Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Women Laughing Together for Fitness

"In this study, people laughed more readily and lustily when they watched the comic videos as a group than when they watched them individually, and their pain thresholds, concomitantly, rose higher after group viewing."

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I'm in it for the endolphin rush.


@Decca Also, this made me howl: "It’s difficult to study endorphin production directly, however, since much of the action takes place within the working brain and requires a lumbar puncture to monitor, Dr. Dunbar says. That is not a procedure volunteers willingly undergo, particularly in a study about laughing."


@Decca I don't know what an endolphin rush is but it sounds awesome and I want one.


Classic love this :)@k

fondue with cheddar

This makes sense. I love a good comedy, but I don't enjoy them nearly as much when I watch them alone. I also don't think I laugh when I'm alone, even if something is funny.


@fondue with cheddar I almost never laugh when Im watching something alone, in a really creepy way. One time a roommate commented that the movie I was watching must not have been really funny. Then she sat down and I finally started laughing.


fondue with cheddar

@KatnotCat We're not weirdos, we're just social!

Okay, we're probably weirdos, but we're social weirdos!


@fondue with cheddar
I laugh too much when I'm alone, even when a funny thought just pops in to my head. I think I'm slowly creeping in to 'The Crazy On The Bus' territory ...


So you're telling me that if I laugh alone with salad, it doesn't count as exercise?


@TheLetterL I think struggling to drink water exerts more energy.


@aliceandstuff Lunchtime is saved!


Tell that to my neighbours who have to deal with my cackling all the time.

fondue with cheddar

Is this why I was so skinny when I was a kid...because my grandpa tickled me a a lot?

Reginal T. Squirge

I talk about this all the time! I know something's really funny if I laugh out loud while watching it alone, (which is how I watch most things...)


@Reginal T. Squirge Yeah, me too. Sometimes I'll read something hilarious on the hairpin and then my phone will ring at work and I know that if I'm struggling to focus, it was truly, truly funny.


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