Friday, October 19, 2012


The Little Mermaid's Ricochet Demographic

In case you missed it: fathers also have whozits and whatsits galore.

[From Life of Dad, via Metafilter.]

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Lustful Cockmonster

Well that is my favorite thing of the day so far...Dads are the best, I miss mine.


amazin disney princess dads@j

Passion Fruit

Oh my GOD, this is the cutest! Some of them were so off key, and some of them sang well, and some of them were a bit hubba-hubba.

(Also, I'm going to have to officially rescind my comment made a few weeks ago. Emmanuelle Cunt, you were so right! A fair amount of men DO define themselves by their dadness.)


this song never fails to bring me to tears.

bright young women! sick of swimmin'! reaaaaady to staaaaand

Hot Doom

bllaaaaarrrgggggghhhh. Welp, my ovaries just exploded, how bout yours?


Oh man, I have to call my dad. Once I get all these somethings out of my eyes.


I'm pretty sure that between the ages of of 5-12 (okay I still do it now), I sang that song anytime I was in water. Pool, lake, bathtub, sprinkler, light rain...

And on that note, I should really call my dad more often.


@totallyunoriginal It is still my #1 shower song.


@totallyunoriginal Yup. I have red hair so I identified with Ariel and I always did her dramatic splashing-up-on-a-rock trick in the tub, resulting in water EEEVVVVVERRYWHERE.


Ready to know what the people know. Ask them my questions and get some answers. What's a fire and why does it, what's the word? BUUUUUUUURRRNNNNNNN


@lyzl@twitter BEST LINE BEST LINE


Need to send this to my bro who just became a dad.


Um, I'm realizing, just now that the lyrics to "Under the Sea" are dirty.
"Darling it's better down where it's wetter..." Ew. Childhood ruined.


@lyzl@twitter Psh, that is nothing compared to the priest boner or the phallus on top of the castle on the cover (both of which were on my childhood VHS copy).


@lyzl@twitter I'm pretty sure it's your mind that's dirty. But yeah, if you haven't seen the old cover, you should take a look.


@OhMarie My mom actually kept this to give to me now that I'm an adult person, but I have no room for it (nor do I have a VCR) and it's not worth any money on ebay (yet?).


Oh man, my dad knew (and probably still knows) this song, and everything from Aladdin and Beauty & the Beast too.


@LolaLooksFrench "Gaston" is probably one of my dad's favorite songs ever. (He's a big, hirsute dude. Of course it is.)


@LolaLooksFrench My dad always teased us (his 3 daughters) by "rooting" for the Disney villians, and Gaston was his favorite one.


Super cute. Yay dads and daughters! The dude at 0:36 has an awesome voice. And the asphalt guys were fun.

But Dis-nerd moment: they missed the second half of the first verse; common mistake. "Look a this trove, treasures untold. How many wonder can one cavern hold? Looking around here you'd think, "sure, she's got everything."

And speaking of Dads and daughters, my friend is the daughter of a former Disney animator who worked on The Little Mermaid; he drew bubbles. (He also co-directed Mulan).


@twinkiesandwine Coolest dad ever.



Oh man I'm just going to watch this on a loop for the rest of the day.


One of the best songs to sing out of the entire Disney catalogue.
My dad had a habit of falling asleep during EVERY movie EVER and then waking up in the last ten minutes to ask "What's happening? I thought he was the bad guy?" etc... Aladdin was the only movie he ever stayed awake for, however. And, yes, the missed verse as pointed out by twinkiesandwine is the best of the whole song!

Justine Garrett

My brother sings the entire soundtrack of The Little Mermaid to my three-year-old nephew(!). And my brother knows the entire soundtrack because he had a little seestor (ahem) who was obsessed with that movie.


Ahhhh this song is going to be stuck in my head forever.

Also now I wonder if a Disney song karaoke bar exists...

fruiting body

@Megano! There's a private room karaoke place in my town. My friends and i have been known to rent a room and only sing Robyn and Disney songs. ("Poor Unfortunate Souls" is my specialty)


I want my hair cut by that soulful dude.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

Up where they walk; up where they run; UP WHERE THEY STAY ALL DAY IN THE SUUUUUUN!


All of you need to read this comment on the original Metafilter post and watch the video! http://www.metafilter.com/121037/Look-At-This-Stuff-Isnt-It-Neat#4631987

Is someone cutting onions in here?


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