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“Andy and I have not done press or made a public appearance including premieres in over 12 years. People have mistakenly assumed that this has something to do with my gender. It does not. After The Matrix was released in ‘99 we both experienced this alarming contraction of our world and thus our lives. We became acutely aware of the preciousness of anonymity — understanding it as a form of virginity, something you only lose once. Anonymity allows you access to civic space, to a form of participation in public life, to an egalitarian invisibility that neither of us wanted to give up. We told Warner Bros. that neither one of us wanted to do press anymore. They told us, ‘No. Absolutely not. This is non-negotiable. Directors are essential to selling and marketing a movie.’ We said, ‘OK, we get it. So if it’s a choice between making movies or not doing press, we decided we’re not going to not make movies.’ They said, ‘Hang on. Maybe there’s a little room for negotiation.'”
—Lana Wachowski’s HRC acceptance speech.


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