Thursday, October 4, 2012


The Fish Oil Pill Necklace

Getting enough omega-3 fatty acid to change the balance of oils in your system may help preserve the length of your telomeres, with the potential to reduce the risk of age-related diseases.

Not only are fish oil pills beautiful, they "may actually affect aging."

(Previously: the case for cod liver oil.)

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Fish oil also helps your body recover from exercise-related soreness. I take like 3000mg a day.

fondue with cheddar

@ImASadGiraffe Really? That's great to know. Does it help muscles repair themselves or is it just for soreness in general? The reason I ask is because I've got chronic muscle tension in my neck and shoulders and my muscles ALWAYS hurt. Not the same thing as exercise-related soreness.


@fondue with cheddar (formerly jen325) They've always recommended it for CrossFitters b/c our workouts are intense, but here's a study I found with NIH related to musculoskelatal pain and arthritis:

fondue with cheddar

@ImASadGiraffe Awesome, I'm on the road to arthritis too, so I'll give it a try. Thanks!

fondue with cheddar

@sox Your comment about magnesium isn't showing up for some reason, but I will definitely give that a try for neck tension! I have a lot of trouble sleeping, too.


Ahhhahahahaha very good !@l


And for those of us who are iffy on fish oil for various reasons, flax see oil. Less pretty, but less fishery management worrisome.


@LacunaKale Thanks for this! I was just coming here to say that!

As to the prettiness: my mother used to have those Vitamin E gelcaps when I was a kid, and if we got a wound she would let us pop them to put on it to help it heal. I only got to do it a couple times but always wanted to be able to do it more because I loved to squish them.


@SarahP Elizabeth Wurtzel writes about doing that when she'd cut herself, in Prozac Nation. I always thought it sounded cool but I never really knew what Vitamin E gelcaps were. When I was in Germany I bought the fish oil Omega-3 pills that also had Vitamin E but now I just have Whole Foods brand which, I think, doesn't.


@SarahP YES. My mom had them too, & I would always squish them absent-mindedly until one day, I squished too hard & it popped.(It was great. So great.)


@SarahP my mom did the same thing!


The ones from Target taste yummy!

fondue with cheddar

Yay, I already take these every day. I'm doing something right for a change!


I felt like I sort of emitted a...well, for lack of better word, a smell from fish oil pills. Anyone else?

My old doc used to recommend them for depression but now I'm reading things saying that they actually make depression worse?

fondue with cheddar

@parallel-lines I've never noticed a smell, and I'm pretty sensitive to that sort of thing. Maybe it depends on your body chemistry.

I take fish oil every day and I'm prone to depression, so I'll definitely look into that. Sigh.


@parallel-lines Depends on the quality of fish oil I think, in terms of the smell. Mine is super distilled and the only (very slight) aftertaste I get is lemon-flavored.

I also have a history of depression and I didn't find any change in my moods when I started.


@parallel-lines Try the kind that has a thicker coating on each pill-- enteric coated, I think? Or krill oil. I haven't had any problems with those.


They make me burp fish for a couple of hours though (I take them anyway).

sudden but inevitable betrayal

@Megano! Yeah, I hate that part. :(

up cubed

@Megano! Take it right before bed? Then sleep through your burps :)


@Megano! The brand I take (PurePharma O3) does not have fish burps. If I do burp (rarely), it is lemony, as if I ate some gummy bears. Quite pleasant, actually.


Try Krill oil! They come in smaller capsules and therefore, I don't have to freeze them like I did with regular fish oil to avoid fish burps and general gross feelings.


@acanthe I second the krill oil. Fish oil gave me upsets in my tummy.


When do people take them? I have heard that it's best not to take any supplement before or with caffeine. And with food. For me, it's become a delicate dance of timing, food, and beverage. Plus, I'm always scared that I'm doing it wrong and not actually absorbing the nutrient. Agh.


@hpru I keep them in my desk and take them right as I sit down to work.


@hpru I take mine first thing in the morning (so before caffeine, but not really on purpose).


I take these EXACT PILLS in the photo! They glow!

When I refill my pill box, I pour a whole bunch into my hand and pretend I'm that dude from James and the Giant Peach selling the magical crocodile tongues to a child. EVERY TIME.


Unless you're me, in which case they will cause massive cyst-zits to torment you along your jaw, tits, and bra-line.

Stupid fish with their omega-ness.


I'm allergic to fish so I've done some research and apparently algae is the way to go. It's got a better ratio of the good stuff compared to flaxseed/linseed which has to converted by your body.


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