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It is Upon Us

Also known as National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, which cannot be considered a helpful acronym, since I just had to look it up. Perhaps it would be better as an acrostic?

Naturally, I am
More [than 1000 words before giving up and buying a handle of gin]

You know what? It was a better acronym than an acrostic.

Look, do you know how to do this? You go to the website to sign up, then pick your preferred word-crunching software (or, whatever, quills or pencils if you think you’re better than me), and you spend November writing a fifty thousand word novel.

You have two days to get your shit together, and when it’s over, send me bits and pieces and we’ll do something fun and affirming with them. I’m going to do it too! My novel is going to be about a nurse who accepts a lucrative offer to work for two weeks in Uranium City (remote northern Canadian hinterlands) and her TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS. I’m not letting small things like never having been north of, uh, a little bit norther than the US border come between me and writing eighteen pages of a terrible novel, and nor should you.

Let’s do this. Let’s REALLY do this.


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