Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Sound Tracks: Scottish, Senegalese, and Icelandic Music, and Jazz

Above is Scottish singer Julie Fowlis, one of four featured artists on the second episode of PBS's semi-recurring world-music show Sound Tracks, which airs on Friday but is currently streaming online now in its entirety. It's an extended clip from her segment, about traditional Scottish music and the Gallic language, and that's her husband to her left on the bouzouki, and her nine-month-old baby, Niamh, on her lap. (See also: spells for becoming a Scottish baby and/or specifically Julie Fowlis's baby.) The episode also features segments on Wynton Marsalis, Youssou N'dour, and Icelandic pop-folk band Of Monsters and Men. It's just under an hour, and it's great (SFGate has a more thorough review). Plus it makes you feel smart, and many people on the show are attractive. A one-minute trailer after the jump...

More info on PBS and Facebook. Watch!

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Aw, that baby is dead to the world!
Also that made me want to watch Once again.


A mother's love's a blessing and this mother has a voice of an angel,often listen to Julie on BBC Alba although i only know about three words in Gaelic.@l



...she is wonderful, and this is one of my favorite songs of hers. (Anyone who likes this kind of thing should also check out her collaborations with Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh on Dual, it's fantastic.)


wow, this is beautiful. glad to hear about this new show! i think i saw youssou n'dour a few years ago and he was amazing, too! :)


@samanthaaa Youssou N'Dour is amazing, and everybody should own (and listen regularly to) Egypt.


The episode wouldn't play for me, sadly. PS: anyone else have mixed feelings about Wynton Marsalis? Also, I think I saw him play/give a talk at a high school when I was in the 7th grade and didn't know enough to care. He talked a lot.


THANK YOU for this. I teach a world music class and I'm always looking for new resources. This is perfect.


That was exquisite - thank you for sharing it.


I'm guessing she talks about Gaelic not Gallic (French) but I'm only just watching the video now so could be proved wrong..
Lovely though.


Oh, hey! I totally know the people who made this, and here's some inside scoop-ish information: it took them forever to raise money to do this (second) episode, but they want it to be a series. So... you should WATCH IT ON TELEVISION Friday, so their ratings reflect the interest I'm pretty sure is out there for this sort of thing.

You know, with the Big Bird haters vying for office and all.


She's the one who sings the songs from Brave that make me bawl for hours! "Touch The Sky", I mean, really though.

Also Of Monsters & Men! Also excellent. Can't wait to watch this.


I'm with dontannoyme: It's Gaelic she speaks, not Gallic. Gallic is French; Gaelic is Scottish and Irish.


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