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Please Send Us Your Photos!

What's the first picture in your phone? We're working on a piece — sponsored by Samsung — for which we're collecting the first photographs in anyone/everyone's current mobile phone, and which will hopefully serve as a little time capsule-type thing. That's it. Might be weird! We'll see. So, if you want to participate (please do!), send the first photograph in your mobile phone's gallery to firstphoto@thehairpin.com. We'll rely on the honor system that it's actually your first photo. Boring is fine! Boring is great. It'll all be anonymous. We can't run anything inappropriate, and if there are people in it who aren't you, it'd probably be a good idea to run it by them first. But otherwise — please send away. Thank you!

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this post is very othering to those of us who don't/can't email from our phones *harrumph*!

give cheese some pants

@iceberg I don't have a smartphone but I can send pics to my email address via text message. maybe that's a phone-specific feature though?


@give cheese some pants - wahey that worked! anonymity be damned, cute photo on way.

Lily Rowan

@iceberg I can....go online to My T-Mobile and see the picture there and copy it into an email. FANCY.


@iceberg Mine were on my computer already but dated? So I just emailed that.


@iceberg By "First photo," do you mean (a) the first one that one looks at if one looks at the present gallery (which would actually be the "last photo," chronologically); (b) the oldest ("first") photo in the present gallery; or (c) the first photo, chronologically, that was ever taken using that phone (who knows?)?

EDIT: I see that Edit(h) has clarified "current gallery," but it remains unclear whether "first" is spatial or temporal. It probably clarifies that below, too, but by then my eidt time will likely have run out.

give cheese some pants

ha! this is perfect -- the last time I used my cameraphone was to record the spectacle that was a Tina Turner drag queen performing at my friends' wedding at Mount Vernon this past weekend.


@give cheese some pants - WAit, is it supposed to be the last photo, or the first one you ever took with your phone? I thought it was the latter.

RK Fire

@KeLynn: I am a little confused about this as well. The first one I ever took with my phone was from a car accident, while the most recent one is from a painting in a park. I'm fine with either but one photo definitely has more positive feelings associated with it.

ETA: Okay, read on, just sent my most recent photo.. painting in a park it is!

Old Katrina

@give cheese some pants Oh, I'm confused now too. I sent the first one I ever took with my phone because of the "time capsule" thing... Like we're all looking at old pictures? Oh well, they have a year old picture of my dog now.


@give cheese some pants I was at that wedding too!

Unless it was a different Mt. Vernon wedding featuring a drag queen...

Matthew Lawrence@twitter

Sent! Via my $9 flip phone for old people.

Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood

its a pic of my parent's garbage full of Bud Lite cans tho

The Lady of Shalott

As I go through my phone's gallery I see nothing but pictures of stupid things I see, pictures of my house, and pictures of my boyfriend making stupid faces.

I think I need to upgrade my photo-taking moments. Maybe a pretty picture of the leaves or something. Anything less embarrassing than "weird bumper stickers" or whatever.


@The Lady of Shalott - My phone is full of: my dog, food/food labels, and zoo animals.


@The Lady of Shalott The only pictures on my phone are pictures of my cat.


@Lucienne I looked at the first photo I took and the latest, and they're both of my cat...in the same position, from the same angle. Amateur photography!


Mine is of cows on the side of the road, about to be herded across the road.
The fact that I took a photo of this was a dead giveaway that I was a tourist, obviously.


Is it supposed to be the first picture in your current gallery, or the first picture you ever took..? I'm sorry, I'm hungover and dumb. But I also want to help!

Edith Zimmerman

@Plexia Current gallery! Yes! Thank you!!


@Edith Zimmerman Done! Thanks!




@Plexia Now I feel extra dumb. The first picture in my "current gallery" (which I guess is just my "all photos" folder?) IS the first picture I ever took. So, is this actually supposed to be the *last* picture I took?


@KeLynn I chose to interpret it as "most recent photo" because the first one is a dumb test shot of our horribly messy living room, and the most recent one is an adorable child, sooooo......


@iceberg adorable child ftw!


@KeLynn I was thinking that it's the photos that are actually still on your phone, as opposed to photos that you have uploaded to your computer and erased. I actually still have my first set of photos on my phone (SNOWPOCALYPSE 2010 PHOTO INC, EDITH) because I hadn't figured out the "upload and delete" function yet and haven't gone through and cleaned it.


@OhMarie haha this is strangely confusing. I sent the first photo I ever took, which is still on my phone anyway. Ah well.


... clearly last night was the wrong night to leave my phone at my friend's house.


Aaaand sent! It is legitimately the first photo in my current gallery, though it looks an awful lot like 53053957 other photos in there, because it is of my dog and I can't stop taking pictures of my dog. I'm that person.


@Scandyhoovian ME TOO


@Scandyhoovian Mine is a picture of my friend's dog. Her dogs make up practically my entire gallery.

fruiting body

@Scandyhoovian My picture is also of my dog. That will probably be the entire result of the experiment.


@Scandyhoovian Mine is also of my dog. Just got a new phone and I only have 2 photos on it, both of my dog.


@Scandyhoovian I have a zillion dog photos on my phone too, but my first photo is of my daughter's art work. Because I'm that person.


@Scandyhoovian YEP. My phone photos are not only overwhelmingly of my dog, they're overwhelmingly of my dog sleeping.


Do you want a description, or should we just send the photo?

Edith Zimmerman

@cherrispryte Just the photo! Context-free...


@cherrispryte Oops. I didn't read the comments & couldn't resist providing context because I really like the most recent photo. But I assume they can just drop that & use the pic only.


@Edith Zimmerman I read this before I sent my photo, but I pretended I didn't. I WILL provide context! You can't stop me!! CONTEXT IS LIFE!!!!


@Edith Zimmerman Haha context sent! Take that!


Oh, mine is so stupid...it's a photo of me, preening before a holiday party, trying to get a decent shot for my now-defunct OKC profile. Ugh. But sent.


Mine involves food and shoes. Quel surprise!

Baby Fish Mouth

Anyone else's gallery about 95% pictures of their pets?


@Wiscowhitney Pretty much! Especially when she crawls inside bags and stuff, because obviously that is a unique and special trait among cats that MUST BE DOCUMENTED.


@Wiscowhitney Mine is 90% cats, 3% husband, and 7% "Holy crap New England is gorgeous and I can't believe I live here."


@Wiscowhitney 40% corgi, 20% little girl, 20% little girl's art work, 10% blurry/ill-centered landscape photos from visits to Cape Cod, 10% blurry/ill-centered photos of books for my blog.


@Bittersweet I read that last part as "books for my dog", which would fit nicely with 80% of the apparemnt submissions so far ;)


@iceberg That's funny...even funnier given that the only book my dog would be interested in would be one made of cheese or Charlee Bears.

Baby Fish Mouth

@Bittersweet My dog has only gnawed on two books: one about birds and one about sewing. I dig his interests.

Disco Sheets

@frigwiggin I DON'T EVEN HAVE A CAT and this describes all of the pictures in my phone.

elbows on the table

A picture of me (well, my hand) holding a Nats-Red Sox ticket.


The first photo in my gallery is of my kitty! And the oldest photo, which was taken with my previous phone, I think?, is also of my kitty on the first night we found her, and she's so wee and tiny and it makes me squeal. But I sent in the actual first photo in the gallery, which is still pretty adorable and she's sleeping on the duvet.


@frigwiggin Here's what she looks like these days, by the way. A year and a half has been good to her!


@frigwiggin awwwww


@frigwiggin omg so tiny.

Jolie Kerr

Mine is, no joke, this one


@Jolie Kerr That picture might as well have THIS IS CLEAN PERSON JOLIE'S PICTURE neatly typed across the center of the photograph in Helvetica font.

Reginal T. Squirge

That's funny because mine is this one, so I had to go with the second picture.

Also, in googling that link again, I just realized that it was cross-posted on The Huffington Post... which... weird.

Jolie Kerr

I also sent the second one, which is of my sock and tights drawer. A description of it is probably entirely unnecessary, you all have imaginations.


yesss my first photo is of an awesome display of witch decorations at marshall's.


I have two "galleries" - the first is photos taken on my new phone, the other is photos on the media card from my old phone.

The first picture on my old phone is a picture of my friends grabbing my boobs. Clearly a winner.


CONFESSION: I actually sent the third photo in my gallery, but ONLY BECAUSE the first one was of a Top Secret Job Application Test I was taking, and the second one was ... highly inappropriate ... but the third one / the one I sent is so boring that I think it will fit in nicely.


I wasn't sure if by "first" you meant "earliest" or "the first one in your photos folder," which on my phone is the most recent photo. I could see either of those counting as first. I'm sending you both, since I just don't know...


@special_boots Haha, if it was supposed to be the most recent one, I screwed up! My most recent picture is of the African violet in my office, because it's finally blooming again after like nine months of being just leaves and I was so excited for that one teeny little flower that I had to take a picture.


Can I blur out my friend's face or would that ruin it?

Edith Zimmerman

@VDRE I think that's okay!

fondue with cheddar

Every time I get a new phone, the first picture is one of my cats.

Lustful Cockmonster

My first pic was, thankfully, last summer's canning project. Thankfully because other options in the gallery included pics of my nasty broken foot, pics of the bruises I incurred at a pole dancing class, a picture of all the crap I ended up with when I went to CVS for toilet paper (the bounty did not actually include toilet paper because I forgot, but did feature several different kinds of chocolate) and most embarrassingly by far, a picture I took of a facebook picture of my current crush.

The vast majority are of my nephew, who is the cutest human in the world, so I'm sorry you are all missing out on that.


@Lustful Cockmonster Oh man, I love cameraphone pictures of people's injuries! If I still had my old phone I could share the pictures of the second-degree sunburn I got at the beach while I was in college, because my leg blistered from it and I TOTALLY took pictures. (The only good thing I got out of that experience. Making out in the sand for three hours = NOT WORTH THE PAIN.)


CURIOSITY: will we get to see everyone's submissions? Because now I want to see everyone's submissions.

Edith Zimmerman

@Scandyhoovian Yes!! Barring some unforeseen disaster, but yes yes!

Miss Zarves

I sent you the first photo in my phone. There is no photo. There is no phone.

(No but seriously, I sent it and it's of my dog, as I expect most of everyone else's to be).


@Miss Zarves Yup! Blurry (cuz it was a new phone) corgi cuteness coming your way. I think he is giving me the stink eye.


@Megano! You have a corgi too? Hooray! They are the best fuzzy pantses in the entire world.


@Bittersweet They do! Mine is sunning himself like a kitty right now.

maybe partying will help

My phone's photo gallery is 95% crappy pics of trees because FALL. FALL. WHAT IS THIS ALCHEMY. and 5% pictures of superheroes because everyone in my address book has a superhero name.

However the first one is actually something that is not a tree OR superhero art, and is vaguely amusing. Serendipitous!


Heh. I can't read instructions.

Reginal T. Squirge

As much as I hate helping any advertising company ever, I'll play along.


@Reginal T. Squirge I won't help companies with cute little crowd-sourced campaigns on Facebook or Hulu (which is basically owned by NBC and other networks). But I'll totally help them on The Hairpin because I want The Hairpin to keep getting those sweet, sweet advertising dollars.


The first picture in my gallery is my husband on the train home from whenever I got my phone. I feel too sticky sweet sending that in. >_>


@SheWhoReadsInSkirts Oh, whatever, we all know you two are goopy, just do it already!


@frigwiggin Fiiine. Also, equally goopy: I still have like 45 pictures of me in various wedding dresses on my phone.

Also, the ONLY pictures I took on my own wedding day of are you, being cute. I bet you didn't know THAT.


@SheWhoReadsInSkirts If I DID KNOW IT, would it alarm you? (CREEPIN ON YOUR PHONE FROM 2000 MILES AWAYYYYYY)

(except not really because I don't know how to do that)


Wait, what? "First" like... the first picture taken EVER on the phone, or first one that comes up when you open the gallery? (Which is the most recent)

It matters because one of the two may be my tits.


Done. It's actually kind of a nice one. The view of Manhattan from my office in Queens before it was obstructed by new buildings.

lasso tabasco

My first picture is a photo of me modeling a very cozy scarf I knitted for my aunt!


Oh man, my first picture is way better than I thought it'd be.

Genghis Khat

My first picture skirts the inapporpriate line by being a failed pic for sexting, so it doesn't show any naughty bits, just an expanse of collar bones and my nostrils.


I'm really delighted that the main thing I do w/ my camera is take pictures of food I cook & booze.


@leon s Probably 75% of my instagram photos are of cocktails or straight bourbon.

She was a retail whore

Mine is a tiny pic of Maya Soetoro-Ng's talk at the Asia Society. I didn't remember until now that I'd just gotten my phone the day before that event, but now I recall how anxious I was that I didn't understand my new phone's silent function and somebody was going to call me while the President's sister was talking onstage and then everybody in the auditorium was going to look at me disapprovingly and...

Run-on anxiety ensued, and all for naught, because my profile manager performed beautifully.


the first in my photo stream was a picture of a sign for Big Dick's Halfway Inn.



I was all set to do this, but then I discovered that the first photo on this phone is a REALLY BAD picture of my face.

AJ Sparkles

Done! It's an artful upshot of my nostrils- with BLUR! (self shot gone wrong)

all the bacon and eggs

Ahaha mine is a screen shot of a text...but it's a pretty darn good one. Sent.


My old phone was full of incredible pictures of my incredible dog. Sadly, I couldn't talk into it but could only hear the voices of the callers and callees. They were always saying, "Helloo? Hello? Hello? Your phone's not working."

My new phone can carry my voice to the world but it can't take pictures, so I no longer have any. I didn't realize how much pleasure I took in taking those photos of my incredible dog and sending them to indifferent friends and family until the privilege was taken away by the downgrading $20 phones of AT&T. If I could take a picture of my dog NOW and send it to you I would, because she is sitting on the roof of her little house and looking out the window at the rain. OH the wonder.

Lush Life

Erm, not to be a poopy-pants, but does the sender retain copyright to the photo sent in? These photos will not be used for advertising purposes without at least permission from the sender (if not a little compensation for same)? Thanks!


@Lush Life Contest is sponsored by Samsung so ... probably not.

But whatever, I would be fascinated to see what kind of legal battle would ensue if Samsung tried to use my photo of an IKEA store for advertising.


People will think I hand-picked my photo because it is too awesome, but I swear it's the first one.


The majority of my photos are sunsets and cakes that I've baked. The most recent one is of my tiny car filled with twelve bin bags full of rubbish. Poor car. But I don't think I will send that one as it would be too much effort to blur out my number plate, so instead there is some of my old house's shower graffiti immediately before we washed it off.


Mine is of my car's odometer because it was a palindrome.


@Elsajeni haha i totally did that when my mileage hit "44444." and then sent it to like five people with the word "YAHTZEE!"


@wearitcounts Oh man, I had been keeping an eye on it for days, hoping to catch it, and then luckily I was in my neighborhood when it happened and not, like, on the freeway. Unfortunately I've never been able to send pictures from my phone, so I just had to shove my phone in people's faces.

(I'm pretty sure that one was the first picture. The other possibility is a photo of my mom's mean cat with a tiny Christmas bow stuck on her head.)

Harriet Vane

Oh my God, Edith, my phone died just last week, so I have lost all 1,700 of my photos from the last year. Way to go rubbing it in :(


@Harriet Vane Mine did that too, right after a trip to Europe (I don't own a camera), but my boyfriend found some program online that got them all back! It sounds super sketchy, but I was so, so happy that it worked! It's called Recuva, I guess, and didn't give us any viruses (that we know of?) so maybe look into that?

Bunny Larue@twitter

And done. I sent the first photo I took with my phone, which is also the first photo in the current gallery. So I guess I did it right. It's also super boring. I took a photo of sugar free imitation maple syrup at the grocery store. That's the sort of thing I take pictures of.


So we are sending our most recent photo? That would be of my cat. My very first photo (oldest photo) is of the view from one of the elevated train platforms in Brooklyn (I don't remember which). So which one are we sending?


@julnyes I think it's most recent

Diaphanous Gown

Mine is of my birthday presents, guarded by a gummy bear army, in proper formation.

Bunny Larue@twitter

@Diaphanous Gown I need to see this.

Diaphanous Gown

@Bunny Larue@twitter er...tweet me and I'll send it in reply? I'm @boojess. Only way I can do it on my phone.

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