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Pincurls in 24 Hours

Here is how to make pincurls, if you've got a day and a scarf. (It's also discussed here.) "Person With Pincurls" being a totally acceptable Halloween costume, obviously.

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Cat named Virtute

When I had shoulder-lengthish hair, I used to pincurl it ALL the time. I would do it before bed while watching an episode of Mad Men or something, cover it with a scarf, and sleep on it. It worked super well.


Keep doing your thing your stuff is awesome!@l


I do this. Except instead of putting in dozens and dozens (who has the time?), I do about ten, and instead of bobby pins, I use little metal claw clips about 3/4 of an inch long (you do get used to sleeping on them), and then I can and do sometimes wear it out and about, scarfless, the next day while it sets. Kind of white-girl Bantu knots? Or at least this is how I convince myself that it looks awesome and not dumb. Anyway, you get big Medusa-looking spirals when you take it down; you just separate them out a little bit. NO COMBING OR BRUSHING, unless you want a giant halo of frizz. This is about the only foolproof way that my extremely fine hair (not fine as in fine-ass woman, but fine as in baby hair, SIGH) will hold a curl. A+++++, would do business again.

Anna Jayne@twitter

@Sapphireblue I also have fine(-ass) hair and I concur with the possibility of the giant halo of frizz. The curls still only stay for a few hours, though! What sort of product do you use?


@Anna Jayne@twitter Ummm, I don't think I can tell you because Jane Marie or someone will come along and smack my hand for using horrible cheap hair products? OKAY FINE, it's this rando bottom-shelf-at-the-drugstore stuff called Hask Spray-It Curly. But honestly, I find that what matters way more for me is that the hair has to be really bone-dry before I take it down; even a tiny bit damp and it all falls out. You can't hurry curls, no you just have to wait.

Anna Jayne@twitter

When I was little my mom would French-braid my hair into 4 pigtails while it was wet, before I went to bed, and then my hair would look crimped the next morning. It was the best.


@Anna Jayne@twitter I also did that as a kid!

Cat named Virtute

@Anna Jayne@twitter Ooooh, yeah, did that too.


AHHHH HELLO the hairpin, that's me getting my fine(-ass) hair pin curled by my fine(-ass) friend. Thank you for posting this, you guys are all the best.


Is Jane Marie still taking requests?

I need a Megan Draper hair tutorial. I've tried and failed to find one. You know, thick, big long bob.

I've got a copy of the Daniela Turudich book with "maps" of pincurls for achieving different 1940s looks but it appears that her 1960s book has vanished off the face of the globe/internet.


@Susanna CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. I'm not a hair expert by any means but I just cut a couple inches off my hair and I think it MIIIIGHT be at a Megan Draper hair level, so why not give it a shot?!


@emmatrithart Go to it! And tell me how you did it!

Katie Wilson@facebook

hey pinners! That's me pincurling the shit out of Emma's hair. For clarification: if you read the accompanying instructions, we chat a bit about product and different types of curls - the example curls are of the lots 'n lots variety, you can vary the number and size of the curls easily by making larger pincurls. I just have this dream of a frizzy fro life...


@Katie Wilson@facebook sometimes a frizzy fro is exactly the thing, though, it's true. including but CERTAINLY NOT LIMITED TO a disco-themed dance party, where 75 pincurls and a gold lamé cocoon jacket are the secret to success. Or at least they were to mine.


@Katie Wilson@facebook

A) Srsly, that was the prettiest how-to video I've ever seen!
B) So I have rather thick, heavy pin-straight hair. Getting curls to hold through the day has always been my Everest. And I want a curly haired day so bad! But these have me intrigued. How well do they typically hold? Or does that depend on the product? Or maybe the amount you pin? Like tons of smaller curls might hold better than fewer big ones due to weight?
C) I'm making this very complicated and I'm sorry.


@tessamae So, I have heavy, straight as a ruler, Asian girl hair. Tried it last night! Granted, my hair was only pinned for about 12 hours, but eeeh, curls aren't holding very well? I'm getting more of a , lightly curled/tousled look. For about 30mins this morning, I did have gloriously curled hair and it was awesome.


Stupid questions: Can you do pincurls if you have bangs? Like, heavy, straight across your face, serious bangs? Do you leave the bangs straight, or should you curl them too? Would that look dumb?

Katie Wilson@facebook

@LastMinuteLulu hey! It's not super obvious in the video, but Emma (our lovely model) does indeed sport some rockin bangs. I curled them up, but if you do so, be prepared for some potential bobby pin wrangling. If you prefer your face with bangs (or don't want to deal with weird stick-up business) I would just roll with it and leave them straight. You can also leave the first portion of your hair (from the scalp, a few inches down) uncurled, and spiral only the ends, which looks pretty cool too.

Pariah Carey

@LastMinuteLulu Sometimes, after a fresh haircut, my stylist convinces me to let her curl my hair. I have legit, thick, blunt bangs. She leaves them straight but curls the rest of my hair, and I love it! And so does everyone else! I was worried it'd look a little bit too... cocker spaniel-y (super curly long ears), but even critical/honest/critically honest people in my life have told me it doesn't.

TL;DR: Yes! Leave the bangs straight & go for it!


@LastMinuteLulu I have naturally curly hair and wear my bangs dead straight n heavy. I think it looks awesome (obviously).



Depends on how long they are! Short hair done in pin curls can get really frizzy and weird fast. Sometimes the straight bangs help the look?

BUT. What I would do if I were you is attempt fingerwaves for the bangs and then pincurls for the rest. But I dream of waking up in a film like Stage Door and getting jealous of Katharine Hepburne while me and younger Lucille Ball walk around in floaty wraps atop cute striped pyjamas and our hair pinned up and et cetera et cetera.


@Katie Wilson@facebook Thanks all! I have super-long, straight hair, so any chance to try to curl it makes me happy! Gonna have to try this out very soon. :)


I thought this was going to be about VICTORY ROLLS and got super excited, cause I tried to do that a few Halloweens ago (with an Andrews Sisters style WWII costume) but failed terribly. Anyway, pincurls are also great.

Jennifer Culp

@breccia I have no idea how to do a victory roll the legit way, but I've managed to style good looking ones by carefully arranging my hair in the desired position with my fingers, holding it in place with my left hand, blasting the hell out of it with this stuff, and then hitting it with a hairdryer on the lowest setting for a few seconds. It works like a charm for me; you could probably walk through a wind tunnel with unruffled hair with that freeze spray in it. It doesn't make it look wet or gelled, either! You can't skip the hairdryer step, though; it won't work without it.

Pariah Carey

@Jennifer Culp That hairspray is my JAM. Kept a pompadour in place during a crazy wind storm, no lie. I have friends who ask me to bring over "that crazy hairspray you let me use once" when I come pick them up to go out.


This doesn't really take 24 hours, but it does take a good 12. I have straight bangs and an "aristocratic" forehead that I like to hide, so when I do pincurls I fingerwave the bangs. A little historically inaccurate, but it works.

Also, brushing my stick straight waist length hair out into a tremendous fro-frizz is my favorite part of pincurls! Bernadette Peters in The Jerk, anyone?

RK Fire

@kac: Hahaha, "aristocratic!" I have an "aristocratic" forehead as well and in the future I'll use that descriptor.


@kac YES, Bernadette forever.


Ooh, I've never done pincurls, though I always wanted to, in order to be like Molly from the American Girl books (she got to be Miss Victory! She got sick from having wet hair!) but my hair is so insanely long and thick that it would never have worked without giant pins.
I definitely did rag curls a lot, in order to pretend I was Laura Ingalls. Those curls didn't fall out for days!

oh! valencia

I have a friend that did pincurls every single night before bed. The first year I knew her I though she had such beautiful natural curls, and when I found out that she was actually a straight-haired lady, it seriously rocked the foundations of what I knew to be true.
Anyway, she made them look easy. I'll probably do this sometime soon.


I'm excited! Experiment time! Let's see if this'll work with my straight-as-heck hair.

(Btw, 'pinners, I asked for suggestions a week or so ago on haircuts? I got one, its super cute, choppy, layered long bob thingy with sweepy side bangs. <3)


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