Thursday, October 4, 2012


Livin' on a Prayer

Jon Bon Jovi will be performing at an Obama for America event in Iowa this Friday, if you're in Iowa and simultaneously spiritually in New Jersey.

My cousin was working as a hostess at this bar and grill in Toronto called "Sticky Fingers" (it's not there any more), which boasted both menus and signage in Comic Sans. And, one night, this sixth grade graduation booked the place out and tore it up. We're talking forty, fifty kids, stoked to be done with sixth grade, slam-dancing their little hearts out to "Livin' on a Prayer," and singing along with "WE'RE HALFWAY THEREEEEE."

Which, right, is heartening, because, for those kids, they really are halfway there, if "there" means the end of compulsory education. As opposed to when people sing it at weddings and reunions and Zumba classes, where it may have a less fist-pumpy connotation.


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maybe partying will help

In other hair metal news, recently fellow Pinner K. informed me of a Motley Crue cover band event in our city near Halloween.

My mustache positively quivered in joy.

Other cock rock songs appropriate for bar/eatery names: "Wasted," "Cherry Pie," "Bitter Pill"?

fondue with cheddar

@maybe partying will help Shout at the Devil's Food?


@maybe partying will help Have you ever seen the metal cover band of the BeeGees, Tragedy? They will change your life.

maybe partying will help


YES. Oh my lord they are like my favorite thing because I love the BeeGees, so. Two great flavors, etc. XD


this made my day LOL @l


I have never liked anything about Bon Jovi.

...until I saw that photo. NICE


I logged in purely to register my literal LOLs at the last line.


@Canard: I want every Hairpin post to end this way. "So, that's how you curl your hair/clean the bathroom/dump your boyfriend. Death."


@laurel YESSSSS.


This is a gem of a little post!

sarah girl

Well, that got dark.

sarah girl

@Sarah H. Ugh and now I'm gonna be going "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAA WE'RE HALFWAY THERE" in my head all day!


@Sarah H. Except, "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAA WE'RE HALFWAY ...to death." Between this and the universe post, there a lot of existential crisising happening this week.


I once got into a fight, as a young college kid, with an over-40 woman for the last poster -- the beat-up DISPLAY COPY with duct tape in one corner, even -- of Jon Bon Jovi (this picture) at the Bounce tour concert.

I won. And then I hung it on the slanty roof in my bedroom that hung over my bed.

the only shame i feel is that i didn't haggle the price


@Scandyhoovian Daaaaamn, that poster is totally worth fighting for.

Creature Cheeseman

Great, now I'm going to have this song stuck in my head all day!


@Creature Cheeseman Quick! Run over to the ABBA post and you can douse it!


"Livin' on a Prayer" was playing at the AutoZone last night when my boyfriend and I stopped in for some new headlights. That car of his is WAY more than halfway there.


One time I went into my neighborhood brew pub to fill up a couple of growlers. On stage were two 15 year old boys, one on an acoustic and one on a Strat, playing the world's most stripped down version of Def Lepard's "Photograph". It was the cutest.


"Livin on a Prayer" was played at my cousin's wedding in Baltimore because we're from Jersey.

If anyone plays it at my (hypothetical) wedding, I will punch them in the face.


@meetapossum You are a contradiction, embodying and yet denying Jersey stereotypes.


@meetapossum My friend lost his glasses dancing to Livin' on a Prayer at a wedding reception. With little pompoms the DJ had given out to people.


@swirrlygrrl It is the curse of being a New Jerseyan. I may have left, but I will always defend Springsteen and jug handles.


@meetapossum Jug handles are 100% brilliant.

sudden but inevitable betrayal

He's putting the hair away now.

It doesn't matter. It will still be there. Waiting.


Sounds like exactly like my 8th grade graduation, and man did we kill it that night.


Oh my god, driving my kid to daycare this morning I passed an SUV with a 'Bon Jovi 1' license plate and a Bon Jovi bumper sticker. The driver was a husky dude with a big old mustache. It made me so happy.


Me, 16yo Jersey girl, 1988: Mom! I got tickets to see Bon Jovi with M!
Mom: Bon Jovi? They have long hair! They're heavy metal! (clucks in disapproval.)

Mom, 2011: I love Bon Jovi. I should try to see them in concert.
Me, 39yo: !?!??!?!? (head explodes)


@ladygypsy I think all moms changed their mind after "Moonlight and Valentino."

You Don't Win Friends with Salad

Bon Jovi is doing a benefit concert for my college! Tickets START at $500 and go up to $25,000. With the most expensive ones you get to meet him and stuff. But $25,000?!?! WHAT.


When I was in high school, my family and I were traveling to AZ to see my grandmother and stopped in El Paso and I rode in an elevator with a VERY nervous and young Jon BonJovi. I think the fact that I looked ready to pounce on him in my sweatsuit attributed to the nervous part. My dad tried to convince me I was wrong and he was just some guy playing in the bar because seriously, BonJovi in the ElPaso Holiday Inn? But nope, it was him. Confirmed when I also happened to be in the elevator with a groupie who could not stop talking. Also...Also: That 1980's hair was something to behold. It really was as large as he was. He was a tiny, tiny man.


When I was in high school I saw him at a John Kerry event in Iowa that I totally forgot about until just now. Ashton Kutcher was there too and gave a little speech! You never ever get to see famous people when you live in Iowa and then all of a sudden, every four years, they just rain down from the sky.

Roaring Girl

I'm in Iowa, but spiritually I'm pretty sure I'm in Toronto. Also, I have just discovered that there is a list of places you can claim to be in spiritually that will make you sound like an asshole.


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