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"Andy and I have not done press or made a public appearance including premieres in over 12 years. People have mistakenly assumed that this has something to do with my gender. It does not. After The Matrix was released in ‘99 we both experienced this alarming contraction of our world and thus our lives. We became acutely aware of the preciousness of anonymity — understanding it as a form of virginity, something you only lose once. Anonymity allows you access to civic space, to a form of participation in public life, to an egalitarian invisibility that neither of us wanted to give up. We told Warner Bros. that neither one of us wanted to do press anymore. They told us, 'No. Absolutely not. This is non-negotiable. Directors are essential to selling and marketing a movie.' We said, 'OK, we get it. So if it’s a choice between making movies or not doing press, we decided we’re not going to not make movies.' They said, 'Hang on. Maybe there’s a little room for negotiation.'"
—Lana Wachowski's HRC acceptance speech.

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(The link is wrong! it has www.thehairpin.com in front and it is making it sad.)

Jane Marie

@allofthewine FIXED

Nicole Cliffe

We are trying to fix some IT-related issues, here is the link!


Wonderful speech! Thanks for posting the link @Nicole Cliffe!

Summer Somewhere

I loved this speech! Also, Lana's hair looks totally cyberpunk and cute.


@Summer Somewhere Yeah she's pulling off "white girl with dreadlocks" about as well as possible.


@Summer Somewhere She looks like Lola from "Run, Lola, Run!" which is funny because Tom Tykwer directed that, and also "Cloud Atlas" (with the Wachowskis).


@ColdFinger Well, maybe not hat funny. But did make me wonder whether Tom gave her the number of the stylist.


Ahhhh. Ahhhhhhhhh. So good. I don't really go to movies anymore but I am going to go to this one because she is so amazing. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


I've got a case of the weepies from this. So beautiful.

Her parents! AHHHH! So much love.


@Nocs Yup. Tears. Alllll the tears.


Annnd I'm crying at my desk at work. I'm so glad she got through the bad parts, loves herself, has family and friends and a wife who love her, and has the strength to be honest and funny and visible. It's so important. But oh god the pain and suffering and fear and lost potential and hate people face. I'm having a really strong emotional reaction to it right now.


oh! I was sort of sniffling along but generally under control until I got to the part about her parents, and then the part about her brother with the reporter, and then: tears. so lovely.


Also worth reading is this: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2012/09/10/120910fa_fact_hemon

That said, I'm not hopeful about the movie. Because: Complex. And also because: Tom Hanks.


Ahh, I just watched her speech yesterday! She's so awesome, and I have so much respect for her for being funny and lovely and honest about her struggles.


This is so moving. My eyes are just a bit sweaty...

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