Monday, October 22, 2012


RIP, George McGovern

In addition to getting name-checked in Charlie Daniel's "Uneasy Rider" (before Charlie got really weird on us), he was a BAMF, and a person who took the responsibility of politics very seriously, for what it's worth.

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Tangentially apropos, I saw Charlie Daniels at the Grand Ole Opry a couple years ago and it was awesome.

And RIP Mr. McGovern. Hope you enjoy your fiddle of gold; wish you could have won it in '72.

Judith Slutler

I talked to my Mom about him yesterday, and she said that she remembered George McGovern saying that his liberalism was inspired by the things his own father (a pastor I think) used to say in church. When one of the elder McGovern's friends complained about having a high income tax bill, the reply was apparently, "Praise the Lord! You had a good year."


Oh Nicole, thank you so much for reaching inside my head. As I may have mentioned here before, my father's a huge old-school Charlie Daniels fan (I had a doll I named Trudy growing up.) So all I've had stuck in my head all day is "voted for George McGovern for President" in Charlie's twangy voice. I thought I was alone in this and am delighted to find I am not.


My friend's family lives in a house he once inhabited. The house itself is pretty cool, and I like it all the more knowing he walked those floors.

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