Monday, October 22, 2012


RIP, George McGovern

In addition to getting name-checked in Charlie Daniel's "Uneasy Rider" (before Charlie got really weird on us), he was a BAMF, and a person who took the responsibility of politics very seriously, for what it's worth.

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Tangentially apropos, I saw Charlie Daniels at the Grand Ole Opry a couple years ago and it was awesome.

And RIP Mr. McGovern. Hope you enjoy your fiddle of gold; wish you could have won it in '72.


This song sure brings back memories for old dudes like me that were young long haired kids back in 1973 in the south when this came out. Didn't think I would get out a few bars without a fight myself back then...@j

Judith Slutler

I talked to my Mom about him yesterday, and she said that she remembered George McGovern saying that his liberalism was inspired by the things his own father (a pastor I think) used to say in church. When one of the elder McGovern's friends complained about having a high income tax bill, the reply was apparently, "Praise the Lord! You had a good year."


Oh Nicole, thank you so much for reaching inside my head. As I may have mentioned here before, my father's a huge old-school Charlie Daniels fan (I had a doll I named Trudy growing up.) So all I've had stuck in my head all day is "voted for George McGovern for President" in Charlie's twangy voice. I thought I was alone in this and am delighted to find I am not.


My friend's family lives in a house he once inhabited. The house itself is pretty cool, and I like it all the more knowing he walked those floors.

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