Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Vote! Vote!

Just as a reminder, today is the last day to register to vote! Vooote.

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Not everywhere! Check that list for your state's rules -- in some places, you can register in person on election day.


@carbonation Buuuuut, why wait?! Register now now now today today today.


ahahaha great stuff! @l


Doooooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit


Scroll down for state-by-state deadlines. Today is 10/9/2012 and 11/6/2012 (Election Day in the United States) is exactly 28 days from today.


Oregon has this voting thing down.

Vote-by-mail only. You can register to vote online. Ballots must be received by the County Elections Office or put in the lockbox at designated dropsites by 8pm on Election Day (postmarks don't count).

Of course there's still a mad rush to the lockboxes from 5-8pm on Election Day, which I find hilarious.

acid burn

@() And in the morning! The Multnomah County building is on my commute and I always forget to take an alternate route on Election Day.


@acid burn Yep. You have to reroute around all known dropsites.


@() THANK YOU THANK YOU. i had no idea you could register online in oregon. i love my state!!! (and i reeeeeeally love voting by mail)


Ahhhh craaaap I have mine sitting at hooooome. Thank goodness I have until 15 days before to mail it in (if I'm reading that right?). I mean, it's California, so we're not a swing state or anything, but I still live in a pretty conservative community so I wanna stick it to 'em anyway.


@frigwiggin California has some important ballot measures, notably Prop 30 (millionaires' tax - I'd vote yes yes yes!!) and Prop 32 (no - it claims to take 'special interest' money out of politics, but oddly enough (not oddly) it only applies to unions and not corporations).

up cubed

@frigwiggin CA rules suck! When I moved within the same zip code, I tried to update the address, but you actually have to re-register when you move. And as far as I can tell, you aren't allowed to register day-of, you have to pre-register.


Are you having trouble with voting or same-day registration procedures, or is someone giving you guff? Look for me, I will be available to help you/yell at people as needed! Caveat: only applies to residents of poor, majority-black Milwaukee neighborhoods.

Sign up to help, too!


For folks who don't think that their vote counts, please read what I have to say.

It's true: depending on where you live, your vote might not count as far as the presidential election goes. I'll give you that. BUT, please please please go vote anyway, because your vote DOES count in Congressional and Senate races. Depending on the state you're in, there will also be local matters such as school budgets or other amendments* to vote on. YOUR VOTE DOES COUNT in these races!

Realistically, it's a lot more important to vote for your members of the House and the Senate than it is to vote for the president. These are the folks who actually MAKE the laws, the folks who influence what gets to the President's desk. I'm not saying that the president is completely ineffectual, but if you really want to have a say in government, realize that you have more of an impact when voting for Senators and Congresspeople. These are the members of our government who are supposed to act as direct representatives of the people, and as such, they have a TON more involvement in legislation than the president does.

So in conclusion, please please PLEASE register to vote and then get out there and actually do it!

*For example, four states are voting on gay marriage this election season: Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington.


@wee_ramekin Minnesota isn't actually voting on gay marriage - as in making gay marriage legal. I WISH we were so forward thinking. We are voting on a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage (which already is not legally recognized).

We also have a vote on instituting a voter ID law. Currently, Minnesotans can register to vote up to and on election day, and there are many ways they can do so. You can even have a registered neighbor vouch for you. There is no evidence of fraud or abuse as the system stands despite it's flexibility.

Vote no twice, keep Minnesota nice! (end psa)

Pariah Carey

@MissMushkila Speaking of, I hope you saw the BRILLIANT "Vote No Twice" seed art with accompanying seed poem at the Minnesota State Fair this year, or at least a photo of it. That last sentence basically sums up why I love living here.

apples and oranges

@wee_ramekin Hell yeah. To everything you said, I heartily agree.

We're also voting on a state version of the DREAM Act in Maryland this year! And redistricting! And allowing a casino in one county! So so many important things on our state ballot this year.

I'm still in college and it makes me crazy to see people say they don't need to vote because Maryland's always a blue state, blah blah. They don't even realize we have all these referendums on the ballot. VOTING IS ALWAYS WORTH IT. (Plus, I know the PA voter ID law thing isn't going to happen anymore, but the idea of apathetically not voting when there are neighboring-state citizens being disenfranchised for crazy political reasons... that is infuriating)


@MissMushkila Minnesota is still forward thinking, right?! So forward thinking we will turn out the ridiculous legislature that put this on the ballot in the first place? I've already returned my absentee ballot - Voted No Twice! Now I'm going to harass my apathetic Johnnie dude-bro brother to do the same or he is not getting a Christmas present.


@Pariah Carey I DID! That is where I stole the slogan from. If that were a bumper sticker, I would totally put it on my car. I took a picture of the seed poem and posted it on facebook.

You also have to love that as a state, we display political art made out of seeds once a year!

Yes! I didn't mean to bash MN - I love it and basically refuse to leave (see: political seed art). I just feel like the political debate here has been as if we are about to legalize gay marriage and like there is a lot of confusion about what the upcoming vote is actually about. I'm also super frustrated with the ENTIRE United States for mostly being really far behind the rest of Western civilization on this issue of civil rights!


@kangerine For other Maryland residents: You can check your registration online. This tells you if you're registered, what your polling place is, and has a link to a sample ballot for the upcoming election.


Also, just a tiny PSA: besides the presidency there are some very serious issues on state ballots this year, among them equal marriage rights votes in Maryland, D.C., Maine and Minnesota, marijuana legalization of up to an ounce in Oregon, Washington and Colorado, and privacy- and abortion-related laws in Florida. Please take some time (if you haven't already) to educate yourself on your state's ballot issues this year so you can knowledgeably fill out your form on Election Day! :)

ETA: Annnnd now I see wee_ramekin beat me to the punch on mentioning some of these things! But it can't be said enough, so... please, arm yourself with knowledge and then vote.


Just double-checked last Friday that I was all set! Phew!

Also, my state will in no way shape or form determine whether President Obama gets back in office. But I'm damned well gonna vote my hardest to get Elizabeth Warren in the senate!


@TheBourneApproximation and everyone: there are a million different organizations to get involved with and through which to get out the vote for your candidates. Here is one: the AFL-CIO's Friends and Neighbors tool. You can log in via Facebook (or not!), match up your friends, call them and a targeted list of voters, and enter what the voter said (supporting Warren or Brown, for example).
An extra bonus is that you get points for matching your friends and for making calls. With 700 points, you can get online ads for Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin, etc., to reach 10,000 more voters online. http://fan.workersvoice.org/users/login
Sitting by the sidelines and hoping hoping that your candidate wins is not nearly as satisfying and effective as acutally tlaking to people about voting. To be clear, @TheBourneApproximation, I'm not calling you out. I'm going to call my people in MA tonight!


@TheBourneApproximation: Please get Elizabeth Warren in the Senate!

Also, Missouri, please do your thang and remove Todd Akin from our lives and the House SciTech Com.

all the kittens in the club gettin nipsy

Can I just say that I spent the weekend wandering around various websites being SO CONFUSED about whether I've already missed the cutoff for overseas absentee voting in my state (Maine! Gay marriage referendum! Third time I've voted on one of these referendums, ugh just pass it already!). Either I'm already too late because I didn't get a ballot request in yet, or I have 10 more days to register, I'm still not sure. I have to call the elections office probably. But I hate talking to people on the phone. Anybody here know about overseas voting?


@all the kittens in the club gettin nipsy

No phones necessary it looks like! You can even email your application and ballot, but you should probably do it very soon: http://maine.gov/sos/cec/elec/voter_info/uocava.htm

all the kittens in the club gettin nipsy

@highjump but the Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot was the thing that told me I'm already too late. Do I go with what Maine says over what the ballot says? I guess so?

all the kittens in the club gettin nipsy

@highjump Oh well I filled out another request on the Maine site anyway, just to see if they might send me a ballot. Maybe!


@all the kittens in the club gettin nipsy Absolutely, yes, go with what Maine says if you are in fact a resident of Maine. This, and most voting things, is a state/county issue (unless your state has extra federal oversight for repeat violations of the voting rights act, which I do not believe Maine does).


This is simply not true everywhere, please change the post. If anyone is still reading this on the 10th, you might not be off the hook yet! You perhaps can still vote! VOTE

minty fresh

I registered to vote with a volunteer on the street a couple weeks ago. And when I checked to confirm my registration there was no record. How do I know if my registration is processing or if I need to do this again somewhere else?


@minty fresh Which state? And was the volunteer associated with a party, campaign, or other organization?


Thanks for the reminder! I knew I was registered, and I know who I'm voting for for President, but there are a bunch of local questions on my ballot that I don't know anything about that I'm off to research now (I'm in MD; I know how I'm voting on the marriage referendum, but there are some things on the [Montgomery] County level I'm not sure on).

It seems most states will let you see a sample ballot online, so you can prepare in advance (I did not know this!).


* Offer not valid in Ohio, Pennsylvania or Florida. Some restrictions on race may apply. Please see your lawyer to see if voting is right for you. Side effects may include rage, sputtering and too many drinks on election night.

Craving Brownies

My workplace has a very public (non-super) P.A.C. I don't agree with all the P.A.C lobbying, but they do organize on-site voter registeration. Being new to the state, walking over to the company cafeteria to register and get a free donut was pretty nice. More work places should do this.


My office has a new receptionist, who is pretty damn OK at her job, BUT the other week she told me she actively goes out of her way not to vote. It broke my heart because she sounded...almost proud of herself about it. Good job, rebel, your apathy is soooooo cool. Ugh. :(

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