Tuesday, October 30, 2012


"The Mary Ellen Carter," Stan Rogers

So, whatever, your idea to do a storm-themed playlist is a little 2010. Did Dave Bry remember to include "The Mary Ellen Carter"? He did not.* Anyway, the first 1:40 is just this guy boringly talking about how the song literally saved his life during an actual storm.

Stan Rogers is no longer with us. He may have heroically gone back into a burning plane to save people, or he may just have died generically in a burning plane, and still been an incredible folk singer.

*Possibly because it's really more like a song about overcoming adversity AND lucrative salvage rights.

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YES YES YES! Nicole, I love you so much right now. My dad and I would belt this in the car when I was a kid.

Also, this song is where I learned the word "bastard."

<3 u, Stan


Stan was gone before his time, like so many of the greats.@k


STAN! STAN! I love you Stan.
This may lead to one of those days where I play that video of them singing Barrett's Privateers round the kitchen table 20 times.

The Lady of Shalott

@questingbeast THAT SONG, THAT SONG.


@questingbeast After that, can we play The Idiot a few times?


@Ophelia only if we can start morris dancing, too.


@narwhalsandwich Careful, though; we might impregnate the entire website.


@Ophelia bwahahaha!

evil melis

1. "he just died generically" is a great phrase.

2. Is this beginning of A FEUD between Nicole and Dave? If so, I support this; let's get some beef started.


My family listened to him in the car all the time.

And the Mary Ellen Carter shall rise again. RIIIIIIISE AAGAAAAAINNNN! That he name not be lost to the knowledge of men!


PS- he totally saved people, I just know it in my heart.


Also, when I was a kid, this folk singer (Nancy Tucker, if anyone else is into the super-local NH folk scene circa 1996) came to camp, and did a rendition of TMEC but with the itsy bitsy spider. I was so excited when the music started, and then BOOM! Letdown.

Snood Mood

@Ophelia Ha! Downthread I just posted a link to a Renfaire act doing that version! They do a great cover of the original but it was actually TOO great and I'd always end up in tears, so the Itsy Bitsy Spider version was a fun relief. "Whether your legs number two or for or eight or ten, be like that itsy bitsy spider, cliiiiimb again!"

Mia Mia

My heart is filled with giant, bald headed, bearded emotions related to Stan Rogers, but suffice it to say that I chose my university entirely based on my love of him. 45 Years is possibly the best love song ever written. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BeAL9vmcv0


<3 Stan. Thank you Grade 9 Social Studies teacher who made the entire class memorize Barrett's Privateers for introducing me to him!


Yes! Ah, Stan. Best song about a ship ever. (Sorry Lightfoot fans.)

My father used to play this on the guitar, and it was my favourite song for the first 10 years of my life.

Snood Mood

Letting my geek flag fly here, I'll admit to frequenting the local Renfaire quite a bit. One of the acts would cover the Mary Ellen Carter and it always made me cry, so I was glad when they started doing this version which made me smile instead:


@Snood Mood You want crying? Try listening to Nathan Rogers sing Northwest Passage. The lumps in my throat had lumps in their throat.



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