Tuesday, October 2, 2012


She's Not Ashamed

Previously: MTV Day.

 Sara Lautman likes music now. She plays guitar in the band Tight Little Ship.

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We're given the tools to tear each other down before we're entrusted with the ones that let us build up ourselves.

Reginal T. Squirge

"Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better."


Good luck with that@l


I totally thought someone was getting pitched into that bonfire.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@frigwiggin Agreed. Hoisted in, and no one was ashamed.


I greatly enjoy how one of the recommended non-Hairpin articles for this piece is "7 Haircuts that 'chop' the years off"


@Megano! The other day one was about 9 warning signs your daughter would be prettier than you. Head met desk.


@Megano! I kind of want to read it to find out if it was written by a witch


@Megano! Ooh, or this one: "Kate Middleton's Bottomless Photos Are Just the Beginning." I think they mean as a sign of the apocalypse.
Or that everyone will now go around bottomless.

And weren't her photos TOPless?

Genghis Khat

@Megano! *Warning signs?* Like you wouldn't just be happy for your daughter that she's pretty? Or not giving of fucks about her appearance because you love her and you're her mother? Ugh. The world is gross.


@Genghis Khat I look forward to their follow-up, "How to Poison Common Household Objects to Off Your Prettier Children."


@lizardjellybean I think there are both kinds of photos of her now. :(


I just wanna say I LOVE your drawing style. It's neat and weird.

That is all.

Stacy Worst

I love the drawings. But I have read this at least 8 times and I'm confused what's going on in it. What's it about?


@Sister Administrator I think it's about a girl who starts insulting people to feel powerful, but I admit I was confused too.


@Sister Administrator
I believe it's about a girl who begins bullying her peers(or attempting to anyway) because she is insecure. But rather than letting it go when she's called out on it, she clings to it, as though she were right all along. She uses it as an anecdote later in life, the last frame is of her realizing she let pride get in the way of righting her wrong, and that she was insulting this girl for be what she wanted to be; comfortable in her own skin.

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