Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The Ruthlessometer

In the spirit of Halloween, here's a fairly silly online quiz to determine how much of a psychopath you are (although I bet you already know!), on a polished but hilariously Mystery-esque website. The quiz is essentially an internet sidebar for a new book about the pros and cons of psychopathy, The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success, and which Smithsonian links to in its interview with the book's author, "persuasion virtuoso" Kevin Dutton. (Video interview with Kevin here.)

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The Lady of Shalott

2 out of 33. Does this mean I will never be a successful neurosurgeon/day trader/high-powered executive attorney/Special Forces operator/axe murderer/psycho killer????



@The Lady of Shalott how can it be possible to get such a low score?! Unless that's just what you want us to think ....


@The Lady of Shalott Wait... I got 11 out of 33. Is 2 out of 33 normal? AM I A PSYCHOPATH!? GUYS!?

...I'm worried because Patrick Bateman and I have a lot in common... seeing as we both love Les Miz and those peely facemask thingies.


@lizardjellybean Naw mang, I think the love of the peely facemask was the only thing keeping him semi-human. If you don't love peeling off those facemasks / covering your hands in glue in art class and waiting for it to dry so you can peel it off, you are missing out on a key non-psychopath gene.

At least...that's my story, an' I'm stickin' to it.


I think this site has some really superb info for everyone :D.@t


You can't talk to a psycho like a normal human being...


@Slutface I still want the shirt she wore in the Angry Johnny video. STILL. WANT.


two Mystery mentions in a week!
Actually I realized during the hurricane that that guy from the article about sex being like Ikea or whatever reminded me of....

apples and oranges

@Leanne !!!!!
Oh Rexy, you're so sexy.


@Leanne i hope you like ranch dressing.

evil melis



A 9! Now you all know I am not a psychopath.


Thankfully, we already know that Jane Marie is not a psychopath: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/436/the-psychopath-test ...although she is pretty single-minded about makeup sometimes

Aunt Ada Doom

@allofthewine yay! I came here to say that, too. And I often think the line to myself "You can't be a psychopath, you're too neurotic." and it's soothing.


I scored 24! This is... unsettling.


@RK Phew, it was looking like my 16 was going to be the highest...


@RK Awesome! That makes me feel better about my 13.
There's no hope for you, however.


@Es ...i may or may not have also scored 16.


@Es I was a 16 as well. Hmmmm! I never thought of myself as remotely psychopathic...


@Es I got a 17, but RK, you make me feel way better ;-)


I'm not a psychopath, Zimmerman; I'm a highly functioning sociopath. Do your research.


@wee_ramekin All the LOLs


Somehow I got 109 out of 224?


@Canard Aha! Now I got 9 out of 33. It appears that the more questions you ask me, the more of a psychopath I become. Should I be worried?


@Canard I got 134 out of 224, which is ridiculous, because I have known some actual Sociopaths in my day, and I am most certainly not one. I have parents who come from a culture that prizes emotional control, which means I tend to be in pretty good control of my emotions, and have learned to deal with stress over the years. I'm also stubborn as hell. Apparently these are sociopathic traits. Go figure. So, yeah, I wouldn't worry.

Edit: I just took the little one and got 11 out of 33, so I guess I'm in the same boat as you. But really, unless you manipulate everyone around you for your own gain, regardless of how it affects them, you are not a sociopath.


@Canard I just took this quiz and got a 155/224, a "high" score. Why are ours on completely different scale?


@bocadelperro You know, sociopath and psychopath are actually different classifications. Sociopath is a clinical manifestation of antisocial personality traits, and it's usually a product of environmental adversity. Sociopaths are more likely to be able to feel empathy and form social relationships but have behavioral issues and behave/feel somewhat differently socially than psychopaths. Psychopathy is an innate phenomenon more closely associated with temperament and enduring personality, as well as antisocial or even violent tendencies at a very young age.


@somethingobscure Huh. My understanding was that neither of them were terribly widely-used in psychology. I've been told they are both outdated terms for Antisocial Personality Disorder, but that sociopath was the one that was preferred, because it had less sigma (there are no horror movies called SOCIO, for example). This information is about 10 years old, though, so I stand corrected.

As for the two scales: there are two tests, the "great american psycopathy test" and the "psychopath challenge"

fuck fuck fuck

@bocadelperro i think psychopathy is the older term that used to encompass sociopathy as well. then ASPD began designating sociopathy, while psychopathy is viewed as much rarer and more extreme--i think what sets psychopathy and ASPD apart is that it is necessary in psychopathy for there to be a lack of empathy, which is really rare, whereas most criminals could be diagnosed with ASPD because of its broader range of criteria.


@bocadelperro Great American Psychopathy Test = thing you do at a table at the State Fair.

Psychopath Challenge = world's MOST DISTURBING game show. ("Last week, Shonda blazed through the arson challenge, but the Empathy Gauntlet left her crying at another's pain, so we cut the eyes from her photo and placed it on the Wall of Human Trophies...")


Ha, I feel like some sort of reverse Hermione. "18 out of 33? No! I CAN BE EVILER!"

George Templeton Strong

I think it's a little bit anti-social that to take the test you have to register and receive a password, so I didn't take it. I'm sure my score would be low. Many's the time I've been in some conversational situation where a friend will pull me away and say "don't you realize he/she is an absolute psycho?" and my reply would be "but he/she told me this really funny story about this motel..."


@George Templeton Strong I didn't register. Did you click the right thing?


@JessicaLovejoy I didn't register either!

George Templeton Strong

@Megano! I guess I did click on the wrong thing! I just went back. My score is a paltry 9. A little o/t: my very wise nephew and I got caught in this freak windstorm once, stuff flying all around, walking back from a grocery store where I bought stuff I wasn't asked to buy and forgot to buy stuff I was supposed to buy, and he turned to me and screamed, over the howling wind, "You know if this was a horror movie you'd be the first to go!"


According to Jon Ronson, if you've ever worried you might be a psychopath, you are definitely not a psychopath. So, good news for all my fellow neurotics!


We have the same psychopath score Edith!!!

Although this survey is so unsubtle that true psychopaths will easily be able to rig the results. Even just people with a brain.


@Megano! "Do you ever feel the urge to mutilate animals and torture fellow human beings?"


@Megano! "Do you have any emotions?"


@Megano! "Do you self-identify as a psychopath, y/n?"


@Decca this pretty much the quiz verbatim!


I'm below average? Man, the average person must be a complete psychopath.


@nyikint Wow, that's an oxymoron, if I've ever heard one..


@nyikint Seriously. If I'm "below average" with a 17, then what is AVERAGE?

Reginal T. Squirge

Oh, hey, Mitch Hedberg wrote a book about psychopaths.


I am "high". And I don't care! Probably b/c I am a psychopath! (Lies - I think I just like to talk.)


Scored average on the small one, 22 out of 33 and high on the big one, 157 out of 224. I am completely satisfied with this result.


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