Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Taylor Swift, "I Knew You Were Trouble"

Mumble mumble "dancey, dubstep." And if you're wondering, yes it does get better with multiple listens. Not by too-too much, but by a bit.

Taylor's Red album is due out October 22. Probably. But who's even paying attention. Who's even paying the most attention that they've ever paid anything. Like, this is exhausting.

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This is what my dad must've felt like when I insisted on blasting Paula Abdul in the car everywhere we went when I was 12.


love this woman's music.@l


So this is the song where we all finally admit that Taylor Swift has given up any pretense of being a "country music" artist, right?


@Molly@twitter "Taylor’s new style will certainly appeal to pop fans who can’t handle even the faintest whiff of country music, but a lot of her longtime fans will be turned off by the fact that Taylor is now starting to sound less like herself, and more and more like everybody else."

Was there actually a time when she was super country?


@meetapossum yes! "Tim McGraw"? Super country. Also it should be noted that as a lover of the perfect country-pop song, the dubstep does in fact break my heart, and make we worry about the rest of her album.


Is it not kosher for singers to change their genres?


I really love TSwift, but... I don't think I understand this song.




I am just mad that they cast Taylor as Joni Mitchell in that movie and not me.


@cuminafterall Whaaaat, for realsies? I can't go see that! Now I just have to spend the day listening to Hejira and pretending "Amelia" was written for me.


@cuminafterall THIS is what is bothering me about Taylor Swift, too! I mean, presumably she'll be singing in the movie? I'm just like... Joni's voice is not what comes out of Taylor Swift's mouth and I am pretty sure she won't be able to emulate it well enough to convince me.


@Scandyhoovian Ah, wait! The internet says she's not confirmed! I mean, probably, but still, we can hope. (I'm not sure anybody can do Joni justice other than Joni, though.)

Edith Zimmerman

So NO ONE but me is even a LITTLE BIT into this? Okay. OKAY.


@Edith Zimmerman I'm a little bit into it but my bitterness is overwhelming. First dating a Kennedy, now playing Joni? It's like she's Single-White-Female-ing my dreams.


@Edith Zimmerman I'm feelin' it! I'm feelin' it!

I'm also *really* doped up on cold meds.

Edith Zimmerman

@cuminafterall Also I hadn't seen the "Never Getting Back Together" video until this morning, and she's really annoying in it. Too much jumping and stamping. She moves around too quickly and looks too smug. It wasn't good.

elysian fields

@Edith Zimmerman Oh, I'm so into it! I'll sit in the corner with you.

Sincerely, Jane

@Edith Zimmerman After this and Never Getting Back Together, the hate part of my love/hate relationship with TSwizz may be officially over.

The Lady of Shalott

@Edith Zimmerman Nope! I'm totally on board! (Also parts of this remind me of Regina Spektor.)


@Edith Zimmerman I... Why are there furries in that video?


@Edith Zimmerman you are the only person in the WORLD (except some other people, including me)


@TheBelleWitch Girl I KNOW.


@TheBelleWitch (Dear Prudence would not approve.)


@Edith Zimmerman I listened to it 8 times this morning before work, you're not alone.


@TheBelleWitch When I first saw that video and the furry band, I had this very clear vision of the one raccoon guitar player with all of the eyeliner heading home after the shoot in his Chevy Nova, trudging up the stairs of his sixth floor walk-up, carefully hanging up his raccoon suit in the closet, and then standing in front of the bathroom mirror, quietly removing his painted on nose and eyeliner. When he finishes, he just sort of stands there, staring at his reflection before lowering his head and sighing. He heads to the kitchen to warm up some leftover Chinese food and watches the last 15 mins of the Daily Show before heading to bed.

I imagine it’s much more along the lines of him lighting cigars with his TSwizzle monies and banging raccoon groupies, but a girl can dream.


@Edith Zimmerman
I fucking love furries. More furries for all.
There were also some fursuits in that Rise Against music video Savior for some reason.
I'd like to think they're there just being people but that is perhaps too optimistic?


@Edith Zimmerman Ugh in the video it's too much pointing and I am really confused when she is always switching between the bad lip synching/acting parts and singing. Whaa?

The Attic Wife

@Edith Zimmerman I am BEYOND excited for this album. I love Taylor Swift in an embarrassing, non-ironic kind of way. And I also love the fact that so far, the two singles she's released from Red don't have any slut-shaming.



The Lady of Shalott

@shawbaby I'm not even going to lie, I adore her and I'm sure this song is going to get heavy rotation in my car, just like "Red" has so far.


@shawbaby I've listened to this song approximately 20 times today, so YUP, high five!


Judging by my response to "We Are Never Getting Back Together," this is how things are going to progress in my relationship with this song:

1. ugh what is this song Taylor I don't even
2. I mean... this isn't like most of your other stuff but I guess I can deal
3. Oh well if it's on the radio I guess I don't HAVE to change it


@mangosara I was trying MY VERY HARDEST to avoid that song, and over on Sunday, I was forced to flee the following establishments playing it:

1. a deli
2. a grocery store
3. a wine store
4. a clothing store
5. a different deli
6. a bar

All of this happened over the course of four hours. C'mon, the song isn't that good. Enough already.


@parallel-lines It's all part of Taylor Swift's master plan to earworm her way into your heart

Angry Panda

@mangosara I started with Step 1, then just kept hitting play and now I am at Step 4.

Jessica Kay

@mangosara YES! I'm already on Step 4 by a few listens...... T Swizzle just reels me in EVERY damn time!


Also, a note on that music video: WHO EVEN USES PAYPHONES ANYMORE. Not buying it.


@mangosara Apparently Adam Levine, or so that annoying song they play everywhere would have me believe.

Tammy Pajamas

@olivebee Was that Adam Levine or a lookalike? I couldn't tell. Also, is that song about him/did she date him?


@Tammy Pajamas I believe that's a reference to this song.

Tammy Pajamas

@mangosara Oooooh. I thought the annoying song olivebee was referring to was this Taylor Swift song. Um. I'm out of it. It's early. I still think that the guy in the video looks like Adam Levine though. Also, the other day I sat next to Adam Levine at lunch and while I think he's, hmmmm... not a person I'd like to hang out with, he did take his hat off to eat, which I appreciated.


@Tammy Pajamas Hahaha, I love that you said that about the hat! Men (or people, I guess) wearing hats at a restaurant drives me nuts because I have the stickler-y manners of an octogenarian. It's so common to NOT do this nowadays that people who DO take their hats off to eat are like rare diamonds in a vast wasteland of sludge. Anyways, I, too, would have appreciated it if I were there with you.

prefer not to say

I don't think I'm the first person to say it, but Taylor Swift really is Morrissey for people who like professional football and shop at L.L. Bean unironically.

Daisy Razor

@prefer not to say ...people shop at L.L. Bean ironically? But their boots are so warm and their backpacks so indestructible!

The Lady of Shalott

@Daisy Razor Yeah, what? L.L Bean stuff is actually super durable, and sorry I want some nice sturdy clothing instead of crap? And my L.L. Bean duffel is fourteen years old and going strong!

And I like professional football and I don't think that's a source of shame.

Daisy Razor

@The Lady of Shalott Well, I can see the football thing because lots of people don't like sports, but hating on L.L. Bean is just baffling.

(But then again, I don't like Taylor Swift OR Morrissey, so what do I know!)


startled that I un-lurked just to stand up for taylor, but, this is kinda great? i wish she still was a little country (i'm a little bit country/i'm a little bit dubstep?). plus, she writes a lot of her own songs (with the help of her 40 year old songwriting companion), so there's that, I guess.


It grew on me by the SECOND CHORUS. Having hated it at first.

Its like We Are Never Getting Back Together, which grew on me precisely at the moment that she said "exhausting"


This song just kept confusing me! But I think I like it better than the getting back together song.

Jessica Kay

Anyone else think those last few "troubles" in the song sound just a bit like Lindsay Lohan a la "Rumors"? It's that audio effect.... ehhhh.

Despite, I still heart this song already - thanks to the sweet chorus.


"We Are Never Getting Back Together" is the first T-Swift song I have actually liked. And with this one, it's 2/2. Suppose this makes me a "pop fan who can’t handle even the faintest whiff of country music," but you know what? That is totally true about me and I refuse to be ashamed.


Oh yes, this is so becoming my new air-guitar-lip-synching-when-my-roommate-isn't-home jam. Taylor Swift is good at those. By the way, air-guitaring to Taylor Swift is a great way to get out post-break-up angst. Because seriously, he should've said no.


I hope Ms. Swift makes songs in this new style AND continues to make songs in her country-touched style. I don't know whether I would go so far as to say I actually like her music, but I find it less obnoxious and more sweetly innocuous that most songs out there.


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