Monday, October 1, 2012


Ramens of Japan

"Here I stayed at a traditional ryokan (Japanese inn) where I was served another teishoku that was brought to my room by the innkeepers promptly at 6pm. It included the usual rice, fish, tempura, some smoked pork, but also a small bowl of fried grasshoppers. Another great slice of historic Japan. After the meal I went promptly to bed at 7:30pm because the sun went down and there were no lights!"
—If you can't get to Japan, you can at least scroll wistfully through beautiful internet slideshows chronicling the wonderful things people ate there. There's also a bourbon hot dog.

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This is highly relevant to my interests. (namely thick chewy resists-your-teeth noodles and salty broth and seaweed and also raw fish and vinegary rice and burn your nose horesradish and mochi and redbean paste oh m god can you tell Japanese food is my favorite?)


Next time I go to Japan I really want to go Osaka because it is like Food Capital.


My grilled cheese sandwich has suddenly lost its charm. :(


I want to go to Japan! Me me me. My boyfriend doesn't see the appeal of traveling outside the US. :( (And also assumes that, as a picky eater who doesn't like a lot of Japanese cuisine, that he would be unable to eat anything ever there. Which, I can't blame him; in college, my vegetarian roommate went to Japan over the summer to study, and while they were on lockdown thanks to a swine flu scare, one of the vegetarian options offered to her was spaghetti with ketchup.)


@frigwiggin I am a partial vegetarian and my sister is a full one and we went! Granted, we did not eat a lot of authentic Japanese food (we went to Japanese Subway a lot, but Japanese Subway actually has MORE veggie friendly stuff than here?) but even western food there is really, really good. Like, we had some pretty killer pizza. Also, there are lots of guides to Vegetarian places in Tokyo that we used! So, it is possible, you just have to do a bit more research than you would if you ate anything.

Molly QTK.@twitter

Currently living in Japan, trying to make sure I eat all of the things. Except I'm always too drunk to properly remember every time I get ramen (perfect greasy drunk food if your boozed up foreigner hands can still work the chopsticks, or just use your fingers)... Fun fact: the drinking culture here is even more bananas than the food culture. Also, I can guarantee that pretty much anything you get on a stick will be stupid delicious.

Oh, squiggles

I want to go to there, and I want to eat all the things.


My favorite ramen blog: http://www.goramen.com/ Seriously, this guy started out reviewing ramen years ago with no idea that he'd end up moving to Japan to become a ramen chef! He's a little behind on updates but it's still super awesome and full of yummy pictures that are enough to make a vegetarian weep.

sceps yarx

Any 'Pinners that live in Seattle, or if you ever go to Seattle, please taste the wonderfulness of Aloha Ramen! It's in Greenwood and it's seriously amazing. The flavor. OMG. It's not overly salty, which I really appreciate. And they also have lots of vegetarian options.

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