Wednesday, October 10, 2012


'Tig Notaro Live'

In case you missed it, the excellent Tig Notaro has a stand-up special available through Louis CK's site. He has this to say about it:

Tig is a friend of mine and she is very funny. I love her voice on stage. One night I was performing at a club in LA called Largo. Tig was there. She was about to go on stage. I hadn't seen Tig in about a year and I said how are you? She replied "well I found out today that I have cancer in both breasts and that it has likely spread to my lymph nodes. My doctor says it looks real bad." She wasn't kidding. I said "uh. Jesus. Tig. Well. Do you ... Have your family ... Helping?" She said "well my mom was with me but a few weeks ago she fell down, hit her head and she died." She still wasn't kidding.

Now, I'm pretty stupid to begin with, and I sure didn't know what to say now. I opened my mouth and this came out. "Jeez, Tig. I. Really value you. Highly." She said "I value you highly too, Louie." Then she held up a wad of note-paper in her hand and said "I'm gonna talk about all of it on stage now. It's probably going to be a mess." I said "wow." And with that, she went on stage.

There's more, and it's all great. The show is, too, and it's only $5 — $4 goes to Tig, who's also donating to cancer research. (Louis keeps $1.)

Previously: Claire Carusillo's Tig Notaro interview.

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I have listened to it twice now, and I am still amazed that she was able to be so, so funny (and touching!) off the cuff. The audience response is also heartwarming. Hoping she can take a tiny bit of solace in turning such an awful year into a milestone in her career.


GUYS IT'S PRETTY GREAT. I listened to it at work and do not recommend that.

every tomorrow@twitter

@OhMarie I listened to the episode of This American Life that excerpted it on my way home on the bus, and did not cry... but apparently that shit primed me for crying because when I listened to the story that followed about a shark attack I did cry.

On the bus.



@every tomorrow@twitter Oh god, the shark attack story RUINED me.

dracula's ghost

I can not recommend it highly enough. I laughed and I also cried. I was moved and angered and amused. She's an incredible person and a brilliant comedian! Imagine being in that audience....total mind-blower.


Judith Slutler

There's an excerpt of it on this week's This American Life, too. It's really amazing. She's really amazing.


@Emmanuelle Cunt I caught it this weekend! Well, part of it. I tried to make everyone listen to it in the car on the way to a wedding this weekend, but it was a bit too much of a downer for the celebratory spirit, so we had to change it. I was sad, because I was really enjoying it, downer or no.

fondue with cheddar

OH I got this via Louis's email list but I was out of town and didn't have a chance to buy it at the time. Thanks for the reminder! I've never heard Tig's standup so I'm really looking forward to it.

Nicole Cliffe

I totally cried.

Nicole Cliffe


Anna Jayne@twitter

Another vote for cry/laughing here! There is a particular bit that was edited out of the TAL version that was in the longer version in re: greeting cards that had me cackling on the street.

Anna Jayne@twitter

@Anna Jayne@twitter also if you have never seen her making sounds with a stool, do yourself a favor and watch this.

Dog Ballou

The last time the Pin posted something about Tig I got sucked into a vortex of watching her YouTube videos. I literally cried tears of laughter.

This was taking place at work, on my iPhone. Needless to say I did not win a lot of points with the boss that day.

Worth it.
And I'm totally buying this.


I'll add my voice to the chorus--this is really, really good. It's funny and sad and beautiful.


I bought it as soon as I got that email. I also caught an NPR interview with her and later Louis C.K., and I normally hate NPR. I haven't listened to it yet- hard to find the right time for something like this.

dracula's ghost

everything Tig does is wonderful. I saw her last show before she canceled the rest of her tour to go have pneumonia/antibiotics disease/mom death/cancer diagnosis and I laughed so hard I was uncomfortably sore the next day

THE STOOL!!!!! Why is it so funny

Also she does maybe the best, most confident, most predictably awesome crowd work of anyone I've ever seen, including 70s-era Steve Martin


I purchased it once it went up. I've listened to it several times, as well as her podcast Professor Blastoff, and it's amazing in so many ways. Louis was right in saying that it's the best.


My favorite was the absolute mega-absurdity of the bee joke, and the audience reacting to it totally differently than they would have without everything that led up to it. Such a weird catharsis.


This is also a fine time to listen again to the This American Life Groundhog Dayne piece


@noReally yes, this! I'm actually laughing right now just thinking about that piece!


I've only heard the excerpt that was TAL, but I'll second everyone saying how wonderful it was. But Christ, the rest of that episode? I almost vomited numerous times. Couldn't handle acts two and three.


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