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Katharine Hepburn Movies That Are Sort of About Boats

1. The African Queen: Obviously the most legitimately nautically-themed Katharine Hepburn movie. Also an excellent simile to employ when there are bugs. "It's like The African Queen in here!" you say. And then people know you're a serious, but witty person.

2. The Philadelphia Story: Did you catch it? The boat (The True Love) is a metaphor. For the perfect love shared by Katharine and Cary Grant.

3. On Golden Pond: Two loons on the lake, you guys. They return every year! HMMM.

4. Woman of the Year: At the end (spoilers!) Katharine chooses Spencer Tracy over a prior committment to launch a ship. WHAT? IT COUNTS.

5. Summertime: It's set in Venice, so there is both a sexy water taxi ride, and Katharine falls into a canal. But with panache, because she was extremely athletic, like a mid-century Jessica Biel who could also act her face off.

6. Suddenly, Last Summer: At the end (spoilers!) Katharine tells Elizabeth Taylor they should just get into the boat with the captain and forget all this unpleasantness. There is a great deal of unpleasantness, but it was so carefully pruned by the studio that you can barely tell (gayness, apparently.)

7. Rooster Cogburn: Look at her. The next time you think about popping your collar, say to yourself: would I withstand gunfire with that kind of ebullience? What about the rapids (boat)? If the answer is yes, pop away.

Honorable Mention: The Sea of Grass (if the sea wasn't made of grass, there probably would have been a boat) and The Rainmaker (if he'd succeeded, they might have needed a boat).

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For those in NYC, there is an exhibition of all of Kate's clothes by the NYPL at Lincoln Center.


@pumpkinrun Just saw it today. Her red bathrobe-lounge-gown from The Philadelphia Story is to. die. for.


Whoa! My neighbourhood Galaxy Cinema is playing "The African Queen" in a digitally remastered release. One of my favourite films of all time. I might just have to go see it. @k


My, she was yar.


SUMMERTIME. It is the beeeeeeeeeest. You should all waaaaaaaaaaaatch iiiiiiiiiiit.


@werewolfbarmitzvah Oh Summertime, how I love you.


OK, so sort of related: My in-laws own a cottage on a lake in Ontario, a slice of paradise with all the requisite northern wildlife, including (of course) loons. For years, every time my husband's friend would arrive at this cottage, she'd exclaim in full-Hepburn accent, "Norman! The loooooooons!" And everyone would laugh and move on.

Except my father-in-law, whose name she was saying and who didn't get the reference. For years he thought she was making fun of him, but never said anything until finally he did, and then we explained, and then he laughed. And now everyone says "Norman! The looooooooons!" at the cottage. The End. *cue happy credits music*


Love Affair, in which Warren Beatty and Annette Bening fall in love on a ship (with bonus, hilarious, drunk Bening crooning "I Will") and then go hang out on an island where an ancient Katharine Hepburn lives!


Also for consideration: Holiday (1938)


@EMarrinner And she has a Channel crossing, royal barge with her own throne, and song with her name in it in The Lion in Winter.


I could skin you like a pear and God himself would call it justice.


@EMarrinner I came down here to suggest that very film! Oh Kate... Just wait until I crack time-travel. You and Cary both.


@Gracious! She crosses the Channel in Sylvia Scarlett, too--and in drag!


@EMarrinner Yes, I think they (Kate and CG) meet back up on a boat at the end of Holiday, no?


Bringing Up Boaty.


Guess Who's Boating to Dinner?

raised amongst catalogs

Doggone it, C.K. Dexter Haven, either I'm gonna sock you or you're gonna sock me.


@this brave bird (formerly vanillawaif) Shall we toss a coin?

raised amongst catalogs

@katiemcgillicuddy I'll make some popcorn and grab my copy of the DVD if you want to sit together and say all of the lines while we watch it on mute.


@this brave bird (formerly vanillawaif) Oh C.K. Dexter HAAAAAAAAAAAAve-en!!

Definitely in my top five favorite bits of drunk acting in cinema.

Lexa Lane

@par_parenthese Where's my wandering parakeet?


One million points to whoever takes clips from all of these to make a video for "I'm On a Boat"

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Harriet Kierkegaard@facebook

AND Summertime. Venice, gondolas, etc.


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