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Sound Tracks: Scottish, Senegalese, and Icelandic Music, and Jazz

Above is Scottish singer Julie Fowlis, one of four featured artists on the second episode of PBS’s semi-recurring world-music show Sound Tracks, which airs on Friday but is currently streaming online now in its entirety. It’s an extended clip from her segment, about traditional Scottish music and the Gallic language, and that’s her husband to her left on the bouzouki, and her nine-month-old baby, Niamh, on her lap. (See also: spells for becoming a Scottish baby and/or specifically Julie Fowlis’s baby.) The episode also features segments on Wynton Marsalis, Youssou N’dour, and Icelandic pop-folk band Of Monsters and Men. It’s just under an hour, and it’s great (SFGate has a more thorough review). Plus it makes you feel smart, and many people on the show are attractive. A one-minute trailer after the jump…

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