Tuesday, October 30, 2012


The Beat Goes On

Here's a perfect, feel-good mix of "every genre imaginable" from DJ Z-Trip. Even more impressive: it's a live performance from his 2009 appearance on the public radio program Morning Becomes Eclectic, now, finally, available as a free download.


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Reginal T. Squirge

There's no way this is not good.


Hi really nice posting i realy enjoy it@t


Am I doing something wrong/am I impressively thick-skulled? I try to press "download" both here and on the KCRW site and get taken to an all-black screen with only a music player.

Jane Marie

@martinipie ry right-clicking, or control-click if you're a mac.


@martinipie Thanks for taking one for the team. I'd forgotten how to grab it, though I'm boppin to it.


@Jane Marie Aha! and hoorah!


THANK YOU for posting this mixtape Jane. I wish there could be giant speakers blaring this all over NYC like in the inspirational twerk video for Big Freedia 'Y'all Get Back Now'


I'm only ten minutes in but so far it feels a lot like a Pizzicato Five album.

Mrs. Hutchinson

Oh lordy, this has turned my whole day around.

up cubed

KCRW posted an incredibly creepy (good) music video which may be relevent to your interests: KCRW/50 fingers from Sarah Sitkin http://vimeo.com/45935015


The beat really goes on. We should be doing a good thing for this one. - Kris Krohn Strongbrook

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