Friday, October 19, 2012


"The result has a cinnamon gruel vibe"

One man attempts to eat all the pumpkin-flavored items available at Trader Joe's, in one day. (Earlier: determining the pumpkin-ness of the current Trader Joe's flyer [28%].)

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sudden but inevitable betrayal

I can take this kind of sarcasm and ridicule when it comes to music, or movies, or books, or advice columns, but a sarcastic, flippant recap of a day of pumpkin-flavored foods? I say, sir, you have gone too far!


@sudden but inevitable betrayal It's ok. He can't even microwave instant oatmeal, so his opinion doesn't really matter.


Damb and thanks and thanks again@j


I am disappointed not to hear his take on the pumpkin-flavored dog treats.

fondue with cheddar

Wow. So much admiration for this guy. I would love to attempt something like this but wouldn't want to run the risk of hating pumpkin for the rest of the season.


All I could think during the article was "Hey, jackass, you are making the oatmeal wrong."


@TheMnemosyne right?! and then he skipped making the pumpkin pancakes which are DELICIOUS. no wonder his experiment failed.

Lily Rowan

@TheMnemosyne Right????




"I pick at a third scone and decide it’s too dry, but then I decide that dry scones are as inevitable as Simon & Garfunkel on a Fleet Foxes Pandora station."

Why does he make it seem like that's a bad thing?

Lisa Frank

@meetapossum Between this dude and the tales of woe in the online dating post, I despair at ever finding a suitable boyfriend again.


@Lisa Frank There's always Mr. Autumn Man.


@meetapossum I mean, it's no "Godspeed You! Black Emperor album." Oh, that's what you Gchatted about? Great dude.

I found this whole thing so fucking irritating.


@meetapossum aren't you supposed to slather them in really good butter? isn't that the point of scones?

Miss Maszkerádi

This post popped up just as I was about to head to my local TJ's and get pumpkin muffin mix. Now i'm afraid I won't like it or it will make me tragically uncool.


My boyfriend is big on the pumpkin thing (well, not so much on the actual gourd--like the guy says, he's into the spices+sugar thing), but that mostly means swarming the closest Mimi's when they officially have pumpkin muffins on the menu. I can't object, although secretly I like the honey-bran muffins more, because those motherfuckers are SOAKED in honey.

sarah girl

If I hear the phrase "pumpkin beer" one more time this season I'm going to flip a table.


@Sarah H. It's "pumpkin ale"


I am an unabashed lover of all things pumpkin (and I actually mean pumpkin; not just fall spices) and this article really bothered me. He admits right at the beginning that he's not really a fan of pumpkin! Why would you do this then?? That would be like me forcing myself to eat strawberry-flavored things all day. (No, I'm not a strawberry fan. Yes, I am human. Yes, I know I'm weird.) I would happily undertake this challenge if Grantland wants to fund a do-over by someone who actually enjoys pumpkin.


@lexmarie To be fair, there's a big difference between actual strawberries and things that are strawberry flavored. Same with bananas. And strawberry-banana flavoring is just a crime.


@lexmarie For real. This article should be titled "Tales from an Pumpkin Grinch."

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