Monday, October 22, 2012


"The Author in Fancy Dress as a Side of Bacon"

If you're planning to dress up at any point this month, for whatever reason, Flavorpill has a heartwarming list of Bizarre Vintage Costumes. (Thanks, Phoebe!)

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These are all so awesome it's hard to pick a favourite, but #7 is the one I most want to recreate.


@laserbeams Sort of sad, though, that the cyclops on the right is gazing longingly at the cyclops on the left, who is looking straight ahead and completely ignoring him.

fondue with cheddar

@laserbeams What I want to know is does the eyeball move when they turn their head while the rest of it remains stationary? Because that would be fantastic.


@fondue with cheddar It does sort of look like it! Unless the eyeball on the right-hand cylops has just been put together wonky.

fondue with cheddar

@laserbeams Yeah, I guess it could go either way. *rimshot*


Number 12 is the most brilliant costume I've ever seen. It looks like something out of a Bosch painting, but also like a loony toon!


@bocadelperro I would marry that chicken.


@bocadelperro His noncommital expression is the best. I love that guy.


@SarahP I would fight you for him.


@bocadelperro YES Disgruntled Rooster is the best. I love how the next one is Humpty Dumpty Babe.

sarah girl

I actually recoiled away from the screen at #17.


@Sarah H. Really?! I almost laughed out loud at it!


Put #10 and #11 on a horror movie poster--instant hit. Creeeepyyyyy.

RK Fire

@SarahP: Yeah, those pictures belong in the Creepy Children genre of horror films.


TECHNICALLY, #15 isn't in a Halloween costume, he's an actor in an opera. But now that I've seen it, maybe I'll try my hand at a home-made version of that fly costume (though probably not in gold).

Lily Rowan

@SarahP Most of them aren't Halloween costumes, I imagine. But some are definitely professional and others are definitely not...


@SarahP - It's Vintage Sleazy Nasonex Bee!I also love #19, Sexy Airplane.


@Lily Rowan I like that the side of beef was for a "Fancy Dress Ball." NOT what I think of when I hear that term.


@SarahP I have seriously decided to be a housefly for Halloween thanks to that photo.


I can't read the caption on #20. Is it "last known photo" or "only last row found intact"?

Wendy Nespah

If I can't figure out a costume, I'm going to just strap a phone to my head and call it a day. Also, is that last photo somehow racist??


@Wendy Nespot Oh wow, I didn't even notice they at alt-text.

fondue with cheddar

@Wendy Nespot I hope not, but it is 1910 so who knows? I wish there were notes on what some of these costumes are supposed to be.


Wendy Nespot doesn't stop to smell the roses; She stops to read the alt text.

fondue with cheddar

If we've learned one thing from this piece, it's this: If you should ever travel back in time MAKE SURE YOU DON'T ARRIVE ON HALLOWEEN.


One of the mushrooms in the 3rd pic looks just like Elizabeth Moss!


The wallpaper in #14 is hurting my eyes.

I smell burnt toast

Not a word of a lie, I am going as bacon this year. I will not be 1% as fancy dress as the first dude though.

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