrubbers (yeah, it's a thing) on my arms. It removed the hair, but my skin hurt so badly, I ended up sobbing on the couch with ice packs tied to my forearms.


@abetterfate Me too! Well, except it was my legs that were in extreme pain, and it wasn't an off brand. No good AT ALL.


That's funny, I just started shaving with a Merkur a few weeks ago. It does feel nice to shave with something so cheap and cheesy, but it doesn't really help with my razor bumps like I hoped it would. I'd like to get laser hair removal someday.


I've been shaving my legs for nearly 20 years, and I still cut myself approximately 9 out of 10 times that I shave with a non-electric razor. Always knees or ankles, usually both. I'm never going to get better at this, am I?


@Kivrin Maybe you need a better razor? I never cut myself with a good quality razor, but if I run out and have to use a crappy Bic it's like shaving with barbed wire.


@likethestore If only. But no, it's really just me. I am a klutz.


I have scars on my legs from cutting them while shaving (ankles and knees). I just don't bother with it any more, because enough is enough.


I love my Venus Embrace razors, I made the switch from the Divine ones and never looked back. So sharp! So smooth! (I swear I don't work for Gillette.)


When I was in high school, my brother got a free Gilette Mach 3 in the mail, and I stole it. I haven't explored other options since. It does the trick, more or less, and the men's replacement blades are so much cheaper than the women's. The handle is pretty slippery, though.

up cubed

The 5 blade ones with the moisture bars seem like they wouldn't fit in tight spots or over sharp angles. Anyone have suggestions for that?


When I was in high school, the PETA club gave out these pamphlets saying that Gilette tested on animals and I have never bought anything made by them since then. Does anyone know if they still do this? If not, I'd be more than happy to upgrade my current crappy disposable razor. (I'm scared to Google it for fear of the upsetting images that might pop up.)


@lexmarie You can probably find out here. I shop with one of the little guides that they'll send you:
Leaping Bunny



I actually ended up doing a No Shave Summer, because lazy, and also sensitive skin that always gets bumps/burns/ingrown hairs from shaving. Sort of decided that if someone thinks I am less of a human/woman for having body hair, they are not the kind of person whose opinion I care about.


@twinkiesandwine Oh, bumps and ingrowns, man! Sensitive skin and shaving do not mix! And, yes, I too am lazy about this and pretend I'm not... by running a razor over my virtually hairless 'pits and saying to myself, "Done! I have groomed!" The legs and the lady business I'll find any excuse to ignore, though once it hits a certain stage, I give in.


I use a Braun Epilator on my legs and the electric shaver attachment on my ladybits. Way less hassle than shaving with a razor for me...but admittedly I don't have dark leg hair or high standards. A certain gentleman I know might like the Merkur for X-mess though, so this is very helpful!


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